Before you start questioning my knack for keeping up with the latest styles and trends, you'll need to re-think your ideas on tie-dye.
Modern Italian accessory company AK47 has blended fashion and function beautifully in its Flex modern firewood rack chair design.
Fireplaces that use wood are the best for one simple reason: nothing compares to a nice, quiet evening when you sit in your favorite armchair and watch the flames and listen to the wood crackle. I will happy that if my article can give you a inspiration or idea to create your home more beautiful.
While tie-dye used to conjure up images of brightly colored bursts on white tees (like the kind you made at the after-school program in elementary school) and is generally linked to hippie attire and reserved for those still stuck in the 60's and 70's (in both mindset and style), tie-dye as of late has gotten a modern make-over. We offer a wide variety of modern bedroom furniture elements which can be combined to create the perfect bedroom for your home. Known for their unique firewood storage solutions, AK47 developed this contemporary, urban rack chair design that not only makes a stylish statement but also offers a smart storage solution for firewood.

Using an edgier or more wearable color palette, as well as differing patterns and shapes, modern day tie-dye is now more chic and stylish than tacky and dated.
Doshi Levien's Paper Planes line of reading chairs are designed to help you do just that -- they're contemporary like the bulk of their esteemed furniture projects, and their asymmetrical shape was actually crafted specifically for comfort, making the chair as sophisticatedly practical as dad's leather LA-Z-BOY, just more smooth and sleek and effortlessly less burly. Ideal for loft spaces and compact homes, the modern Flex rack is a simple yet ingenious two-in-one concept a€“ a flexible sheet of hardened steel that curves around your wood pile to resemble a piece of fabric.
Instead of making this an inconvenient and try to hide the wood, you could turn it into an interesting display element.Space dividing wall with integrated fireplace and wood storage spaceYou can devote a wall solely to the fireplace and wood storage space. The prestressed steel can take on various shapes, depending on where you put the screws, yielding an organic oval or a flame-shaped seat.
The Flex rack is available in white, black and grey a€“ classic colors that suit any space and style.
Depending on the type of decor you have chosen for your home, the room the fireplace is in, the shape of the room and the storage possibilities, you can adopt multiple options.

The new, made-over tie-dye designs are youthful, versatile and totally fashionable and soon, over-sized rainbow tie-dye shirts will just be a thing of fashion-faux-pas nightmares. If you still prefer to keep the wood hidden somewhere, you could have a secret storage space inside your wall unit or somewhere near the fireplace. Most contemporary decor, however, focus on functionality and on turning useful into beautiful.

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