Basically there are three options for the type of podcast that you wish to create: Audio Only, Enhanced, and Video.
This semester we'll focus on Computer Graphics in IE with Lean, Visual and Sustainable Green product, process and service system examples. If anything is unclear please contact me in class, or in person during office hours in my NJIT office, or by email anytime (see all contact information below).
Please note, that attendance in this class is compulsory and follows the NJIT faculty and student body accepted UG attendance rules.
According to NJIT regulations, if for any professional or medical reason you cannot attend a class you must email your instructor asap with the professional reason(s) explained. During the 2008-2009 academic year, the NJIT Administration worked very closely with the Student Senate to enhance and improve NJIT's Honor Code. All students are responsible for upholding the integrity of NJIT by reporting any violation of academic integrity to the Office of the Dean of Students. My office hours for the semester for this class will be Fridays, 30 mins before and also after class.
Some examples with videos of our related new R&D work we have completed for the LSC (The Liberty Science Center in New Jersey). Whilst I am flattered by your friendly communication style, there is something I must bring to your attention.
I hereby kindly inform you that these NJIT guidelines must be met in future electronic communication. The American Society of Engineering Educators Reports: Stanford's Engineering School Looks To Balance Traditional, Creative Approaches. A number of recent reports suggest that many college graduates are overqualified for their jobs.
On average, 30% of American employees are engaged at work, but levels of engagement diverge when education was a factor.
Tom Bowling, vice president for student affairs at Frostburg State University in Frostburg, Md., says colleges should encourage students to explore their talents and passions. Course objectives: Please note, that the course objectives fit into the IE Educational Objectives as defined by our Department, NJIT and ABET (the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology of the USA). Every session of this course map develops and integrates one or more aspects of the IE program objectives into the course objectives. Program graduates use the fundamental principles and major areas of Industrial Engineering in their professional practice. Program graduates are life-long learners, pursuing graduate education, and professional growth in Industrial Engineering and related fields. Please note, that as in previous semesters we will pecifically address visual factory management with eco-friendly, lean sustainable GREEN aspects of all of our system models and designs in this course. To introduce some basic terminology of computer graphics, interactive multimedia and the Internet with an IE focus. To develop the ability to apply mathematics, science and engineering in the computer graphics in IE context. To design systems, built of components and objects, performing a desired process for a set of defined customer requirements and needs. To understand the total quality rules and implications of computer graphics applications in IE and engineering in general (all assignments). To understand the implications of computer networking and Internet applications in IE and in engineering in general (all assignments). To appreciate the power of computer graphics by analyzing the results of 3D simulation studies.
To understand professional and ethical responsibility and to communicate effectively (all assignments and class presentations).
To address societal issues by communicating IE via computer graphics applications (all sessions). To introduce, demonstrate and to some extent explain contemporary issues and the latest research areas and future trends in the field of computer graphics applications in IE. To encourage life-long learning, planning, knowledge creation, knowledge absorption and knowledge dissemination processes for the benefit of mankind (all sessions). To encourage, and to some extent develop innovation skills, adaptability skills, information management and communication skills using virtual tools and the Internet, relationship-building skills, and cultural understanding of global economies (all assignments).
In this course we attempt to promote Toyota's lean and green manufacturig and Genchi Genbutsu Engineering philosophy.
SOCIAL NETWORKING and Video Conferencing:During the semester, I will email you several links to short technical articles, that are really important for you to follow and understand what is going on in the world in our subject area.
According to NJIT's policies, in this course the NJIT Honor Code will be upheld, and violations will be brought to the immediate attention of the instructor, the Chair, and the Dean of Students if necessary. Please note, that as part of this course we'll learn how to design simple web-pages and document your assignments over the web.
The problem grew out of a post-WWII mentality in which engineers thought if they didn’t get their hands dirty, they would be taken more seriously as professionals like lawyers and doctors. IF your web page does not link due to a link error you get an automatic 0 grade for the assignment. Please make sure that your URL works before you send me an email with a full length URL in it so that I can click on it and directly link to your assignment(s). When you are done, you trigger my grading process by sending me an email with your URL in it.

