Depending to your storage needs, you will probably already have an idea of the size of shed you require, but should you go for a metal shed, or a wooden shed?
Budget Friendly - A major factor in many minds, especially those conscious of their budget, will be that metal sheds tend to be better value for money than the equivalent wooden shed. Easy to build - In addition to this, metal sheds are relatively easy to erect, and due to their light build can usually be located anywhere where there is a firm, level base.
Maintenance Free - Other than an occasional hose down, metal sheds require less maintenance than their wooden shed counterparts, and are also available in a wide range of sizes and styles, including flat, pent-style roofs, and apex roofed metal sheds.
Fire retardant and durable - Another significant advantage of metal sheds is their durability, their resistance to rodents and termites, and also that metal sheds are almost completely fire retardant.
More traditional look that blends in - Despite these points, you may well opt for a wooden shed instead of a metal shed. Resistant to day-to-day wear and tear - Whilst wooden sheds require a higher level of maintenance than metal sheds in terms of yearly treatment, a good quality wooden shed is built to withstand knocks and bumps from lawnmowers and stray football much more than a metal shed, and is also better able to withstand high winds and bad weather without the noise factor often experienced with metal sheds.
Your choice of wooden shed versus metal shed will obviously depend on your individual garden storage requirements, in terms of the storage capacity you require, your budget, and whether you are happy to spend a little time and effort in maintaining the traditional, rustic appearance of a wooden shed in order to keep it in good condition. Welcome to the home of the Europe’s leading manufacturer of metal garden sheds and secure storage units.
Over the last ten years we have expanded our business and product range extensively and supply to many nationally recognised DIY and high street stores, in addition we are a major exporter and supply to nearly all European countries as well as Japan, Australia and the United States. All our products are produced to exacting standards, to guarantee the highest quality of manufacture we have invested millions in the most modern equipment and additional manufacturing space, we only use the highest quality materials available (all sourced from the UK) to ensure our products look and perform superbly year after year.
We offer products both for general purpose storage and also those for a specific use, for example our garden bike storage units, motorcycle garages (ultra secure Police Approved versions of these are also available), in addition we offer storage solutions for fishing tackle, gas cylinders, animal feed, toys and a wide range of multi use secure housing for garden equipment and bicycles. All our storage boxes and units, including the bicycle stores, feature a clever (patented) design, their lightweight spring assisted opening action allows walk-in access and multiple padlock points keep your items secure. All prices quoted on our websites include delivery to UK mainland (some larger products have a surcharge for Scotland); be sure to look at our Special Deals section which always offer attractive money saving packages. Car sheds come in all shapes, sizes and designs, making it difficult to know which one you should invest in.
You’ll notice a lot of the car sheds we chose in the top section of the league table are created from thick log cladding. When you picture car sheds, it’s highly unlikely you’ll imagine anything as luxurious as the 5mx5.5m Lugarde Oklahoma Garage. This beautiful building provides you with a stylish, secure area to keep your vehicle, whilst also offering a sheltered outdoor seating area. What’s more extraordinary about this model is the fact it is constructed from thick 44mm log walls. Out of all of the car sheds we researched, this one was unbeaten in terms of quality, security, durability and value for money. This Titanium Easy Build Apex Metal Garage from Waltons is one of the most affordable, yet longest lasting car sheds you’ll find in the UK. Another thing that’s impressed us and earnt this a well-deserved #3 position on the list is its weather-resistant benefits.
It boasts a flat roof which makes it a good option for those looking for something a little different. It features an up-and-over Terrabrown door, providing plenty of space to get your car in and out of the building. Another luxury model from Taylors Garden Buildings, the 3mx5m Log Cabin Garage has an extraordinary stylish design.
Large, strong double doors allow very easy access for family size vehicles to pass through. It’s not often a smaller garden building retailer makes it onto the top 5 list, but this 13’x12’ timber garage from B&Q is a fantastic model. Moving away from the log cabin design, this 14’x12’ Traditional Deluxe Wooden Garage is an excellent quality, Redwood clad building. The one thing that sets Treetops Traditional buildings apart from the competition is their sheer durability. The 12’x20’ Emerald Olympian Metal Garage is one of the most popular metal car sheds in the UK. Want to get your car in and out of the garage without worrying about the doors closing on you? Created with top quality galvanised steel and coated with zinc, this 10’x19’ Canberra Metal Garage is one of our most affordable picks in our top 15 car sheds list.
