For the last month or so I’ve spent the majority of my time outside of work working on our new shed. I got the barn door hung last night, and today I built the ramp and added some window trim. I took a lot of pictures during the construction process; some of the better ones are at this web page. Is storage a problem at your house?  Do you want to put your cars in the garage and move the lawn mower, snow blower and bikes into its own home?  Look no further then The Carriage Sheds Green Garden Collection.  These Amish made structures bring style and grace to your storage. Blimey guys, even without bearers and base timbers, the concrete slabs alone are going to cost new ?2 each and for 7' square thats 28 so nigh on 60 quid. Actually, I'm getting a bit confused, do I need concrete base, then bearers, and then base on top of that, then shed on top of that?? Whatever method you end up using, any timbers underneath need to be kept well away from ground contact and isolated using some DPC where they do touch whatever base you use. Fill them holes by adding a bit of concrete, throwing in some rubble in between, tamping it down, a bit more concrete etc etc. Few questions, are the concrete posts best topped with dpc before the timber bearer is placed on top?
Ok, so I'm guesstimating the total material costs of building a decent base and bearer frame from all thateverybody has said is going to be probably 100-150 quid then two men labour on top.
To answer your other Qs, you'd place a piece of DPC (a 100mm-ish wide plastic strip which is used in building) on top of the concrete post and sit the joists on top.
By all means - if your ground is pretty firm at all times of the year - you may get away with removing just a skim, pouring over a few bags of aggregate, tamping it down, then a thin layer of sand - tamp down - and level with a length of timber, slightly rough the surface and lay concrete slabs gently on top. There's an auld shed and a greenhouse on my allotment taking no harm sitting on sleepers, been there 30+ years and look no worse for it. In old money that'll be two bob each and the price of a few pints for the man with a horse n cart.

Last I heard, railtrack was ripping up the wooden track supports and replacing 'em with concrete sleepers from the USA. Would have thought they'd be an abundance of the bitumen soaked back breakers around nowadays. The cottage style is an appealing model for your backyard, this model features an 18" overhang on the front eaves side over the doors and the windows.
Shown with clay lifetime vinyl siding, white trim & shutters, charcoal lifetime shingle roof, and 18 x 36 windows.
All of our basic do-it-yourself post and beam building kits are designed to be assembled by a novice carpenter as a weekend project. Depending on how many bikes you need to store and whether you want room for shelving, closets, etc… you will probably want at least a 10? x 12? building.
This is for if you don’t need the floor framing and sheathing, like if you are building your shed on a concrete slab or want to frame your own floor or foundation.
Our standard building kits come with premium quality vertical pine board and batten siding with rough sawn pine trim. We offer several trim upgrades and roofing options so you can match the look of your house or just improve the appearance of your new motorcycle garage. Please select a shed, add your desired options and get a FREE no obligation quote on one of our post and beam building kits. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. There also needs to be a gap under the floor so's air can flow to keep the timbers dry under there. Simplest way is to run a couple of main bearers down the outsides, and then sling cross bearers between them held by cheap joist hangers (less than a squid each). Even with this method, I'd be tempted to lay cheap bricks at regular spaces on the slabs - with a piece of DPC on each - for the floor bearers to sit on.

It may be that the 6x2s aren't needed, just 4x2 all round (especially with a centre cross rail which will sit on a middle post to take the centre floor weight. You then choose the best fit - in this case 4.2m, which - when cut in half - should do the job.
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These buildings are available up to 12? x 24? which can easily fit two bikes and all your other stuff. Our post and beam sheds come standard with one or two 22” x 28” 4-lite stationary window(s). Adding another loft will take advantage of more overhead storage space that is available in our Classic even pitch building. Plus I like the fact it isn't permanent and could be re-used if we moved the shed, say.
The slabs can even have large gaps between them, which will help drain away any surface water. Join us on Instagram and Pinterest to keep up with our most recent projects and sneak peeks!We're coming to YouTube soon! DeDe BaileyThe first things I thought when I saw it was: it’s really cute, you need a flower box under the window and I can see it is time for a post on how I built my storage shelves in my shed!

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