Becomes Nimble Storage Authorized Solutions Provider By Doug Theis September 22, 2015 Uncategorized No Comments 0 0 Innovative Integration, Inc. Nimble Storage is a provider of flash storage solutions that enable enterprises to meet performance and capacity requirements for any workload in virtualized datacenters and cloud environments.Nimble Storage has developed a flash storage architecture that is engineered to provide organizations with the highest levels of performance efficiently. Along with integrated data protection and predictive support, enterprise customers can deploy confidently and seamlessly scale their storage infrastructure as their business grows.

Therefore, we’ve built a partner ecosystem with over 900 partners worldwide, to provide enterprises access to our innovative storage technology from their existing trusted partners.”Innovative Integration helps you balance your business requirements, service levels, staff, and infrastructure to make your IT as effective as possible, and we provide managed services for small- to medium-sized businesses in the Midwest.
The company services a variety of clients with a portfolio of solutions, including remote monitoring and management, remote backup, disaster recovery, data replication and on-side engineering support.
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