This time of year a waterproof, weatherproof bag for your gear seems like a damn good idea.
Mission Workshop set out to make products that not only perform far better than expected, but that are also aesthetically pleasing both on and off the bike.  The resulting lineup shows this with innovative, well designed, and well thought out products that are riddled with class. JZ- This bag sits much lower than other two strap, messenger style bags like the chrome ranchero and roll tops. SOC16: Tasty new treats from Honey Stinger, Ryno, Untapped, GU, Bonk Breaker, Clif & more!
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The AP Series Sanction rucksack features the Arkiv® closure system and is made with a 1000 denier VX Cordura ripstop shell backed with a PET waterproof membrane. The AP Sanction also features YKK urethane coated zippers, waterproof materials, an internal frame sheet and an optional waist belt.

This entry was posted in Carry and tagged backpacks, mission workshop, rucksacks, the fitzroy. Your phone, tablet and laptop won’t survive a swim in the puddle or a splash in the slush. I imagine if you fill the bag up to where you can’t flip the top over anymore you might have issues. It seems like you can fit anything in here with the comfort of knowing nothing will get wet. Accessories sold separately, Arkiv gives the wearer the option to mix and match the following exterior compartments – folio, laptop case, tool pocket, utility cell pocket, vertical rolltop pocket, and a vertical zip pocket. The Fitzroy, built with military spec & waterproof materials will carry a big and varied load, keeping your valuables high and dry. These bags are the best that you can buy, and the guys at Mission Workshop are great to work with, made in US with a great focus on R&D and quality materials to make functional bags.

All of which resulting in an exceptionally durable and beautifully constructed barrier to the elements. I have been selling and using these bags since their inception, and I have yet to have any warranty issues with them. The only thing I wish it had was a pocket for a water bottle and I wish not all of the pockets went full depth.
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