Additional options include metal doors, extra windows, access ramps, second-story lofts, complete second-floors with stairs, shelving, or anything else you might need.
Check out some examples below (click an image to see a larger picture) and please contact us for your storage needs! April 13, 2015 by MikeB Take a look at this metal structure being constructed especially for Hometown Sheds.

Whether you need a garage, a barn, a picnic shelter, or something else, contact us at Hometown Sheds. This is an example of the superior craftsmanship that comes built into every one of our products at Hometown Shed. We’ve got a wide range of buildings on the lot, or we can arrange for your shed to be built to your specifications!

And with the steel frame and sturdy plastic panels, you can rest confident that your plants are securely protected against the harshest conditions.

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