The Town of Arnprior Fire Department is requesting tenders for the purchase of Structural Firefighting Bunker Gear. The Municipality of Mississippi Mills is accepting quotations for Mechanical Street Sweeping within the Almonte Ward, Rural Subdivisions and Villages. Tenders will be opened, in public, at the Public Works Building immediately following closing.
Tender forms may be obtained from the office of the Township of Horton located at 2253 Johnston Road, Renfrew. A public tender opening will be held that night at the regularly scheduled meeting of the Council. The lowest or any Tender will not necessarily be accepted and the Township reserves the right to award any portion of this Tender. Forms of Tender may be obtained at The Corporation of the County of Lanark Public Works Building (no fee required). A certified cheque or bank draft not less than the amount specified in the tender requirements must accompany each tender and the successful bidder will be required to provide a 100% performance bond and 50% materials and labour payment bond upon execution of the contract agreement.
Companies that wish to submit a tender for this contract must register with the Department in order to receive the tender documents and to be eligible to submit a tender. Electronic PDF files of the plans, specifications and tender form are free of charge for registered bidders. Hard copy plans, Specifications and Tender forms may be obtained from the Department for a non-refundable fee of Fifty ($50) Dollars. This project in part is undertaken using funds provided by the Government of Canada through the transfer of  Gas Tax Revenues and in part funded by Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund. This project is undertaken using funds provided by the Government of Canada through the transfer of Gas Tax Revenues. Hard copy plans, Specifications and Tender forms may be obtained from the Department for a non-refundable fee of Fifty ($50). Hard copy plans, Specifications and Tender forms may be obtained from the Department for a non-refundable fee of fifty ($50) dollars. The Township of Greater Madawaska is currently accepting tenders for a Used Motor Grader and Related Attachments. For a list of community events taking place, please click here for the latest 101 Things to do in the Valley.
The Renfrew County District School Board (RCDSB) is issuing a request for tender for fire alarm replacements at various RCDSB locations.
Bidders are required to confirm their intent to attend each job showing at least 24 hours in advance.
The Renfrew County District School Board reserves the right to accept or reject any or all submissions.
The Request for Tender documents are available by visiting the RCDSB Bids & Tenders webpage here.
Including the implementation of a phosphoric acid feed system, to be completed by December 1st 2016, at the latest, and the modification to the existing soda ash feed system, to be commenced no sooner than January 1st, 2017 and to be completed by December 1st, 2017 at the latest. Tender documents are available at the Municipal Office (2253 Johnston Road, Renfrew, ON  K7V 3Z8).
The Township of Greater Madawaska is currently accepting tenders for Granular M Material - LimeStone Source Fraser Road. The Renfrew County Catholic District School Board invites qualified contractors to tender for window replacement and exterior wall upgrades. A mandatory site visit for all bidders will be held on Thursday, May 5, 2016 at 3:30 pm local time at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School, located at 535 Irving Street, Pembroke, ON. Tender security requirements include bonding or tender deposit, as described in Tender Documents. A CD with documents may be obtained from the Renfrew County Catholic District School Board. The Township of Greater Madawaska is currently accepting tenders for Granular M Material - LimeStone Source Matawathan Road. The Ottawa Valley Waste Recovery Centre is currently accepting tenders for Bulky Waste Processing (Grinding). The Township of Brudenell, Lyndoch and Raglan is currently accepting tenders for the supply and application of Single SurfaceTreatment on Keller Road - 2.8 km. The Town of Perth is seeking proposals from qualified respondents for the Redesign and Support of our Town website. The Renfrew County District School Board reserves the right to accept or reject any or all submissions. Tender forms must be picked up at the Municipal Office - 477 Stone Road, RR 2, Renfrew, ON. Tay Valley Township is accepting Tenders for the Rehabilitation of Muttons Road (250 meters), and Norris Road (185 meters). Tay Valley Township is accepting Tenders for the Rehabilitation of Clarchris Road (850 metres). This 20-foot tall, seven-foot wide Lorch Column stands prominently in front of the Art and Architecture Building.
On the hill overlooking the Reflecting Pool is a statue of a wolverine, the Class of 2001E gift.

