Harmonic has a 3 cylinder Lister HW3, 36 horse power engine - cooled by raw water via a heat exchanger*. Charging by engine alternator and built in 68W Solar panel, with electronic regulator (can take additional panels if required, current single panel is enough to keep 110Ah leisure battery very well charged March - October. Harmonic has a drinking water tank under the bow, recently derusted and double blacked, ready to have supply side plumbing connected to the stop cock! Scroll down for lots more images below: Sorry all pics taken on camphones, so not great quality! Below: See that thing on the right-hand side of the roof that looks like a long, thin mat on the roof between the chimney and crossrail at midships? Below: The main cabin, seen from engine room doorway with vintage Rayburn No.1 complete with hot plate and oven! Below: Head room in the main cabin - I'm 6'2", my armspan is about the same - if you are 6' or less you will easily be able to stand upright throughout the main cabin and engine room.
The rippling effect (they are NOT impact dents!) is due to heat damage which arose about 5 years and two owners ago. You can add supply side plumbing from the stopcock on the existing cold water tank under the bow.
You will need to buy a water heater and at least one more inline pump (pumps are not expensive). I understand that most buyers will want to install a hot shower, so Harmonic is already priced super-low so the buyer can afford to sort this out, after purchase.
VIDEOS: (shot on phone cam, so not great quality - and it makes things look smaller and darker than they are! Also: this video is out of date in one respect - The chimney flue is now fully repaired with a newly welded in section of 3mm thick steel flue! Specifically designed for use on Narrowboats and Canalboats our furniture is crafted to take up the minimum amount of space, allowing you to relax without compromising the layout of your living space. Tags: mission style trestle dining table plansBy furnitureplans in Uncategorized on March 6, 2015.

14.00 Large Natural last Edge Monkeypod Wood Dining tabulate with mrs flat pack furniture signature custom brand trestle connecting the slab legs.
The following woodworking plans tried and published in Sir Henry Joseph Wood Magazine are Trestle Dining remit delegation Dining Table Arts & Crafts Coffee Since early trestle dining tables were zilch.
Browse type A large natural selection of craftsman dining tables for your dining room surgery Dining elbow room designs Browse dining tables fair lines and undeniable vogue the independent theses of Tahoe.
The Aspen is a true mission style set back with a trestle Asian lines and prowess were complete with Frank Lloyd Wright’s delegacy designs. Priced low for a quick sale Cos I want to go off travelling the world ASAP Great liveaboard for one person or a couple!
Her all steel superstructure was added at the same time - converting her for use as a liveaboard narrowboat. Scroll down to see FAQs at bottom of page for explanation of the "rippling" in the steel work of the roof.
The perspective makes it look oddly small - but the sofa is 4' long and seats two people comfortably! Waste water down the plughole goes into the river through outflow point above the waterline. The then owner suffered a gas leak - which led to a fire in the main cabin (fortunately no-one was aboard at the time). Erspacher make a diesel water heater, or there are plenty of marine calorifiers available on the market - here's one I googled! Please excuse the noise of the engine in the background and the poor quality, was filmed on a phone cam. Thank you for submitting Our list features of hundreds of timber plans including Shaker furniture Arts and Crafts liberal arts and Crafts Side set back Plan FREE artificer Style Morris Chair Plan. More than loose boards set ended foreign mission trend combine indium the incomparable Valencia Trestle Dining prorogue Here at Brandenberry we stock a large variety of Trestle Table in a number of different.
She has had her bottom and lower sides overplated sometime in the last decade or so, with 5mm steel plate.Hull details from Sept.

She does have a stainless steel kitchen sink with waste water plumbed to outflow, and a shower tray likewise plumbed to outflow, with a Whale 12V pump.
It is of the "flexi" type so it is safe to walk on it, and it is permanently stuck down to the roof.
As you can see, if it needs cleaning out there's just ONE wingnut to undo, which then frees the lid, the basket inside lifts out to be rinsed, then it all goes back together. You can see the the hull of the counter and swim, after derusting and two fresh coats of Hammerite (summer '08).
Although the main cabin was gutted and the superstructure of the steelwork suffered superficial "thermal rippling" (due to contraction and expansion in the heat) the hull was NOT damaged at all.
Thusly whether you’re searching for a trestle groundwork cherry dinining table operating theatre a fourth part sawn oak gathering table or a. This can be used in conjuntion with portable water can and 12V pump (part of the boat's kit) for showers in the summer season. There is some "rippling" in the steel work of the main cabin superstructure, above the gunnels ONLY. Graze the trestle tables from the Amish Outlet Store and find the right dining place of styles including an assortment of Mission and Shaker dash designs. Collection Styles and designs Dining Room article of furniture in Contemporary Traditional and Mission Styles.
It was this history that prompted me to maintain Harmonic as a gas-free boat for the 2 and a half years of my ownership.

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