For optimal viewing I suggest you view each page with the page maximized which can be done by selecting the arrow on the top right corner of the page. My safety sheets are my own works and direct reference to the textbook (Modern Woodworking) which we use in class. Tip: To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above. I wanted a spur drive so that I could reposition a piece for optimal grain characteristics during the roughing out phase of creating a bowl or hollow form. Before I decided on the spur drive from Axminster, I called Serious Toolworks Inc.  To say that they build a hefty lathe would be an understatement. Ce montant inclut les droits de douane, les taxes, les frais de courtage et les autres frais applicables.
Items must be returned in their original condition and packaging with all parts included (in the case of kits or items with sub parts ). General Construction Experience AMI has extensive experience in developing and constructing commercial projects across the state of Alaska. Ruth Burnett Sports Fish HatcheryAMI was awarded the prime contract to construct the new Ruth Burnett Sport Fish Hatchery in Fairbanks, AK.
UAF Museum ExpansionAMI was the prime contractor on UAF Museum Expansion project located in Fairbanks, Alaska. Bethel High School Deferred MaintenanceThis project was a complete remodel of the 45,000 square foot high school in Bethel, Alaska. Delta Elementary SchoolAMI was the prime contractor on this new elementary school (roughly 30,000 square feet) which was substantially completed in September 2005. Eielson Vehicle Maintenance FacilityThe 12,000 SF facility is a single story steel superstructure with insulated wall panels and a second story mechanical room.
Since there hasnt been any arcade machines around here since the start of the 90s we simply found the only way to do this was to bulid one. I picked up a decent priced 32" LCD screen without big side speakers to avoid to the cabinet to be wider then apsolotly nessacary.
Before I started I put some wood under the cabinet, to lift it a bit off the floor for easier access for the paint job. As I alreday had prepeard the mesurements for the glass, lexan, the speaker plate and metal works, I sendt these of to the shops to get em made. I am planning to construct the control panel like it was done on the original cabinet, so a brand new panel has to me made from scratch. As you see, these brackets are bendt in diffrent degrees and shapes to fit the new designed cabinet.
Preferebly I would have done this outdoors, but as its cold over here in winter time I had to do it in my basement.

Get hold of a control panel setup you like from the web, improvise for extra buttons needed. In this case 19 mm MDF was a bit too thick so I had to remove some wood from the other side for the buttons to fit. I choose a logitech pc speaker set sin the mid range class in order to keep it as simple as possible. Lists were fitted around the speakers in 2 heights, and a cross list was added to keep the speakers from moving. The reason why the lexan plate is still white and not see trough is because the protective plast on top has not been removed. When using spray paint from a spray can you cant realy expect a 100% perfect result, but a decent result is possible to achive.
I bought a couple of shitty joysticks made by madcatz since I needed the Joystick PCB for the xbox360 controls.
I decided to use DSUB connectors between the panel and the PCB for easy swapping between Xbox360 and PS3.
Here you'll find a collection of woodworking related videos, machine safety handouts, machine safety quizzes, articles on woodworking topics and recources.
All videos and related tips and articles are a collection of free content found on the internet and i am in no way claiming ownership or profit from them in any way.
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Work includes selected demolition of existing walls, mechanical and electrical systems and construction of new classrooms and offices, including new walls and finishes, and structural, mechanical and electrical systems. This project started with a design and estimating phase where AMI, as the Construction Manager, assisted the owner, LKSD, and the Architect, Bezek, Durst, Seiser, in the design phase of the project. This project had a very aggressive owner mandated schedule, challenging layout, cast in place elevated decks and radius walls.
The remodel was completed in a 16-month on-site duration in the occupied and fully-operation high school. As this school was constructed on an all-new site, extensive clearing and grubbing, excavation, trenching and backfill was required. Another part of the project involved making modifications to the nearby intersection with Johansen Expressway, including paving, striping, signalization, and lighting, many of the changes to accommodate the large fleet of tour buses that connect with the railroad during the busy visitor season. The Vehicle Maintenance Facility serves Eielson AFB as a full service shop to repair both government and civilian vehicles for the 168th Air Refueling Group.

I always liked the old Midway Mortal Combat II,III, Killer Instinct I, II design, so I went with that as a base.
Everything seemed fine, so I started mounting lists inside the cabinet, startet sanding the edges of the cabinet with fine paper, prepeared for painting ect. The Base was actually white, but I asked the paint shop to put som back in it to make it grayish. This is not hard to do, but I tried to be accurate with distances between the holes for the overall look of the cabinet. Messurements of the peakers was drawn, the the shape was cutted a bit smaller than the full size of the speakers. Since the speaker grill is covering it all, I didnt feel it was nessacary that the cut looked perfect. The project is located about 30 miles from Eek and 40 miles across the Kuskokwim Bay from Quinhagak. The contract was awarded on March 22nd, 2005 and all major material and equipment was procured and mobilized to jobsite in less than two months. After some testing I found that rising the screen from the original 60 degrees to 70 degrees solved the problem. Mounting the 2 plates together before cutting seemd like a good idea, to avoid having to do the same job twice.
Make exact marking and messurements and draw this on the shelding plastic on the lexan plate. This 34,000 square foot learning facility contains state-of-the-art technology in rural Alaska as well as being constructed for optimal energy efficiency.
During construction the museum had to remain operational at all times and strict atmospheric conditions had to be maintained for the exhibits, relics and collections. This design-build facility houses the dispatchers and other employees who coordinate and support operations in the Anchorage yard and along the Alaska rail belt.
Since I more or less wanted to keep the original size of the contorl panel, I had to make the cabinets sides smaller then on the original. A third floor observation tower oversees the rail yard for more efficient train assembly and management. AMI commenced design and mobilized on-site in mid April 2004 to start site utilities, footings, and foundation. In less than ten months AMI's design-build team produced 100% construction documents, constructed, commissioned, and turned over the building to the Alaska Railroad Corporation in late January 2005, fulfilling our goal of a quality product, on-time and under budget.

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