Jonathan has been working hard for the past 3 weeks on a beautiful Roubo workbench complete with Benchcrafted Hardware.
Jonathan hand planed the whole bench surface using a low angle jointer plane, he then checked it with straightedges to ensure that there was no bow or twist.
Applying the first coat of Deft Danish oil, you can read more about how to apply this finish on our recent blog posting here. If you are interested in ordering a workbench just send us an email and we can get you a quote. Carl I wondered if there would be questions in regards to my commenting that it was pegged and then the barrel bolts are right next to it.
Was just curious what the name of the font you put on the workbench is called, it fits the benches style perfectly!
Metal drawer slides with ball bearings are nice, but add up in terms of cost, and take up more space. Even with a reduced thickness, the rabbet was too wide to cut in one pass with my dado blade. For the drawer bottoms, I actually ended up using some recycled plywood, which was painted on one side. The removable tray is a great idea, particularly when you need to empty it of saw dust…flip it over and tap it. DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. My parents got me something similar from SAMS, but the table top still isn't true enough to sheet my wings on.
The workbench includes 20 drawers and a storage cabinet which are accessed from both sides. I have looked to and fro for plans for building a workbench, but have not been successful as I am very particular in what I want. Knotted writes: Hi Jon, I've been searching for solid workbench designs for a little while and I am very impressed with yours, having all the features I've been looking for and it looks fantastic. I would like to inquire about your plans, as i would like to replicate the basic plan with my personal touches, and requirements. I built a workbench a number of years back but over the years I have learned that I am not happy with it.

Dillcar writes: I find your bench truly outstanding If you could send me any plans and build information you have collected together it would be very, very much appreciated. This is one of the most elegant, yet sturdy, workbenches I have seen so far, and I have been looking at workbenches for the last few months. If you give me your E-mail- I will forward you more detailed info on how I designed and built the bench. ChristopherGunn82 writes: I love what you have done with this bench, it is a beautiful piece of work. Schniggeldorf writes: Can you add me to the list of people requesting plans, notes, or whatever you have? Anyway, the barrel bolts are ideal so that you can tighten the bench if it ever gets loose due to racking. The center boxes are removable so you can clamp part from the inside of the bench if you have to they can be turned over to be used as storage boxes or flipped over to make a flat surface across the entire top.
I probaly throw away anywhere from 50-200 per year depending on the type of projects I get assinged too.. The front apron is flush with the the front legs to allow utilization of the leg surfaces for clamping in both the face vise and the tail vise. I will be designing my project in Google Sketchup first (my most valuable program next to email). Incredible attention to details and excellent ideas to allow everything to "float" and be able to assemble and disassemble back together. Position of the dados has to be perfect so that the top of the table and top of aprons are perfectly aligned. I am thinking about upgrading the bench i built almost 3 years ago and this bench has really sparked my interest to get going with my new bench. You might want to know how things will eventually plays out if you have the plans for the workbench that you have.
I priced some bench top like this a couple of years ago just tops were running $250 to 350 and you pick them up. I too have been looking and reading about building a workbench much like the rest of the people below have commented, I just recently purchased most of the wood, I would love to receive any info that you may be able to forward to me about your design. If you could email me on any details you have on your bench that would help me out I would greatly appreciate it.

I would love to know what you love most about this piece and what if anything you would consider doing differently.
It might be difficult to think about getting it scuffed and dinged while using it, cause it really looks like a work of art. Make the spline a tight fit—with the spline in place, the end aprons should be held in good position. You mentioned that you had put together plans and drawings and other information that you had used to build this and i would love to see what you have. When you want to make the plan about it, then you need to understand how you want to make it.
I sealed the end grain, apron, spline and dados with some Danish oil and applied some paste wax to the spline before attaching the end aprons to the top. If you would contact me and open the lines of communication i would be extremely grateful . While the splines hold the end aprons in fairly good position, I secured them with lag screws and washers.
You can start picturing it on your mind, and then you opened up your computer and start the ideas that you have in there. Just try to make that ideas come reality and you will need a computer to do it because it will make things much easier than if you do it with your hands and papers. However, you need to choose the software with sufficient tools because it will be useless if you are using cheap and bad software.When you want to have the free woodworking workbench plans, then you must start today.
The plans that you are making cannot be done in a single day, it takes all the efforts that you have if you want to have the best design that you can think of. You can do it, you just need to believe in yourself and do not give up in the middle; you need to try to finish it when you have the plans. Just like in any effort for anything that you do, there will be obstacles that you need to overcome.
Now, the workbench that you want to make or buy must have certain criteria that you surely want.

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