An outdoor kitchen can help you slow down and spend more time with family and friends by putting all the ingredients for outdoor dining close at hand. What to IncludeAn outdoor kitchens cost could cost as little as a few hundred dollars for a good-quality grill or barbeque, a benchtop and storage cabinet, to over $10,000 for one with all the toys. For example, while a grill and benchtop for preparing food are essential, a refrigerator and sink aren't.
Planning Your Space An existing backyard patio is a great foundation for an outdoor kitchen. Whichever route you choose, an outdoor kitchen should be near the house to save you steps when you need to go inside for supplies. One functional layout to consider: Place a benchtop opposite the grill, creating a mini-galley or U-shaped kitchen.
Whichever grill you choose, you'll get the best deals by shopping for one at the very end of the barbeque season or just before it starts.
Modular Outdoor Kitchens - KitChen Q from Bianchi - DigsDigs Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. Prefab Outdoor Kitchen Kits– A prefab outdoors kitchen kit provides the best means of setting up a beautiful yet affordable kitchen structure within your premises. The prefabricated kitchen can take different configurations and support a variety of appliances.
The kitchen outdoor kitchen can be designed in many layouts and a wide variety of base finishes, hardware option and counter top materials. These kits come with the full benefits of reduced labor costs, minimal or no kitchen planning and design skills, fast and easy installation and portability. The outdoor kitchens can be built in many different shapes, from a basic barbeque pit, up to complex outdoor kitchen islands, having an U or L shape.
When planing the outdoor kitchen designs, you should make sure that it will have an area for chopping vegetables and lots of storage spaces. If you have a budget under 1000 dollars, you can still construct a beautiful small kitchen if you use materials such as bricks and concrete. If you need more space to prepare the food (chopping the vegetables, washing the meat), you should consider building a L-shaped outdoor kitchen like the one in the image. In addition, you could install several outdoor cabinets to store the utensils and a gas grill, to prepare tasty food like a professional. If you look for unique design ideas, then maybe a brick pizza oven next to a barbeque could fit you needs. Smart tip: If you want to differentiate from other outdoor kitchen designs, you could clad the exterior faces of the barbeque with natural stone.
If you live in an area with hot summer days or you want to protect the outdoor kitchen from rain or snow, you could build a simple wooden pergola, like the one in the image. If you have a small backyard and  you want to spend the weekends with your family around an outdoor kitchen with a beautiful design, this plan should fit your needs perfectly. This outdoor kitchen comes with a built in brick barbeque, a nice concrete table with a granite countertop and with a small roof, to protect it against bad weather. Smart tip: In order to reduce the total cost, we recommend you to place the stone next to the pizza oven. The last outdoor kitchen designs is the most lavish and luxurious, as it contains a nice L-shaped construction equipped with a gas grill, a gas oven, a sink and several outdoor cabinets.
However, you could also build an elegant and modern backyard kitchen, if you choose this design.
Thank you for reading our article about outdoor kitchen designs and we recommend you to check out the rest of our projects.
They’re basically an extension of the interior living spaces and a wonderful place to spend time during summer.
It can be as simple as a storage cabinet for cooking gear or as ambitious as a full kitchen with grill, refrigerator, sink and eating area. Although it's tempting to compare outdoor kitchens to the one indoors, there are some important differences. But including them can boost the value of your home by helping your outdoor kitchen qualify as a second kitchen.
Then you'll want storage space and a benchtop or table for dining, along with a sink and refrigerator.
You can add a grill, benchtops and other elements without having to make structural modifications. You'll find grills with cooking areas from 600mm to about 1200mm wide and 350mm to 600mm deep. Outdoor Tables typically range from those that can seat four to those that seat up to 10 in reasonable comfort. This setup is not only efficient, but it also keeps kids and other traffic out of the work area.

A built-in unit that pumps out 60,000 Btu, has more than generous cooking surfaces and such conveniences as side burners and a built-in rotisserie. If you choose one made of combustible material, make sure the grill is designed for zero-clearance installations where it can touch the surround safely. There's no need to excavate trenches for gas and electricity lines, and the house itself provides some shelter for the appliances. Many custom cabinet bases are made of masonry block and then finished with stucco or ceramic tile.
Electric, water and town gas pipes are usually brought to the outdoor kitchen from the service in the house. Outdoor kitchens normally present the best places to bake homemade pizza, prepare barbeque and spend the weekend with family members and friends.
Unlike the custom-built outdoor kitchens, it allows you to use materials like, stone veneers, tiles or granite counter tops.