In class, the instructor will go through, step-by-step, in detail, on how to set up a simple web page with text, graphics and spreadsheets embedded. Last, but not least: ALWAYS test your uploaded assignment using your own, as well as somebody else's computer, to make sure, that everything works fine. Principle-2: Design products for automated assembly, but start with mostly human operated assembly systems and gradually introduce the appropriate level of automation. Principle-3: Management decisions should reflect long-term thinking, even if this means initially hard-to-accept financial returns.
Principle-4: Develop outstanding leaders who fully understand and support the company philosophy, and wisdom.
Principle-5: Create a strong company culture that does not tolerate poor quality work and focuses on continuous improvement and waste reduction methods and tools. Principle-7: Your company supply network plays a key part in designing products, processes and systems, therefore help them to continuously improve.
Principle-15: Design continuous improvement techniques, or Kaisen methods into every process . Principle-16: Design products and processes in the digital domain first, to avoid MUDA, MURA, and MURI. In class we'll look at and analyze in detail several important videos and multimedia presentations. We'll view videos and virtual factory tours in class, have practical labs., and then we'll discuss what we have seen and learned. Obviously you can use individual text bits, images, video clips, 3D objects, active code, etc. Prepare this in paper format for a standup presentation, or on your screen in Word, or PowerPoint, but as soon as you have your web page up on the Internet, put it up as Assignment 1. Assignment 2 outline: All we need at this stage is a simple and working webpage architecture for your assignments.
The instructor will help you to create standards, nevertheless you have the freedom to innovate and do your own thing, as long as it satisfies NJIT requirements and regulations. PLEASE NOTE, that in order to make sure that nobody slips in this class, the rule is, that all students who wish to get an 'A" in this class, MUST submit their first 4 assignments by the above deadline. Properly designed visual factories support waste reduction, and therefore lean and often sustainable green goals too.
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These rules will be strictly enforced, therefore lateness or missing classes is not permitted. It contains vital information about the course as well as all the Assignments, Homework and Grades! Also, please refer to the Academic Integrity web site that contains much information about strategies to promote academic integrity and avoid cheating on classwork and exams. The Committee on Academic Affairs and the NJIT Faculty approved the Student Senate’s recommendations developed from the findings of the University's Taskforce on the Honor Code. Please use this and send again your email if you don't get an answer from me within 5 to 6 working days. At NJIT it is not just my job to teach you analytical skills, but also professional courtesy and conduct so that you become successful in US and international industry. Labor Department's Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) calculates that for every dollar of value created in manufacturing, $1.40 is created in associated sectors of the economy.
Learners need to know where they are going and have a sense of progress towards their objectives.
The learning environment has to be one of trust, respect, openness and acceptance of differences. Engagement rebounded slightly, to 30%, among workers with a postgraduate degree or postgraduate training -- perhaps because those students have found a particular passion, Busteed speculates. This should trigger innovation, joy and excitement for accomplishing something REALLY useful for YOUR future! Almost every session of the IE203 course includes computer applications in the class lab., or students using their own computers with courseware, and some include laboratory exercises using real machines and real processes to deepen our knowledge of the subject. This is referred to in Japanese as the 'monozukuri' approach to engineering problem solving.
The Japanese phrase literally means the actual part, the actual place, but for one of the best design, industrial and manufacturing systems engineering companies in the world, it implies 'go and see the actual situation first hand to truly understand the current reality'. This is particularly important to some foreign students who are not used to get their news via the Internet.
Also, students will be consulted by the instructor and must agree to any modifications or major deviations from the syllabus throughout the course of the semester.
This is an essential skill you'll have to learn to progress within the computer graphics for IE knowledge domain.
I am pleased to state, that this course offers a good balance between some exciting analytical as well as practical engineering knowledge and skills. The steps below intend to help you on how to set up a web page for documenting your assignments for this course.