Tilted Donut with S, a work by kinetic sculptor Fletcher Benton, is the emeritus gift from the Class of 1956E. At the Diag's north perimeter, Alice Aycock's imposing 32-foot tall work rises exuberantly before the H.H. Kamrowki's colorful, ceramic particles engage the eye and add spirit to the Class of 1942 Plaza and Kennedy and Williams Terraces (1992) at the junction of H.H. A gift of the Engineering Class of '37E and the artist Beverly Pepper, this piece stands nearly eight-feet tall, adjacent to the Duderstadt Center. Nestled in the courtyard of the Francois-Xavier Bagnoud Building, Wave Field is an intimate, pure earth artwork formed to represent the flow of air waves elemental to the study of aeronautics. The most recently commissioned project "The Order of the Spheres" was completed in October 2010 by artist Roberto Juarez. Indexer II, the emeritus gift of the Class of 1950E, continues the tradition of North Campus sculpture serving as counterpoints to the surrounding architecture. Alexander Liberman's 'chili pepper red' steel sculpture weighs 12,000 pounds and stands 20-feet tall at the east entrance to the Robert H.
Created by Clement Meadmore, who originally studied aeronautical engineering at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia, this piece is a gift of Jagdish C.
We are certain some of you Hip-hop enthusiasts out there wondered how the crib of American rapper Pharrell Williams looks like. The penthouse features five bedrooms, six and a half bathrooms, a home theater with red leather seats, and a triple-story main room.
Buro Ole Scheeren has unveiled a pair of skyscrapers with concave walls for Singapore’s historic Kampong Glam district.
Reminding us of the bohemian artists with their simple-with-a-drain-of-chaos lofts, this three bedroom apartment in Stockholm showcases the powerful and inspirational Scandinavian design.
This narrow townhouse in Lisbon has bushy plants all over its body and a swimming pool on its roof. This university building in Melbourne by Australian architects Lyons is covered in brightly coloured scales.
According to buildings analyst Emporis, the tower surpassed the 310-metre-height of Piano’s London tower in September and it now stands at 339 metres tall.
Featuring a shimmering facade of golden glass, Mercury City was designed by Russian architect Mikhail Posokhin and the late American architect Frank Williams, and is due to be inaugurated in early 2013.
However, its reign as tallest building will likely be short-lived, as under construction nearby is the planned 506-metre Federation Tower, which is set to complete next year. A new visitors pavilion and cafe was recently completed by Emma Architecten at Fort Diemerdam in Amsterdam, a historical defense line recently put on the UNESCO world heritage list. Architects Lab Modus envisioned and developed the Hongzhu Housing Sales Center in Taoyuan County, Taiwan, an unusual looking building, inspired by a famous Chinese symbol: the dragon. Located above the Schlump underground station in west Hamburg, Schlump One is a seven storey building and the architects have extended it to accommodate more offices and the facilities for a private university. Aiming at cheering up some of the streets in Sao Paolo, Brazil, artists Anderson Augusto, also known as SAO, and Leonardo Delafuente, also known as Delafuente collaborated in the development of the project entitled 6emeia.
Aside from making each and every trip to work more exciting for the residents of the city, the new paintings have an important role: they manage to bring art a bit closer to the individual.
Not too long ago, we featured a post on arcilook entitled 38 Garden Design Ideas Turning Your Home Into a Peaceful Refuge, which turned out to be quite popular.
The lowest or any tender will not necessarily be accepted and the County reserves the right to award any portion of this tender. Hard copy plans, Specifications and Tender forms may be obtained from the Department for a non-refundable fee of fifty ($50) Dollars. Check out amazing products and services available in Downtown Pembroke, as well as from local Chamber of Commerce members. This presentation explains in simple terms what Workplace Safety & Insurance is and the legislation behind this compulsory workplace insurance. There is a mandatory site meeting for both the Bidders and their mechanical subcontractor on this project on March 24th, 2016, at 10:00 am. Addenda will only be issued to those general contractors who have picked up the CD directly from the Board Office. Interested respondents must submit their proposals in sealed envelopes marked Website Redesign and Support, to Shannon Baillon, no later than Friday March 18, 2016. Bidders will meet at General Lake Public School, Garrison Petawawa, 1900 Borden Avenue, Petawawa, ON. This life-size bronze piece, mounted on a granite boulder, was created by Dan Heikkinen, a 1981 graduate of the U-M School of Art & Design.
Dow Building, featuring a 19-foot-diameter vortex element, a skewed frame, megaphone, small cone and curled truss. Its natural red-rust exterior and metal tri-partate structure lend colorful visual texture to all seasons. The piece rests on the dome of wind tunnel for Michigan's Aerospace Engineering Department. Standing atop the hill at the south end of the Class of 1947E Reflecting Pool, it is the product of the imagination of Kenneth Snelson, whose work adorns the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, the Museum of Modern Art and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.
