DUNDEE (WWJ) – Cabela’s outdoor store in Dundee is closed following an electrical fire Wednesday morning.
Before you start creating your outdoor fireplace area, you’ll need to put some thought into the design details and the atmosphere you want to create. 2) Do you prefer more of a traditional brick fireplace or more of an circular open pit style? Packed with design ideas for your backyard and front yard, each issue features amazing gardens, beautiful plants, bold products, and insights from the world’s best designers.Subscribers get up to $36 off the cover price. This lovely freestanding fireplace is well scaled to create a strong end point in an otherwise open space. When a patio structure or the home architecture features brick in the facade or detailing, it should be extended to the outdoor fireplace so there is a cohesive appearance to the outdoor room. Used brick, whether antique or reproduction, has depth and diversity so it blends in with other antiqued surfacing such as finish metals and furniture. This beige brick, with its clean geometric lines, demonstrates how well such veneers suit modern architecture.
Here the brick fireplace creates a nice clean surround for the outdoor TV set on the chimney above the firebox. This large custom-built brick fireplace not only anchors an outdoor room, it also serves as an entertainment and cooking center, with a built-in wide-screen TV and a smoker for grilling. Woody of Woody's Custom Landscaping in the rainy Northwest reports that: "Red brick is out of style up here. One benefit of brick is that it is precisely made and bricklayers are capable of creating a variety of patterns. Whole brick - This is the least common veneer due to the amount of material necessary to cover an entire fireplace. Half brick - The width of a half brick helps it stand solid against a wall, and since less material is used costs are lower. Brick paver patio with a custom-built natural stone fireplace and a moss rock retaining wall.

Installed for their warmth as well as their ambiance, outdoor fireplaces transform backyards into cozy outdoor living rooms where people can gather and relax even when there's a chill in the air. The most popular fireplace styles (Southwestern, Mediterranean, modern and traditional) and the design characteristics of each. Choosing the best location for your outdoor fireplace, considering such factors as space availability, local building codes, privacy and wind direction. Choosing the best size for your outdoor fireplace based on the scale of your yard, your entertaining needs, and the amount of heating you want to provide. Seating options for enjoying an outdoor fireplace, including movable patio furniture and permanent built-in seating. Various options for outdoor fireplaces, including mantels, hearths, lighting, and built-in wood storage. The differences between a firepit and a fireplace and how to choose the best outdoor fire feature for your needs. The pros and cons of the most popular outdoor fireplace facing materials, including brick veneer, stone, stucco and decorative concrete.
Resources and cost ranges for prefab outdoor gas fireplaces, which are delivered to your home in a finished state and simply require you to hook up the fuel line. The three main structural components of an outdoor fireplace and the basic design and construction requirements for each. The main factors to consider when choosing a base for your outdoor fireplace, including your soil type, freeze-thaw conditions and the weight of the fireplace. Because of safety issues, outdoor fireplaces should be installed by a professional and built according to your local building regulations. Marci Catlett, vice president of Owings Mills Volunteer fire company, said fire prevention is the backbone of fire safety.
Traditional brick fireplaces can give off more of a formal feel whereas a round open pit fireplace is more social and fun.
From pre-built modular units to custom or precast, there are a variety of options for finding a fireplace that suits your needs.

For the patio, fireplaces often become a design anchor and tend to be where furniture and other elements of the outdoor living space are centered.
Choosing the right fireplace for your outdoor room can be overwhelming, considering all of the options in design, size and type.
You’ll join thousands of design-conscious readers to get gardening inspiration and innovative design solutions for enjoying outdoor spaces.
It will become easier to narrow down which fireplace is right for your space after you learn more about the various features of each type. While some people don’t think that accessorizing a backyard is necessary, this is the perfect start to The town of Canmore is working on new bylaws to restrict outdoor fires in the mountain community then either the bylaw or the fire department or even the RCMP could go to the residence and essentially have them change their practice,” he said. Keep in mind that the fireplace material you choose needs to resist exposure to the weather and withstand extremely high temperatures. STAMFORD, CT, May 01, 2013 (Marketwired via COMTEX) — The Plan Collection (TPC), the leading online house plan provider, says Americans are choosing house plans or renovations that include comfortable outdoor living spaces and outdoor kitchens. MONTREAL – Three men remain in hospital with burns after one of them decided to help an outdoor fire along with some gasoline. It is also beneficial to select a fireplace facing that is easy to clean, so soot and ashes can simply be hosed off. Tuesday, April 30 to a wildfire in the Washburn County town of Bass Lake about 10 miles southwest of Hayward. A window of a vehicle parked on Western Avenue was broken, although nobody saw anything at the time of the incident.

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