If you don't understand the details offered, please contact NJIT Academic Computing at Tel: (973)-596-2900, and they'll take you through. We'll discuss these key methods, tools and technologies as the best factories execute these methods in Europe, Japan, China, Korea, and in the USA.

This principle is based on the long-term thinking and logic, that societies will eventually realize the effects of pollution, toxicity and environmental degradation, and therefore customers will turn towards environmentally safe products. All of these will help to learn about analytical methods as well as the real world, to develop your assignments, learn marketable knowledge, and get an excellent grade for this class. Please note, that the 3D eBook is a web compatible set of files in HTML (text) JPG for images .MOV for videos and Excel for executable code.
Make sure that you have a simple but effective opening page, where you indicate your name, the class, the instructor, the eLearning Pack ID, the collaborative companies (hyperlinked), your own photo (so that I can easily remember you! Please understand, that it is extremely important for you to learn knowledge management over the web, and this is why we are doing this.
Yes, it is long, but on the other hand you will find all essential course information here. Without reading, understanding and following this syllabus you won't be able to get a good grade in this course. NJIT will continue to adapt its policies and procedures to make clear that academic dishonesty will not be tolerated at this institution. Use this web site to read it in this electronic format; it will be updated during the semester. And while many firms remain at the forefront of technology (think computers, medical devices, chemicals, machinery, aerospace, and military equipment), that lead is narrowing. Well known Japanese, US, and European corporations all follow monozukuri engineering problem solving methods. In order to help this process, in this course we'll visit several world-class US, Japanese and European factories and design studios on DVD videos. You suppose to read these articles and then discuss at least THREE (3) of them with at least one more member in your class, and then document your findings in your social networking part of EACH assignment. You will also learm about visual factories, visual offices, graphical electronic support systems for products and processes throughout their entire product lifecycle, including lean, sustainable green manufacturing. Also note, that besides the class discussions (live class), the eLearning pack CDs have several examples on the architecture of simple and complex web-pages.
Then, this long-term investment pays off in a relatively short time, because those companies that ignore these policies and carry on deploying wasteful production methods disappear quickly.
The USA, in particular, has a very strong legal system to enforce copyright laws on an international basis; and they do without any hesitation. This is a one page summary of your plans for your instructor, as well as a presentation to the class. R&D expenditures, and employ more engineers and scientists than any other private-sector industry. This was a reflection of the talent gap, as were the consequential 687,000 high-tech manufacturing jobs the U.S.
We'll also rely on NJIT's wast and advanced electronic library, see some of the typical information searches and how the results can be evaluated. At least part of the problem: The engineering education system in this country has been built around scientifically oriented engineering curricula, producing theoretical engineers who have little knowledge of how to apply skills to real-world engineering jobs. Since I deal with typically over 1200 assignments every semester ALL YOUR ASSIGNMENTS MUST BE submitted electronically, meaning a URL in an email, pointing to a web page.
The best approach is to set up your own web page, and then copy-paste the requirements from this syllabus and then add every assignment to this URL as you develop your assignments. Obviously if you already have a web page, either through work, or business, or otherwise, please feel free to use that, or the one you prefer. Is there an opportunity to reduce organizational strain in the design and manufacturing office by organizing work and activities better? Please note, that the aditional videos in your eLearning Pack are rendered using the latest MPG4 standard. Student laboratory session: Digital Educational Knowledge Assets, computer graphics objects and their application in IE.
Also, this will be an extremely valuable knowledge documentation method to learn and resource when you apply for a job! Is the workload and the type of work balanced in terms of skills, responsibilities and authority?
Computer graphics objects and component libraries, image processing and image preparation for the web using professional software tools, and their application in IE. The demonstration, evaluation and case-based learning and reasoning-oriented application of various Microsoft, Adobe, Apple, Omni, etc.
These activities are all part of each assignment now and therefore should be documented in your web page, just as the rest of your assignments are.
Discussion: How visual information can help to improve quality, reduce cost, support operators and management, increase productivity, design, maintenance, production control, safety, service and many other processes. Concurrent Engineering, Lean Sustainable Green Manufacturing and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management).

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