Each Partial Enclosed Carport is carefully constructed from 29 gauge steel for the roof and sides with your choice of 12 or 14 gauge steel tubing for the framework. Our Portable Single Wide Peak Garage is designed for everyday use for your vehicle and with 7' 6" interior wall height this garage can double as a workshop, plenty of space for shelving or a work bench.
Features - 6 year top to bottom warranty, available in multiple sizes, 12' x 16' through 14' x 48'.
Whether you need a single, double or triple stall or even an extra tall model, we can create an Open Carport just for you.
You can select a carport that has an enclosed storage unit along with an attached open carport in the front.
Not only can you mix and match base and trim colors, but you can specify another color for wainscoting as well.

Instead of the typical vertical slates for your side walls, you can select a horizontal layout to closely match any existing vinyl sided structure. Standard Siding Choices: 50 year LP Smart Panel, Fir Duratemp Siding, Lifetime Vinyl Siding, and Board'n Batten Wood Siding, Cedar Siding and Log Siding. Select a tall carport for an RV shelter or a smaller size for a single or two car garage or boat hide style carport. Then, choose drive through openings or a single, large overhead door or even multiple entry doors either in roll-up or overhead styling. Whether you are working on that project car in your backyard, need to store that classic close to home or want to use it as an everyday garage the design will give you many years of service. You can also choose from a closed end gable, open end gable or A-frame to suit your preference.

And if you are working with limited space, you can even mount a new Carport to an existing structure. While all of our buildings are capable of withstanding substantial snow loads, the vertical slates do allow for easier snow run-off. Leave each end of the Partial Enclosed Carport open to allow drive through access while still achieving the added protection from the elements with the enclosed sides. Additional support arms help strengthen the roof providing durable, long lasting construction.

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