We review a lot of metal sheds, but this one really stood out from the crowd thanks to its highly attractive green colour scheme with contrasting details. You might also like to see the top 20 steel sheds currently on sale in the UK by visiting the WhatShed steel sheds awards league table.
One area where the shed could do better is in the limited headroom, meaning you really have to stoop to get inside. This virtually square shaped metal storage shed is ideal for smaller gardens, or people who are looking for a good value additional storage space to compliment their main shed or garage. One thing that it was impossible to miss about this shed, as well as the pleasing green colour scheme, was its low height.
No floor is included with this shed, which is as we expect with metal sheds, but we would have liked to see a suitable anchor kit included. If you’ve not owned a metal shed before you’ll be pleased to hear that there are no treatment requirements by the owner. If security is of special concern for you, then we would advise buying a padlock at the same time as you buy the shed. Compact metal sheds don’t have to be unsightly, as this traditionally designed building shows. Rates of finance offered in the calculator are based on this specific product and can be applied for once this item has ben added to the basket. The pent roof allows extra storage and the sloped design prevents rain water from gathering therefore preventing rust.
This shed does not come with a floor but comes with a FREE Anchor Kit so you can secure it to concrete for a more stable shed. The 6 x 4 Metal Shed I purchased was ideal to meet my needs and I feel good value for money. Good size, easy to erect for anyone with an idea about flat packs, looks tidy and attractive, nice colour.
This 6 x 4 Apex Metal Shed is the perfect low maintenance and hard wearing garden building. The apex roof provides extra storage for taller items and also gives this metal shed a more traditional look. This Shed does not come with a floor but comes with a FREE Anchor Kit so you can secure it onto concrete for a more stable base. It can blend seamlessly into the foliage, or make an impact on the patio, but it’s certain to attract praise from your neighbours and visitors. The apex roof stops water sitting on the surface, where over time it could lead to rust or structural damage.

The wide double doors, however, allow you to reach easily into every corner so that you can make use of every inch of space available. Because it’s made of non-combustible metal, it can be used to safely store flammable materials. We really had to bend down when moving around inside, although this itself could be beneficial for people looking for low sheds that aren’t too obtrusive.
The area of concrete used for the base must be level, but if you don’t have a suitable site pre-existing you can create one using the optional foundation kit. Store More have also supplied a 10 year warranty against the appearance of perforations caused by rust. This doesn’t cause too much of a problem as it’s not a shed to spend a lot of time inside anyway, but rather a place for storage and retrieval of tools and equipment. At a height of 1.54m, it’s impossible for most people to walk through them without stooping. Unfortunately one isn’t included, which is not unusual in sheds at this price, although we would have liked to see it. This makes it easy to create a flat concrete area with the perfect dimensions upon which to fix the shed. It must be said, however, that some companies offer longer warranties on their metal sheds. The instructions are clear enough, but we advise reading them carefully before commencing the work.
Because the doors are wide you can store more inside than you might initially think, although we didn’t particularly like having to bend down all the time while inside.
The size of this shed allows ample space and the pent roof means it will fit into a smaller garden. This shed also features double doors, which makes storing and retrieving items from your shed hassle free. The paintwork doesn’t only look good, it also adds an important extra layer in the battle against rain and rust. As well as this, the shed’s metal cladding has been galvanised, to give it excellent waterproofing properties. The sliding doors are also ideal if you plan on moving wide objects in and out, for example a bicycle. This means that it meets the fire regulations used by caravan and mobile home sites, increasing its versatility.
The result of this is that the metal remains lightweight, but becomes much tougher and more resilient, as well as being more water resistant.

While we always welcome such warranties, we do think that it could have been a year or two longer, taking account the rain protection offered by the pitch of the apex roof and the galvanised cladding. What we did find, is that the vented gables allow plenty of air inside, which is good news for you and for any temperature sensitive goods that may be stored within the shed.
This is compensated for, however, by their generous width of 0.90m, making it easy to manoeuvre objects through them. One security feature which does come as standard, however, is the lack of windows, which makes it impossible for would be intruders to see what’s inside, which can itself act as a deterrent. If you already have such an area, then you’ll still need to purchase a set of screws to act as the anchor kit.
The lack of windows helps to protect the shed’s contents from unwanted eyes, but the generous vents create a cool and pleasant atmosphere inside. This metal shed is specially designed to protect your items from weather damage and is built to withstand strong winds.
Not what I would call a heavy duty shed but excellent as a storage area or as a recycling area as we bought it for, not a bad price ?20 cheaper would have made it more attractive but on the whole satisfied, make sure you baton it down because it would fly away in a strong gust or do as we have put it out of the way of strong winds. This metal shed is specially designed to protect you items against weather conditions and its durable build will withstand strong winds. That’s why the manufacturer is confident enough to provide a no rust perforations guarantee for 10 years.
Even though the parts seemed quite thin and light during construction they fitted together well, and with the aid of the slightly thicker frame they gave a solid and stable structure once assembled. We also liked the internal fitting of the sliding mechanism, which is neat and provides protection against knocks and the elements. With the addition of a padlock, and possibly an alarm if you plan on storing items of value in the shed, this could be a good value and secure storage facility for your garden or caravan site.
This shed does not feature any windows so your items are securely stored and protected.This shed is perfect if you want a low maintenance garden building which is protected from weather damage and protected against rust.
This metal shed is perfect if you want a low maintenance garden building which is protected from weather damage and protected from rust.

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