Get a modern shed or garage with a designer look that will complement your home or property. Katherine Sheds and Garages are a family owned and managed ShedSafe™ accredited Fair Dinkum Sheds distributor. Download the FREE Fair Dinkum Sheds Designer app to your smartphone, tablet or computer and you can create your own customised shed, garage, barn or carport design.
Standard Building RangeMono slope roof designsThe mono slope roof allows for a lower building profile which is perfect for shelter from high winds and rain. ClearspanMono-slopeFully enclosed The Estate Series' fully enclosed design is a perfect choice if you require lockable security. ClearspanMono-slopeCombination The Farmstead Series is a combination of open bays and one enclosed bay giving you a practical rural building that can be used for a variety of purposes with the enclosed area adding a secure lock-up for more valuable items. Centre polesMono-slopeRoof and 3 sides The Mainland Series have an open bay frontage and are a popular choice for Implement Sheds, Calf Rearing Sheds, Horse Shelter, and Hay & Feed Stores. There are lots of treats in store this month for you to feast your eyes on, including the story of the winner of N&P's Eco competition.
By proving that his arts practice was an asset to the region, ceramicist Will Levi Marshall and his wife Phoebe were able to build an award-winning rural family home in Scotland that also provided a ceramics workshop.
Even with his vast knowledge of the building industry, building surveyor Andrew Ferrier had more than a few problems. Brothers Jamie and Jonathan Hancock were advised that rather than build a new home on the site of their parents’ farm, they would be more likely to get permission if they  converted an old agricultural building that was on the site. Archtitects Ed Francis and Klaudia Leihener have added a futuristic-looking pod onto the front of a conventional 1930s home.
Gerald Cole looks at natural lighting, finding that the options are as far reaching and extensive as its benefits. We talk to interior stylist Sophie Robinson, a regular star of 60 Minute Makeover, whose colourful, ecelctic and homely style is more mix and match than blending in. Leslie Taylor of Taylor's Etc has restored a holiday cottage in a quaint village in the south west, fusing the traditional building with a modern but rustic interior, using products sourced almost entirely from Taylor's Etc.
Waterways World Limited or any subsidiary or partner can not be held responsible for the content of external web sites. Roof PitchOne of the benefits of Shed Boss buildings is the option to change the  pitch and slope of the steel roofing. With the gabled roof on a Shed Boss custom designed shed you are able to change the pitch and slope of the steel roofing. With a 22.5 degree pitched roof, this roof features a robust triangular angle, and is a classic of many sheds, garages and residential homes.

Skillion roofs have also been used to cover parts of a shed or building that juts out at an angle – great for the more irregularly shaped constructions. I was encouraged to choose Shed Boss Fleurieu because they are a local provider and used quality materials including vermin flashing and methods such as laying the slab first."The service provided by Jim Kearns was excellent.
Our Modern Man Cave™ designs make a difference when the style of your shed really matters.Whether it is a single garage, a multi car garage, or even a workshop, we can help you come up with a design that is right for you. Our experienced team are committed to providing top of the line products made from Australian premium quality materials.
If you have specific details in relation to your building requirements we recommend taking an extra 5-10mins to fill in the detailed building enquiry form (click here) or continue below. Known as the mono pitch roof (and sometimes a lean-to) this design needs less materials and construction hours than a gable roof, making this a cost-effective choice of rural building.
As well as providing complete protection from the elements, the Azspan clearspan interior gives you more available space for storage. Builders’ merchants are open to negotiation and can often be persuaded to agree reductions for bulk purchases of materials. Lots of people are still planning self builds, and the success stories of those who have completed their dream homes are shown in more detail below, including a Scottish ceramicist who convinced planners to let him build his home on an agricultural field that he bought for ?7,000.
The result is a delightfully modern home designed according to the path of the sun, with lots of glazing, a mono-pitch roof and lots of wood in the interior. Andrew had decided to project manage the build, but his work schedules took him all over the UK, meaning less time was spent on site than was required and there were some problems with tradespeople as a result. The pair set about converting the first of two former chicken sheds, creating an unusual, spacious home with an abundance of glazing, with sliding shutters fitted to satisfy the planners’ concerns about light pollution. The couple extended their home to create more space for bedrooms, an entrance hall, and to open up the dining room. He looks at windows, sunpipes, rooflights and lanterns, folding sliding doors, and sunrooms, and discovers that filling your home with light makes it brighter, healthier and cheaper to run. She describes her background, her rise through the ranks of media designers, beginning her career as an assistant to an interior designer at Laura Ashley, moving on to become Home editor at BBC Good Homes magazine.
Gerald Cole explores a few of the options, finding that choosing the right kind of insulation has never been more important, especially in the face of rocketing fuel prices and global warming.
By changing the dimensions of the building and the degree at which it sits, you can create a roof that matches your wants and needs wonderfully.Gable Roof As the gable roof is effectively two large pieces slanted together and attached, it is a very simple design – which forms a large part of its popularity. By changing the dimensions of the building and the degree at which it sits, you can create a gable roof that matches your wants and needs wonderfully.
This pitch can be great for letting water drain right off, and even provides you with an option for a little attic or mezzanine space, depending on the gradient.

The information and offers on this website are available to customers of Shed Boss Fleurieu only, please contact your nearest Shed Boss outlet for availability. Monopitch or skillion roofs generally slope in one direction and can be effectively paired with solar panels to utilise the maximum roof space for solar collection. Never settle for the first price you’re offered – approach another company and see if they can better it.. There’s also a pair of brothers who converted a 1960s chicken shed into a lovely contemporary home. Despite adversity though, he has successfully built a striking upside-down house near the coast in South Wales. In doing so they have pushed the boundaries of architectural innovation, and given themselves a lovely view across Winchester and the Hampshire countryside. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! Shed Boss Fleurieu is a licensed builder (BLD 236453) and is independently owned and operated under license by Boss Builders Pty Ltd, ABN 64 146 771 691. Fair Dinkum Sheds can incorporate skillion roof designs into most of our sheds, garages and barns – even the American Barn looks great with a skillion roof makeover!With our innovative design and quoting software we can in seconds customise your shed, barn or garage, this makes it very easy for you to choose what best suits your needs. Read on below for more on this, and the other stylish homes that have been created by sheer determination and hard graft.
This performs a great function in that it diverts rain away from your shed, preventing heavy build-ups of natural material that could be a heavy load in the long-term. When you construct a shed with a gable roof, you are giving yourself that little bit of extra space that could make all the difference. Gerald Cole explores natural lighting, and insulation, both of which prove to be great ways to improve the efficiency and quality of our homes.
Bob Moores looks at light earth construction, essentially a mix between cob and straw bale building, and Bob Matthews looks at the history of self build associations, and examines the new kid on the block, the National Self Build Association.
As a mono-pitched roof, this slants on one angle only, in keeping with a sharp and stylish industrial appearance.  You can even choose the exact incline of the roof during your planning by specifying the angle for the skillion roof. Its tall, linear poles add to the industrialised look and also offer practical shelter for parking a car. Skillion is skilled for solarThe cost-effectiveness of solar panels in Australia benefits both residential and commercial sheds, especially ones that have a skillion or mono-pitched roof.

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