Rowlinson is a leading name in the car sheds market and this Murryhill model is one of its best selections. With many high quality car sheds on the market, deciding which one is the best available was a very difficult task.
FREE STANDARD UK MAINLAND DELIVERY* LEAD TIMES (subject to availability & seasonal activity) Central England & Wales                                                                                                 10 Working days South West                                                                                                                          10 Working days Scotland                                                                                                                               15 Working days   *Deliveries to most parts of mainland UK are free of charge.
We are here to help and aim to deliver within the recommended delivery time for each product. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. CONCRETE GARAGES - QUALITY CONCRETE GARAGES, GARDEN STORAGE, PREFAB GARAGE, CONCRETE SECTIONAL GARAGE, CONCRETE SHEDS AND GARDEN WORKSHOPS. Barretts Leisure for Outdoor Storage Sheds, Shed Storage, Outdoor Storage, Garage Sectional, Pre engineered Steel Buildings, Prefab Steel Buildings, Metal Garages, Metal Garage Kits, Steel Buildings Garages, Concrete Garden Sheds, Pent Garden Sheds, Steel Garden Sheds, Metal Garages Kits, Prefabricated Sheds, Modular Garages, Precast Concrete Garages, Prefabricated Metal Garages, Prefab Sheds, Steel Garages, Steel Sheds, Prefab Metal Garages, Prefab Sheds, Prefab Concrete Sheds, Shed Kits, Custom Made Garages, Custom Built Sheds. The car struggles to fit in the garage for all of the gardening tools in there, the kid's outdoor toys are strewn across the lawn, and the lawnmower has been left out in the rain for the final time today, you are buying a garden shed.
Where a small budget is a controlling factor in choice of garden shed, a metal shed is quite likely to win the day due to it's better value. There are various reasons for this, not least the view in many minds that wooden garden sheds tend to blend into the garden more aesthetically than their metal shed counterparts. Trimetals are also the largest supplier of external storage boxes and sheds for education facilities in the UK - we supply to over 4,000 schools and nurseries. With so many high quality models to choose from, it can be confusing knowing which ones best suit your needs.
From storage sheds to car sheds, we know exactly what distinguishes the very best from the average car shed.
Its unique log cabin design means it will look outstanding in any garden and it is one of the largest car sheds featured on the list. It features a large integral canopy and comes complete with attractive, ultra weather resistant shingles in a choice of 5 different colours. Considering its incredible quality and stylish design, we feel this is one of the best value car sheds on the list. For example, the large, heavy duty double doors come complete with a key operated lock, ensuring the garage is fully secure.

Backed by an outstanding 30-year warranty, we’ve added this model for not just its great value for money, but also for its easy build qualities. This is the only one of the car sheds to be featured on this league table that is W41-C1 wind proof rated. Not only have the car sheds listed all been constructed with a log cabin design, but the majority are also available from Taylors Garden Buildings. It is smaller than the Lugarde model, making it more accessible for those who don’t have a huge level of space at their disposal.
You do have the choice to upgrade from the standard roofing felt to shingles, but this isn’t a necessity.
It is the most affordable log cabin style car shed we’ve found and we’ve been pleasantly surprised by its outstanding quality. However, unlike most of its competitors, the side door has been expertly blended into the side of the building. They provide a staggering amount of access into the building, ensuring you won’t have to worry even if you’re reversing in or out of the garage.
Waltons have a wide choice of car sheds available and this one is by far the most visually striking.
