If I can find some scrap 4" tube, I might make something like this for smaller stuff, but box them together to use all the space. I like the last option, with crates on bottom, space for long pieces in back, and shelving for flat pieces. I was telling Rach today that I need to free up some time and be available to help with projects soon. I keep waayyyyy too much stuff, then force myself to organize everything and toss 10% of it. Description: The Bar Sheet Metal Storage Rack - Sheet Rack is designed for storing sheet goods and like materials. Application:holds many shampoos, conditioners, soap bars, razors and other daily uses in a tidy way. This bathroom storage rack holds many shampoos, conditioners, soap bars, razors and other daily uses in a tidy way. Inspired by the patent pending rivet and adjust system, Advantage Components specializes in steel based furnishings which blend art and science, beauty and innovation, new to the steel home furnishings space. Shelving Direct has office shelving, warehouse shelving, metal shelving, industrial shelving, wire shelving, storage units and much more.
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On wheels, could probably build a few of those and tuck them in next to each other back in the corner.
It is the customer's responsibility to verify that this unit complies with all safety laws, codes and regulations.
Especially if it had similar arms (like in the first pic) to keep the long pieces in place.
The 5-shelf configuration of this series enables generous storage of multiple-thickness objects. A myriad of inspirational ideas and decor items are available, and while variety can be rewarding, it can also be a tad overwhelming. Designed to grow with your ever-changing storage needs, each rack includes a shelf and the ability to adjust the length of the entire rack to suit your needs. Should it be purely decorative, or will it serve an organizational purpose?To help answer these questions and more, we’ve collected an assortment of entryway design ideas for you.
After all, the entryway is a great way for your home to make a first impression!Entryway Design StylesBegin by thinking about the decorative style you’d like to convey.
For example, if your home has a glamorous vibe, perhaps a mirrored console in the entryway will help set the tone of the house.
If comfort is what you’re after, a cushioned bench for seating and some woven baskets for storage may be more appropriate.

In the image below, architectural interest is created with an intriguing frame and an assortment of spindled table ornaments. If the entryway is this wonderfully curious, who can wait to see the rest of the house?! [from Atlanta Homes magazine via Greige]If charm is what you’re after, consider placing a piece of painted furniture in the entryway. A dash of greenery, such as a fern, adds botanical interest. [from Covet Garden via Interior Design Room] If contemporary is the style at hand, hang a trio of modern art pieces on the wall, include some striking sconces, and top it all off with orchids in a bronze sculptured planter. The room below, photographed by Daniel Newcomb, even includes a zebra-print stool for a dash of the unexpected.
Upscale modern is the style at hand, and this foyer gets the glossy treatment with a shiny circular table and a sparkling wall. Some overhead storage, a space for shoes and a tiny stool make the area functional as well as fanciful.

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