This is not an article about presenting a comparison between the three big main offerings (DropBox, SkyDrive and Google Drive).
However some have noted that it is difficult to download the desktop program for Google Drive direct from Google’s webpage.
While there seems to be little news on an app for Linux, there is this tutorial on how to access your Google Drive on Nautilus in Ubuntu. Update: I found this nice post with pretty charts and pictures if you want to compare and see what is the best online storage solution for you. My name is Stephanie Krishnan and I'm passionate about the way that open source software and its community can help small businesses and individuals with their productivity and lives.
For quite some time I have been wondering where the tech plays of the next few years were coming. This means that as the movement to the cloud has come into existence, many small and medium businesses are far from making their next storage purchase or moving towards the cloud. So keep an eye on the online storage space, all fingers point to the space being hot in the next 24 months. DisclaimerThe information provided on this site is not financial advice and I am not a financial professional.
MalaysianWireless All latest updates on Telcos, Mobile, Internet Broadband, smartphones and applications. Online storage has pretty much surpassed traditional methods of data storage and backup, as a more cost-effective and secure option for backing up and storing data. On average, a 2-hour video can use close to 1.5 GB of space, while a single MP3 file will take up to 8MB of space. Nowadays, even the more expensive cloud storage companies give a better bang for their buck than most 1TB hard drives.
But like anything else, you’ll need to shop around some to find the best prices for online storage, as even for 1TB of storage, prices can vary greatly from around $260 per year, all the way up to $1000. Among the benefits that online storage offers are less downtime and data loss, heightened security, and the ability to access your data from anywhere in the world at anytime. And while external hard drives have increased their storage potential (in some cases up to 4TB), they’re really not the best way to save and back up your data. The hard drive can also get damaged by extensive use over time, which can create the possibility of losing everything. In order to properly choose the best online cloud storage, you have to know what each provider offers their members. With all of these advantages, it is hard not to decide to start using one of the better online cloud storage providers. Unless you are an expert in cloud storage, you will need help choosing the best online provider.
A freelance copywriter, for example, may find that a free service from Dropbox, which offers users 2 GB of space, is enough to fulfill her storage needs. When it comes to online data security, the provider you choose should offer adequate encryption of all your files to keep them safe as they are transmitted for your use. How much storage you will need depends on the size of your company, the type of files you backup, and various other factors. Ever needed to revert to an older version of a document you’ve saved only to find it has been overwritten and lost forever? Aside from the technical aspects of an online file storage solution, getting to know the company that provides it is paramount.

Zetta is an enterprise-grade cloud backup and disaster recovery solution offering organizations of any size a simple 3-in-1 online backup service that integrates local, offsite, and remote office backup, archiving and disaster recovery.
Cloud storage is one way to tackle this, with the added option of synchronising files between different computers and devices. For those that are interested in downloading this, check out the alternate download site links below. One of the biggest arguments I get from business owners, however, is lack of support options.
Please use newer version of your browser or visit Internet Explorer 6 countdown page for more information. We had a product stage, we had a social media craze, we had a review site craze, a 3D printing craze and now we are going to have a storage craze. A larger majority of you have no idea the real benefits of those products in the business environment.
Take the small business I was at the other day, still using a decade old server to run multiple aspects of their business. What is great about Google is their ability to create great products and experience for their users.
Yet when faced with the unlimited storage capacities that most online storage companies offer, most of us are left wondering how much data storage do we really need?
The truth is that although 1TB is a considerable improvement, especially when compared to the traditional storage amounts, it’s really not all that much. A 200 page PDF file can also use up to 12MB of memory—of course this varies, but if you have a bunch of these files, your space will undoubtedly gradually diminish over time. And the extra benefit of cloud storage is that it won’t break down on you within a few years. Considering the alternative of pricier hard drives that will break down on you, online storage appears to definitely be the more cost-effective choice. Sometimes, however, it is essential to find other means of storage, especially for backups and universal availability. Cloud Storage offers remote storing capacity that you can upload data and access from everywhere and anytime.
Cloud storage is a resource that does not require you to know the infrastructure location, because everything is done online. But if someone is looking for cloud storage along-with web apps for document management, I would recommend GroupDocs. A small business with 20 employees and dozens of clients, however, will undoubtedly need more space and, therefore, a larger, enterprise-level solution to handle all its needs.
This is particularly important if you will access your files from networks other than your own (e.g. Many online storage providers offer the ability to archive multiple versions of one document in case the one version you need to access is a past one.
Many companies today provide continuous data backup, which means there’s no need to schedule backups or worry about data being lost between backups. Research everything you can about the company, its management, location, history, and what other users are saying about the company. Have you ever calculated the cost of building out the necessary networking infrastructure just to share files in the corporate environment? What is bad about Google (and Microsoft) is that no small or medium sized business is interested in placing all their tech needs in the hands of one technology giant.

Consider the various types of data you use and store on a personal level alone—from music to films to photos to documents, etc.—then think about how fast these eat up your computer’s memory. Some companies also offer incentives, like giving you 2GB-5GB free for just the first year. External hard drives are basically a temporary method for storing information, which is great if you don’t plan on using it consistently. Today we have the choice between purchasing an external hard drive (USB, SAN etc.) or storing files online. There are good ones and bad ones, but you have to filter out the bad ones to find the one that works best for your requirements. Its has several network devices that you can use to upload any files, including videos, photographs, charts, documents and other data, which saves space on your hard drive.
Our cloud experts from everywhere on the globe have decided to review each cloud storage provider and choose the top 10. It consists of really cool apps and also integrates with Dropbox, Amazon S3 and Windows Azure for the ease of its users. Find out what types of customer service and support they offer, so you’re not left clueless in the case of an emergency.
Do you know the cost benefits and ease of use capabilities of these online storage companies to small and medium sized businesses? While external hard drives are not that expensive any more, they only provide access to your data if they are physically available. All the data uploaded to a cloud storage account can be accessed remotely and shared with anyone you choose to share a file with. After several months of research, we have combines a quality grading check and research other reviews, as well as used the cloud storage services available to come up with our top 10 providers. Most importantly unlike the consumer purchase cycle for technology, the business purchase cycle is elongated. Add the fact that the cloud is still foreign to many business owners even in the 21st century and you have an area ripe for growth over the next five years. Further in a situation where your data get compromised, for whatever reason, having the backup drive under the same roof may not be the best option.Online storage does not face the same risk as the data get moved physically to a remote location. You can use the selection tool narrow the list down to which ones has what you want or even compare these cloud storage service beside each other through our comparison tool. Using an online storage is, compared to using a local disk, much slower and depend on Internet connection speed.
There is also an element of security involved as one will be sending files to a server hosted by a company.
In most cases, however risk is minimal, unless one have files that are extraordinary sensitive or valuable. In this article, we will provide some important criteria for selecting an online file storage and feature some of the best available to try out.

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