Regardless of what kind of hobby you follow, you have to identify a place where you can do what you do. And, when it comes to woodworking, you need to identify a place to build projects, store your tools and contain the sawdust, chips and shavings the hobby invariably produces. Where is your workshop located?Oh, and all week, I will be linking to great articles written by other woodworking bloggers. I just made it under the wire for a Sunday entry for Get Woodworking Week…at least out here in the Mountain Time Zone!
We’re just coming off the Woodworking Show this weekend in Denver, so I’m good and inspired! The MWA interviews with Jim Heavey and Andy Chidwick made for some nice additions to my entry since I just spent several hours with both of those guys over the weekend. I placed my woodshop in the basement where my obsolete B&W photography darkroom is located.

But the shaking from drilling the holes can cause things to slip, so four clamps would be better. But really, the whole idea of doing it this way is that a slight angle on the holes won't matter. I cut the dado for the rail on my radial arm saw, just by making a series of closely spaced cuts. The next step is to clamp the rails to the leg assemblies, and drill holes through both for the screws.
Drill the holes to a size so that the thread of the screws will engage both the rail and the leg.
For the next seven days, I and many other woodworking bloggers are going to focus on writing articles and producing videos to encourage new woodworkers to stop thinking about woodworking and give it a try themselves.
So, if you are ready to tackle this week’s poll, let’s break the huddle and line up for the next play!

If you like to paint, a nice sunny corner of the house is perfect.  Want to become a home chef? The bed sits low on the frame for the proper height and the perimeter placement of the equipment provides for a nice flat area to lay out your work. Basements, garages and separate buildings on your property are common choices, but attics, spare bedroom and even rented spaces house shops.

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