Machinery Lubrication recently asked readers to participate in its annual Lube Room Challenge by submitting exceptional lube rooms that incorporate best-practice features.
The Calumet refinery in Superior, Wis., processes 35,000 barrels of sweet and sour crude oil from Canada and the Dakotas. With eight different lubricant suppliers, including one that was less than a mile from the facility, the refinery took a hard look at its lubrication program in order to reduce the number of oils purchased and determine how the entire system could be simplified.
In taking steps to consolidate and organize, the refinery switched from buckets and funnels to color-coded, labeled and contained dispensers. As part of the changes, Calumet provided best-practices awareness training for maintenance and operations personnel. Concrete was poured around the lube room, and concrete heating was installed on the loading dock. An audit of the mine’s lubricants determined that it could consolidate down to eight separate lubricants. When performing lube routes, the mill utilizes barcoding with a maintenance management system.
Other additions to the improved lube room included a non-slip floor, controlled access, adequate illumination and proper warning and safety signs.
The storage area was designed to accommodate cabinets for grease guns, spray lubricants, level gauges, drain ports, equipment tags, safety equipment, filters, etc.
A base oil cleanliness benchmark was established with the help of a new oil storage and dispensing system.
Above all, the staff’s attitude was instrumental in creating a successful lube room, as personnel were willing to do whatever was needed to accomplish the goal. Before improving its lubrication program, Peabody Energy’s North Antelope Rochelle Mine stored drums outside and dispensed oil without caps. Eventually, a centrally located, environmentally controlled lube storage building was constructed specifically for plant lubrication products. A centrally located, environmentally controlled lube storage building (left) was constructed specifically for plant lubrication products. Other upgrades included new grease and filter storage, lubricant transfer containers with color-coded lids for oil identification, a new barrel handler and dispensing valves for oils. Sask Power’s Poplar River Power Station (PRPS) in Saskatchewan, Canada, recently launched a project to improve its ability to deliver clean oil to all of its equipment.
Now oil is filtered within the barrel seven to 10 times, then filtered and pumped into the color-coded totes. Visy Paper recently completed a lubrication management and cleanliness improvement initiative across all its paper mills in Australia. The previous lube storage was in a partially open area, which made it difficult to keep lubricant containers clean, cool and dry.
The new lube room incorporates shelves and hangers for storing grease pails, grease guns, filters and oil samples.
Inside the lube room are three large tanks, each with its own pump unit for receiving, storing, conditioning and delivering heavy-usage lubricant grades to system tanks. With bulk delivery and storage of heavy-use lubricant grades in new bulk tanks, the problem of barrel handling and storage has been diminished considerably.
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At the very least, the following guidelines must be applied to reduce the problems associated with contamination of lubricants and dispensers during equipment servicing operations and storage.
All devices used to transfer or install lubricants must be kept thoroughly clean at all times, and each device must be thoroughly wiped and inspected just prior to its use. Each container or dispensing device must be clearly identified and marked for its use, and it must only be used for the purpose for which it was intended to avoid the inadvertent mixing of incompatible oils or the installation of the wrong oil. Contrary to common practice, all oils should be pre-filtered prior to installation into an equipment reservoir or sump. If lubricants are dispensed from a stationary bulk oil tank, the outlet lines must contain similar filter installations.
Pre-filtering of oil is now being recommended by equipment manufacturers and oil suppliers, and oil cleanliness is a factor in many equipment warranty programs. 3.1 Perform a first-hand investigation and gather first-hand information using the process of fractional distillation to separate the components of a mixture such as ethanol water.

3.2 Describe the use of fractional distillation to separate the components of petroleum and identify the uses of each fraction obtained. Distillation is the separation of the parts of a mixture by heating the mixture to a vapour then condensing the vapours.
Caps prevent the liquid falling to a lower level whilst at the same time allowing gases to fall to lower layers. 3.3 Identify and use the IUPAC nomenclature for describing straight-chained alkanes and alkenes from C1 to C8.
3.4 Plan, identify and gather information from secondary sources to model the structure of alkanes and alkenes from C1 to C8.
3.5 Compare and contrast the properties of alkanes and alkenes C1 to C8 and use the term 'homologous series' to describe a series with the same functional group.
3.6 Explain the relationship between melting point, boiling point and volatility of the above hydrocarbons, and their non-polar nature and intermolecular forces (dispersion forces). Alkanes and alkenes have non-polar molecules so the only (intermolecular) forces between them are the very weak dispersion (van der Waala€™s) forces.