The solid doors are fitted with an integrated key operated lock, the walls are constructed from 44mm log cladding and the window is double glazed. At WhatShed we’re huge fans of the Treetops Traditional range so naturally when we came across this luxury model we had to include it in the top 15 car sheds list. Out of all of the car sheds we’ve come across, this one has the most amount of customisation options available. The manufacturer has focused primarily on strength and stability, offering a well-framed building that is guaranteed to last. Available from most major online garden building retailers, it offers a high quality, crack and fade resistant design and is constructed with hot dipped galvanised steel. Its low price and great list of features is what makes this one of the most popular car sheds available online. This outstanding 6mx6m Waltons Field Barn Wooden Garage is great for those who need to safely store two vehicles. However, when you take into account its huge size, the capability to store two vehicles, its exceptional quality and durability, you’re actually getting great value for money. The super 10’x16’ Duramax Steel Framed Vinyl Clad Apex Metal Garage Shed is a large, private, zero maintenance model. A single door is situated at the side of the garage, whilst the front benefits from extra-large double doors for simple, quick access. This is one of the few metal car sheds featured on the list that comes in a wide range of different sizes. Guaranteed to keep your vehicle safe as well as secure, this metal garage comes with an outstanding 20-year warranty. Well, the manufacturer claims it will not fade or crack over time, its heavily braced doors open out extra-wide for excellent access and it is also rodent proof. Capable of storing any size family vehicle, this is our recommendation for those seeking quality as well as affordability. So our congratulations go out to the Lugarde Oklahoma Garage from Taylors Garden Buildings which secured itself the top spot on our league table of the best car sheds in the UK. Strong walls with ventilated gables as standard and available in four depths, 20, 26 & 32 and 38ft.
Delivery is free to most of mainland UK - some postcode areas have additional surcharges and may have extended delivery times. However sometimes this will not always be possible and any delivery or dispatch date given is only approximate and as the seller will not be liable to the Buyer for failure to deliver on any particular date or dates. Whilst metal sheds are usually tucked away in a corner of the garden, a traditional wooden shed can add a little rustic charm to your garden.
The ventilated gables are also supplied as standard for constant airflow within the garage.Our Olympian metal garages are constructed from hot dipped treated steel which is pre-painted at the manufactures to ensure no maintenance required. They may come at a higher cost, but if you have the money available you’ll be investing in a superb quality, durable building. So how exactly can you trust that the car sheds featured on this list truly are the best of the best? Though it is the most expensive model on the list, it is also the one that is going to last the longest. It is also built with 44mm thick log walls, ensuring maximum security and weather resistance. Security does seem to be the main focus of this car shed, making it a fantastic choice for those who live in a vulnerable area. They also come with an extra-wide design and can be locked to ensure your car is kept safe from thieves. This Modern 3mx5m Garage is constructed from 19mm thick log walls and we love its almost Japanese style appearance.
The standard construction of this model is impressive enough, but you can also choose from numerous great upgrades. You can also select to have the garage pressure treated, meaning you would never have to treat it yourself.
It’s still a big building however and will provide an exemplary amount of space to comfortably store your vehicle.
A lot of car sheds come with three-door access, but this one comes with a half glazed design.
All in all, this kiln dried white pine model is one of the best quality, most stylish car sheds we came across and we’re sure you’ll love it too. It has a very unusual split roof design that has enabled the manufacturer to not just offer an exquisitely modern style building, but a more private one too. Usually the windows included on any garden building come with single glazing as standard so this is just one stand-out benefit of this model. So if you’re looking for a model that will withstand anything the UK weather has to throw at it, this is by far the best one to choose. You can choose to add a tantalised frame for the base, upgrade to toughened glass windows, upgrade the already very secure lock and choose from a fantastic range of different coloured finishes. The 3 lever security lock is especially impressive, guaranteeing to keep your vehicle safe from thieves. This means, no matter what elements it is exposed to, you can be sure it will look as good as new for years to come. This is a unique feature at this price level and is yet another thing that makes this car shed stand out. It has an open-front design which we love because it means you can easily manoeuvre your vehicle in and out in the minimum amount of time.

There is one window at the side of the building, but it’s pretty small so doesn’t pose much of a privacy risk.
If budget, low maintenance and privacy are high on your list this is one of the best car sheds you can buy. Two of its roof panels are completely translucent to enable light to filter in without affecting its privacy.
