It has been a long hot summer and now that hunting season is almost upon us it is time to check your tree stands and to check your gear.
Hunter safety is important and part of hunter safety is making sure your tree stands are secure. Check your safety harness completely making sure all the straps are still secure and are not damaged or worn in any way.  There is nothing like false security when you are getting ready to aim at your targeted deer and a strap on your safety harness breaks.
Whether you are using a fixed tree stand, ladder tree stand or a climber tree stand checking your equipment prior to your hunting date is a must in order to be safe.  Never put this inspection off until the last minute as rushing can cause mistakes and as we all know mistakes and hunting do not mix. Do not forget to get your hunting buddy to do the same thing.  Walking your hunting area for deer signs, checking equipment and making sure you have your plans down on where to meet up when you separate, not to mention know the position where your hunting buddy is located. Blake Anderson from Hunters tree stands has agreed to do a few guest blogs for me, which will certainly help me out when I’m at camp for an extended period of time. It’s that time of year again, and although many full moons have passed, along with the rutting bucks, and the cackling pheasants, his memory still engulfs the whole of the sum of the Fall season. I went over by the Raisin River this afternoon to do a photo shoot with my youngest daughter and her two girls.
I noticed while we were on the bridge there were two fishermen wading and casting not far away. Last Friday evening was the homecoming game for Clawson High, where my oldest grand-daughter is a cheerleader. Another senior on the homecoming court was Olivia Paquette, who is also the football teams kicker. Sitting here in this beautiful Michigan Fall weather it’s hard to imagine what these kids are going through in Bobbarlanka India right now. Please if you believe in the power of prayer, pray for these kids and their guardians (the Victorin family) and whoever else may be taking shelter in the orphanage.
From time to time I will copy and paste articles from the DNR website concerning articles that may be of interest to outdoor recreation enthusiast.  This is one of those articles. Showcasing the DNR was originally designed for weekly news publications, but we see benefit in sharing it more broadly.
Media organizations are welcome to cut and paste these stories for use with their own readers and website visitors.

Unique program introduces urban youngsters to state parks, outdoor recreation and career opportunities A couple of Michigan state parks have new amenities – and one has fewer invasive plants – because of a unique program that brings inner-city youths to state parks to work on park projects and experience the outdoors lifestyle. The Summer Youth Employment Initiative is a joint effort of the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC). This past summer, 36 youths from Detroit spent time at Wilderness State Park on the shores of Lake Michigan, building picnic tables, clearing brush and invasive plants and installing wood chips on a long trail through the park. The 91 campers at Sleeper State Park rotated through various jobs during their first two days at the park, and then spent the third morning enjoying recreational opportunities before heading back to southeast Michigan.
The AmeriCorps crew (themselves 18- to 22-year-olds) showed the kids how to use tools – everything from wrenches to routers – while making sure the picnic tables and signs were built properly and the work was conducted safely.
Jemerson said he chose Wilderness and Sleeper for the program because both parks had adequate cabins available to handle the youngsters. Dolton became involved with the program when one of her own youngsters – 17-year-old Michael – joined up. Alexis Wardlaw, a 16-year-old who attends Denby High School in Detroit, said she was referred to the program by her teacher.
Dolton said both the AmeriCorps volunteers and the DNR staff “have been great” and have not only taught the youngsters some work skills, but given them an opportunity to development leadership skills, as well. Nicole Hill, the program director at The Youth Connection, said the kids worked at Wayne County Parks planting trees or at Milliken State Park on the Detroit riverfront before they went “up north” for the overnights. The perfect solution to the high cost of conventional airplane hangars and much more economical than renting! Lori Ballen is a Mega Agent with an award winning real estate team in Las Vegas called The Ballen Group at Keller Williams Realty Las Vegas. Lori is an open book with her experiences, lead generation skills, and business building knowledge. Your tree stand has been through rain, heat of the sun and tree growth.  Making sure your tree stand is tight and secure will prevent falls from 20 feet high. You’re invited to share these stories with friends, family and anyone you believe finds value in learning about the DNR’s efforts to better connect people of all ages to Michigan’s great outdoors and cultural heritage. It was created at the same time as MEDC’s Community Ventures Program, which focuses on helping unemployed individuals find opportunities.

A bigger crew, which included not only Detroit youngsters but many from Pontiac as well, spent three days and two nights at Sleeper State Park near Caseville, where they built and installed signs, built picnic tables, painted and stained buildings, and split and bundled firewood that is sold to campers at the park.
While working, they were supervised by AmeriCorps volunteers, who are part of the National Civilian Community Corps program. She said it’s been a great way to show young people opportunities they wouldn’t know about and she has been surprised by how receptive the kids have been. She noticed, for instance, when the kids went canoeing, those who caught on quickly began helping the others who didn’t. With some alterations to the endwall posts, it made a really nice hangar for our farm airstrip. Check everything on your tree stand and climb up it; of course you will want to use your safety harness. If you do notice a warn strap on your safety harness either get it repaired or purchase a new one.  Safety harnesses do not last forever and do need to be replaced.
Both programs operate in Flint, Saginaw, Detroit and Pontiac, explained Murdock Jemerson, a DNR Parks and Recreation Division supervisor who oversees the program for the department. Its affordable cost has already saved us money in hangar rent in just two years!" - George Stuart. Ideal as permanent or temporary building that can be relocated or expanded easily at any time.
Her recent class include a fully packed house in Orlando with over 1000 attendees where she shared her “Ballen Method” to Lead Generation including her “Ballen Blast” method to Blogs and Classified Ads for page one search engine results.
While you are checking out your tree stand always look for deer rubs and other deer signs such as scat, pawing marks and just sit and listen and watch.

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