What is a Cape Cod style shed?Modeled after the Cape Cod style house, Cape Cod sheds share many of the same characteristics. The Cape Cod shed is also reminiscent of the typical fishing shanty that has dotted the shores of New England for over 300 years. As well as being a simple finish, board and batten siding conveniently allows for finished siding to be installed later on. The board and batten siding can also be painted with solid color stain like the building below. The timber frame construction and barn board siding gives the interior a rustic look and a fills the building with a nice pine scent.
The building below has finely finished trim work with a significant overhang and trim detail. Disclaimer: All specification data is provided in good faith and is subject to manufacturer change without notice.
This large 8' x 10' Suncast shed from the Tremont range is one of the biggest plastic sheds we have to offer and provides masses of storage space. So when Argos gave us the chance to feature a product from their summer gardening range, we jumped at the chance to replace our shed. Breaking down the old shed, which was recycled and made into a nifty mini-shed and tool store!
The shed came just enough roofing felt, but as our old shed roof had got in such a state, we decided that it was probably best to purchase some thicker roofing felt, and double up. We also thought that it would be a good idea to seal the majority of the cracks and joins in the wood (leaving a few for ventilation), before giving the shed three coats of Cuprinol.
Finished (almost, got to finish painting that door!) shed… would have preferred a light sage green but can live with this for now!
So all that’s left is to attach some mini guttering and a downpipe into my waterbutt.

This Smallest Smallholding blog follows the trials and tribulations of a would-be vegan Smallholder. Just like a Cape Cod style house, these buildings follow the common Cape Cod pattern, a low, broad frame building, with a steep, perfectly pitched roof.
These were low, broad buildings with a relatively steep 10 or 12 pitch roof designed to maximize loft storage and "shed" snow during the cold New England winters. This shed also has an 8 pitch roof which is less steep and does not offer as much loft space as a steeper 10 or 12 pitch roof.
Please contact us for advice and confirmation should any value be of essence to your purchase. The vanilla coloured walls, stoney coloured door and slate coloured roof give this shed an attractive look.
The mice had moved in, moved out, moved back in again and then departed, leaving us with a bit of a stinky, rotten wooden shell that failed miserably to keep the elements out, thanks in part to a rotten roof. We simply took up the wonky paving slabs that had been pushed up by the roots of the sycamore and the ash tree, and relaid them as best we could. We had to knock a fair few joints back into place with a hammer, but everything just about went up without too much trouble. Of course, as soon as Rich had finished spending hours on putting up a nice, neat roof, the birds decided to come along and christen it!
We wanted something a bit brighter and beachy to cheer up the slightly dank corner that the shed occupies under the trees and by the hedge, so opted for this blue. The good news is that our monster mower is now safe and sound, and all my tools will no longer be subject to wind, rain, sleet, snow and sun – an improvement all round, wouldn’t you say? Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
Our 8x10 Suncast shed is built using blow moulded technology, and with extra strong steel reinforced double wall resin it is a very sturdy and robust shed.

Being a budget shed, the shiplap and batons were quite a bit thinner than our old shed, so we decided to reinforce some of the joints in places with extra timber, just to give it a bit more strength and stability. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). The frame and boarding is typically all rough sawn lumber, but can also be smooth or planed wood as well. We also bought our own hinges to accommodate the new, heavier door and will keep the original hinges for another day! The roof of this shed is specially designed to compliment its stay dry design and with reinforced floor panels this 574 cubic foot capacity shed can hold machinery as well as larger garden tools. The roof includes 6 skylights so that this shed can still be used at night or when light is limited. Two corner shelves are also included with this shed and can be plced in 8 different places within the shed. This shed has double doors with metal handles with spaces for a pad-lock that can add security to the shed if you wish too.
At 8' x 10' undoubtedly this is one of the largest sheds we have to offer in this style and will suit any larger garden perfectly. Like all our products in the Suncast range we provide a 5 year warranty in case anything does go wrong.

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