Having enough space to store all of your appliances and utensils is a vital feature of any properly functioning kitchen. A lot of counter space can be freed up by tucking away small appliances in a roll out cabinet under the counter or inside a roll top counter cabinet. The efficiency of your interior cabinet space can be greatly increased by installing pull-out shelves. Long, narrow spaces between appliances and full-sized cabinets can become storage for cookie sheets or spice racks.
Most kitchens have corner cabinets, that offer ample space for storing extra kitchen tools, yet are difficult to access without shifting other items around.
Whether you’re looking for a more efficient way to organize your pots and pans with a roll out pot drawer, trying to consolidate your spices with a pull out spice rack, or you’d like to make the most of your corner space with a lazy susan, custom storage solutions are the best way to organize your kitchen. We are impressed by the array of storage options available in today’s modern kitchen. When renovating or remodeling your kitchen, consider equipping your cabinets with maximum function and versatility. Join Hoffman Auto Group and others for the 6th annual Celebrating Wonder Woman event at 5:30pm at the Bushnell.

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Required Fields - Only a few fields are required (*), but please fill in as much information as possible so we can better assist you. Houzz anticipated 2015’s embrace on shaker style, minimal wall cabinets, and repetitive patterns throughout the kitchen.
DIY organization tools are quick, but usually look makeshift and only provide a short-term solution. A lazy suzan is the ideal storage solution, as it utilizes the full space of the cabinet, and allows the chef to reach any item with a quick spin. For a display option, a shelf rail around the top of wood cabinets safely corrals and showcases items only used occasionally.
Just twenty years ago, a modern kitchen was equipped with a built-in Lazy Susan or a spice rack. Need help deciding which plan set to buy?Want to learn more about customization?We’re here to help!

Some plans require a nominal fee for developing the quote, which is applicable to the cost of a final modification project.
Custom storage cabinetry is well worth the money, as they are perfectly designed to fit the space and take into account how you use your workspace.
The newest designs in lazy susans, even pull out of the cabinet to offer the chef even easier access to kitchen tools. These days, kitchen storage extends to pull-out racks, double cutlery trays, tray dividers, tilt-outs, and much more. We will work with you to design the home modifications you'd like to see and to adjust your blueprint plans accordingly. For example, please don't just say: I want some walls knocked down, a bigger garage and more closets.
Hardware racks mounted on door interiors can keep pot and pan lids readily available and freeing up cabinet space.

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