The larger a molecule, the more electrons it has and the easier it is to distort the electron cloud, creating the temporary dipole.
3.7 Process and present information from secondary sources and use available evidence to identify safety issues associated with the storage of alkanes. 3.8 Assess the safety issues associated with the storage of alkanes C1 to C8 in view of their weak intermolecular forces (dispersion forces). The alkanes methane, ethane and propane must be stored in pressured, strong steel containers and kept cool.
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Several readers met the challenge with evidence of how their lubricant storage and dispensing methods have been transformed.
Approximately 160 employees work at this site, where the finished products include a variety of specialty fuels and asphalts. Labeling for the type of lubricant wasn’t clear, which created numerous errors of the wrong lubricant being placed in machines. Other improvements were made using stackable poly tanks, breathers, vent lines, bull’s-eye sight glasses, oil level indicators, dedicated lubrication systems and lube oil metering systems. Mistakes have greatly decreased, and the wrong lubricant is no longer put into compressors, pumps or gearboxes. Although the trailer was well-insulated and sealed, a location had to be chosen that would be centrally located yet separate from washdown and processing.
The completed loading dock features a handrail and a jib crane that allows lubricants to be loaded and unloaded in and out of the lube room. The job aides and work instructions also guarantee that all employees use the same process.
However, the first true transformation occurred when proper inventory tracking of lubricants and supplies was implemented along with the creation of an oil analysis database. An upgraded heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system was added for a controlled climate.
By placing lubricants in a climate-controlled environment, the plant found it could reduce chemical degradation and oxidation. Desiccant breathers for gearboxes were used to eliminate water-contaminated oil, while new color-coded lubricant transfer containers helped ensure the accurate delivery of clean lubricant from bulk storage to the gearboxes.
The system incorporates a breather, filter, suction hose and pump per tank, as well as safety features such as spill containment, auto shut-off dispensing faucets and fire-safety hoses and valves. When the mine started its journey to improve its lubrication program, drums were being stored outside and were exposed to the elements. A new fluid storage and dispensing system was purchased, and each oil type was designated a specific color.
A new fluid storage and dispensing system (right) was purchased, with each oil type designated a specific color.
With the support of management as well as the plant manager, the process began with 30 years of grease and oil being cleaned off the floor. It is also understood that oilers do not go home at the end of the day until the floors are washed and everything is as clean and orderly as it was in the morning.
It also includes a workbench for small repairs and oil sample packaging, as well as a fire-extinguisher station, a smoke alarm, a spill kit and slip-resistant epoxy paint on the floor. Our drawers are built on wheels, so not only can you access them effortlessly, but you can also protect your belongings from dust while being stored. The hand-rubbed linseed oil gives our Oak wood underbed storage drawers  a deep, rich color. These careless attitudes cost industry hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in contamination-related equipment failures.

The filters used should have monitoring devices installed, such as flow meters or pressure gauges, to indicate when the filter is plugged. Hardware industry is directly associated with real estate so affected by the ups and downs of real estate. We sincerely believe we make significant effort to stand out from competition by providing most interesting and useful articles and handy information on various issues. The following entries showcase how designing a proper lube room is one of the first steps to achieving lubrication excellence.
Pumps were pulled from one drum and placed into another, while containers were interchanged without labels or lids. Calumet also purchased a number of metal safety cabinets to store needed lubricants near the machinery. Following the training, an equipment and reliability lubrication technician position was created. Reducing the stock on hand helps guarantee that grease is circulated more frequently, decreasing bleed and separation. A custom holder was fabricated to hold these grease guns, allowing users to identify which guns are currently in use. Lubricant storage also took place in various areas of the plant, including next to gearboxes, for faster top-off capabilities.
Oil was dispensed without any caps, and grease types were not identified on the various grease guns.
The goal is to reduce the number of oils while delivering clean oil to clean equipment with proper seals and breathers. Although lubricant types and grades were separated, it was challenging to always keep them in the allocated space.
The pump units are piped to main system tanks so oil can be delivered easily to individual system tanks without the possibility of cross-contamination or ingress.
Because they are ready-to-finish, you can stain them or paint them yourself to add some personal style, or you can leave them unfinished for a natural look. Linseed oil contains some chemicals which may not be suitable for those with chemical sensitivities.
The filters used must be rated at a minimum of 5 or 6 microns absolute and must be of the absorbent depth type.
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