With a 10-year warranty and no maintenance requirements, it’s not hard to see why this low cost model is one of the most popular car sheds out there. No matter which type of garden building you’re searching for, WhatShed provides full, in-depth, independent reviews to help you make the best choice for you.
Time for delivery is not of the essence and shall not be made so by the service or any notice. The walls are made from strong galvanised steel cladding on substantial framing giving a strong and sturdy build. We spent literally hours browsing the UK market, comparing the different car sheds available and selecting our top 15 winners.
So if you’re looking for a long-term, high quality investment, this is definitely the car shed for you. So no matter what harsh weather conditions it faces, it’s going to be left standing strong and protected all year round. This is simply one of the best car sheds available and it comes at a surprisingly low, affordable cost.
A flat roof gives the car shed a ‘Zen’ feel which will fit in with any modern garden design.
For example, the roof can be upgraded to include insulated steel sheets for an additional cost, or you can choose an anti-condensation roof free of charge. There’s one thing that particularly stood out to us when reviewing this model and that’s the side door. The top part of the sturdy door has the same panelled window look as the two opening side windows. For example, the windows and doors have been fitted with draught seals to not only make it more comfortable in all weathers, but to also ensure it is fully weatherproof. Between the two roofs, there is an expertly placed window, allowing light to enter the garage without posing a risk to its privacy. It comes with the same high security benefits as the garden sheds constructed by the manufacturer, including a built in key operated lock. You can upgrade it so that two, or all of the windows are openable, or you can remove them completely from its design. The fact that it comes pre-painted is a major benefit, but it’s also covered by a few extra features too.
This makes it a brilliant choice for those wanting a building they can use as both a car shed and workshop or general storage area.
So if you’re looking for car sheds that aren’t going to be too taxing to install, this is the one we recommend. As well as benefitting from a great attractive look, the car shed has also been built with convenience and security in mind. You can also choose whether to have this single door on the left or right hand side of the garage. Unless a potential thief comes along with a set of ladders, they aren’t going to be able to see inside. The ability to customise its privacy is fantastic and something you don’t get with most car sheds. However, the manufacturer has thought of this and included vented gables to ensure a constant airflow gets into the shed.
The fact it is so easy to obtain, being sold by a number of the leading UK garden building retailers, is also a big advantage.
There is a side door which can be conveniently placed on either side for easy access and the front door is unique in the fact it has an ‘up and over’ feature. ShedsFirst Ltd reserve the right to supply products which may vary slightly from the products listed. We strongly recommend you use a spirit levelled, concrete base as your floor to enable successful installation; we also recommend the anchor kit to you so that you have the correct fixings to secure the garage to your base.
Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly model or a luxury, stand-out building; you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for below. This means as well as ensuring you get the best car sheds available, you’ll also be able to find them easily too.
Its Simple Snap assembly means the panels literally just click together and its lightweight design also helps speed up the process. These not only add to the stability and weather resistance of the building, but also to its overall visual appeal. Considering its affordable cost and zero maintenance benefits, the resulting 15-year warranty that comes from its rust, rot and fire resistant features makes it a fantastic investment.
However, the manufacturer has made sure that every part of the building is strong and stable, including the double hinged doors. If you have a large budget to work with then we highly recommend this as the best of the best car sheds on the UK market. So if you are concerned that it’s open design may expose your vehicle to the elements, you can rest assured they will be safe and dry in this car shed. If you’re worried about security, you’ll also like the addition of the holes in the handles which allow you to fit a padlock. Once you have placed your order you will be contact by our delivery team to confirm your delivery date. If you have not been contacted by our delivery team within 10 working days after your have placed your order please email us or call us and we will chase this for you.
Delivery is between the hours of 7am – 7pm Mon-Sun If you are going to be out on the day of delivery, it is possible for the item to be left somewhere (for example down the side of a house) but at your own risk. To do this you must leave a signed note detailing your instructions in a clear location for the driver to see.
It is important that you sign the instructions as this will be taken by the courier as proof of delivery. We will contact you if a surcharge is applicable and at that point you can chose to accept the charge or cancel the order and we will make a full refund to your card.

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