Eco friendly Building Systems from Premium Materials that do not Require Permits, Built from solid wood, not Sticks and Plywood.
MIGHTY CABANA's are designed for our customers who desire to have a quality structure on their property without having to comply with the rigors or the building permit process. We have designed our CABANA's to give you maximum performance along with elegant aesthetic appeal. MIGHTY SHED'S are also designed for our customers who desire to have a quality storage structure on their property that is easy to build and has an elegant look. Our patented pre-cut MIGHTY WALL system allows solid wood members to be joined in the field easily.
MIGHTY SHED offers standard sizes based on 24" increments for optimun material usage. Each portable shelter comes with an industrial grade 10oz fabric for long life and is available in two (2) colors to match your environment.
The column channel to wood wall connection allows for incredible strength and ease of construction. Growing up in a small town, we had the standard choice between McDonald’s, Sonic, Dairy Queen and for a time, Burger King. When I think back to my college days, some of my most favorite memories take place at Taco Cabana.

There’s nothing better than soaking up inordinate amounts of alcohol from one’s system than fajita steak soft tacos. This goes totally out of my Mexican food comfort zone since there are no refried beans involved.
I went to Taco Cabana’s website to do the research but they don’t have the nutritional information listed. The small size of the portable CycleCabana makes it easy to fit in virtually any corner of your yard. Solid wood when properly sealed will resist the ravages of environmental weathering a lot longer than plywood and stick buildings.
Use them as a Cabin, Artist Studio, Pool House, Storage Shed, Man Cave, Garden Shed, Play House, Hobby Room, Vacation Cabin ….
Whether you choose to paint or clear coat with a uv translucent, Your MIGHTY CABANA or MIGHTY SHED will provide you years of performance and contemporary appeal to your property.
The glowing neon guides me into the parking lot while the smell of freshly made tortillas brings a smile to my face and a rumble to my stomach.
But since mine didn’t come with the typical fat-laden sides like refried beans, sour cream and guacamole, I’m assuming it was pretty healthy. But the CycleCabana's functions don't end at just motorcycles; it's a great storage solution for everyday items like Lawn Furniture, ATVs, Snow Blowers, Tools, and more.

If you desire customizing of your new CABANA, we offer that design service at no extra charge.
Those golden fried flutes of deep-fried yumminess dipped in queso are my go-to meal whenever I’m stumped as to what I’m in the mood for.
TC advertises that the shrimp used in this quesadilla have been marinated in ancho, chipotle, garlic, lime and cilantro and I definitely got that after taking my first bite. At least more so than their Cabana bowls, which pack more calories and fat than most fast food burger meals.
All MIGHTY SHED packages come standard with 24" front overhangs supported by prefab roof corbels.
Now that the weather is nicer, this quesadilla would be perfect to eat while sitting out on the patio and sipping a margarita. Mighty Cabanas & Sheds can show you how to take advantage of this opportunity to broaden your lifestyle.

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