Well, we found his 9,000-square-foot penthouse duplex in Miami, Florida, listed for sale for $16.8 million.

According to the official description of the property, the apartment also offers expansive views of the ocean, the bay and the city: “Expansive living space backdropped by walls of glass. Buro Ole Scheeren has designed the twin DUO towers to have heights of 186 and 170 metres, with the former to contain over 600 apartments, while the latter will accommodate offices and a hotel.
Following the streams of simplicity, with wooden beams and brick walls, the designers focused on bringing life to a typical sterile living space. Designed by Portuguese architects Luis Rebelo de Andrade, Tiago Rebelo de Andrade and Manuel Cachao Tojal, the three-storey house was designed as a vertical garden that includes 25 different Iberian and Mediterranean plant species. Lyons used a pixellated image of the surrounding buildings to create a map of colour across the exterior. The tower is one of five Russian skyscrapers in the list of ten tallest buildings in Europe, while Moscow is also the city with the most high-rise buildings on the continent.
The undulating curves of the building’s walls were inspired by the surrounding landscape: “We wanted anybody visiting the building to be puzzled about when it was built, and whether it is the future they’re looking at or the past”, said architect Marten De Jong. According to the architects, the plan consists of “two-story lifted glass box and a sequence of double layered perforated metal panels. The duo managed to reinvent quite a few otherwise “gray” and unattractive urban elements, such as storm drains, light posts, manhole covers or fire hydrants.
Due to the municipality’s idea of revitalizing the pre-war buildings, many small apartments have suffered “overnight makeovers”, borrowing glimpses of the urban core. With a futuristic kind of look and incredible high ceilings in one of the wings, K5 is ideal for young families, who are not afraid to embrace asymmetry and volumes, without questioning the architect’s sanity.
Nourishing your love for gardening may prove difficult to do in an environment that lacks…a backyard. Vendor spaces are open only to Pembroke Business Improvement Area and Upper Ottawa Valley Chamber of Commerce members.
This was the first of several major sculptural works acquired through a planned public works program made possible by a gift from the Class of 1933E.
This acquisition was made possible by a generous gift from the Class of 1945E and the NROTC classes starting in 1942.
The self-entitled Kidult (you guessed right, this is the result of merging “kid” and “adult”) described his home as a reverse fishbowl, one that allows him to see everything happening outside, without him being observed. Fine granite and wood floors, each room is dressed with luxury appointments and custom built-ins. The furniture is mid-century, there are some rustic and vintage pieces – have a look at this cute sideboard with a flower pattern.
The building will sit between the city’s commercial district and the Kampong Glam area, which was once home to the Malaysian aristocracy and today contains a mix of Malay and Muslim communities.
The continuous flow of the excessive white is “interrupted” with “shots” of colours, such as pink, blue and orange.
As an expert in large-scale construction projects, Emporis reports that the property boom there can be credited to a number of factors.
Resonating with the form of ancient Chinese lucky animal, the form of the project takes inspiration from the dragon, a symbol of success and luck“.
Sewers are no longer dull side-walk items which one usually neglects, if not avoids, they are vibrant, colorful works of art, which children and adults alike will fall for.
There are smart space-saving solutions like a big shelves system on the wall or drawers in the bed. A hexagonal pattern of windows will cover the facades of the towers and floors will step back and forth using a system of cantilevers. The Vertical Loft is one of the most recent residential projects completed by Shift Architecture Urbanism, fitting the description.
Amazingly young spirited, the house juggles with contrasts of black and white and creates an impact on whoever ends up seeing it. This post is a reminder of that unoccupied space above your building that could be converted into a beautiful urban oasis. The color scheme is light and very pleasant: the main color is white, there are some black and colorful touches like yellow or pink, they don’t overwhelm the look. The walls have both curved and folded surfaces, creating a series of jagged edges that give the building an uneven profile. Located in the busy center of Rotterdam, the ingenious dwelling spreads on three levels, all connected through steel staircases, of industrial inspiration.
Different angles, the irregularities in terms of volumes, every single element was designed to blend into a forward- thinking type of dwelling. As you probably imagine, building your own rooftop garden is not as easy as planting shrubs in the ground, but with research, good planning and determination, such a project could substantially upgrade your lifestyle. At a glance, the space gives you the feeling that you have entered an area of great artistic accomplishment.
If you are ready to embark on this dazzling adventure, the photos below should inspire you in deciding on the overall design of the new garden.
Speading vertically on all three floors, one can access the books while climbing the stairs.

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