They can also be installed anytime anywhere within your compound; around the swimming pool, in your garden or on the terrace, with very little or no complications at all. Building an outdoor kitchen in your backyard is very hard, as there are so many designs and plans to choose from.
Irrespective of your choice we recommend you to add certain features, like a sink, a grill and a granite countertop, as to ease your work. Although it might seem a minor aspect, we can say from our own experience, that having outside cabinets is very useful, as it will save you from many trips to your kitchen (to bring the meat, vegetables, beverages, utensils).
In addition, if you like our outdoor kitchen designs ideas, you will love it even if it doesn’t have luxurious features.
You only have to know several basic masonry techniques and how to choose proper grill grates, before building the kitchen. The cost of this outdoor kitchen is lower as compared to a modern construction with stainless steel appliances, as you only need bricks, refractory brick s and mortar to build it. Therefore, if you want an outdoor cooking stove adjacent to a brick pizza oven, you should pay attention to this project.
In this manner, you could set a table with several chairs and take your dinner with your friends in a  pleasant atmosphere. Combine the stainless steel appliances with natural materials to get a really professional result. Don’t forget to share our projects with your friends, by using the social media widgets.
And though indoor-kitchen design includes a raft of rules and caveats, outdoor-kitchen designs are much more casual. For example, if you barbecue only once a week or so, a grill and a counter-high storage cabinet covered with tile or stucco should do it. Decks, on the other hand, require additional support for all but the simplest of outdoor kitchens. You can also add a side burner or shelf, each of which can add another 300mm or so to the width.
Those at the high end include work shelves, charcoal-storage areas and auto ignition systems. Remember, the price of a grill rises as the size of the cooking surface, BTU output and extras increase. Grills in this price category come in a wooden or aluminum housing attached to a portable cart. And when yard space is at a premium, an open space along the wall of the house might be the only spot available for a permanent kitchen. Cabinets like these are rock-solid and weatherproof and fit in nicely with other landscape elements. Marketed by all the DIY sheds, these heaters look like 8-ft.-high light fixtures and produce a 20-ft. Besides providing power for the kitchen lights and refrigerator, electric outlets should be included in plans for the cooking and dining areas. Since they take many shapes and designs, it is upon you to choose the design that meets your taste and needs. You can easily set it up on a concrete slab or preferably on a deck, which acts as foundation. Remember, the outdoor kit not only provides a sitting and resting place for the family but also carries additional features such as bars, fireplaces, ovens, barbeque grills, refrigerators, portable kitchen sinks and other useful kitchen appliances, which allow for all kitchen operations. Adding features such as a pergola can protect you from weather and make your outdoor kitchen an all-time place. A prefab outdoors kitchen is definitely the best form of attraction you can create for your family and friends.

Nevertheless, in this article we will strive to help you make the best decision, as to build the outdoor kitchen that fits your needs, budget and tastes. These features and appliances are not expensive, but their impact is significant, as you should aim to build an outdoor kitchen with the same amount of comfort you have inside your house. If you afford, you should also consider equipping the outdoor kitchen with a stainless steel gas oven, a small refrigerator and a grill. It’s fully equipped with everything necessary and more and it also has a very beautiful design.
The cabinet will protect supplies from the weather and the countertop will provide work space when you get down to cooking.
Whichever grill you choose, place it so smoke blows away from people eating, and notinto the house!. Allow at least 1000mm and preferably 1200mm between the edge of the table and a wall, deck railing or other fixed object so there's room to walk behind those seated. The concept is very simple – give an ability to create unique, accessible and personal composition for outdoor cooking. The whole unit is established on a level floor and close to water, electricity and gas outlets. The fresh surrounding and the aroma of delicious cuisine in an open restaurant-like environment create a complete package that no one can resist.  Thanks for checking out our prefab outdoor kitchen kits.
Having an outdoor kitchen with the right design will freshen-up the look of your backyard, add value to your property and make you weekends more thrilling. Nevertheless, if you are under a tight budget, you can still turn your dream into reality, by choosing a more traditional outdoor kitchen design (use bricks and mortar to build a small bbq).
The stone suits the whole decor beautifully.View in galleryThis is a patio with a beautiful outdoor kitchen featuring a perfect design for entertainment. For safety's sake, place tables at least 1500mm from stairs, even if the eating area is just one level up.
And to make food prep and cleanup easier, allow 400 to 800mm of open space on both sides of a sink. If you include a sink, refrigerator and storage cabinet, they should all be close to each other. DIY enthusiasts will enjoy making their own from treated outdoor ply and good quality outdoor hinges and door furniture. And in cold-weather areas, install a shutoff valve inside the house so you can drain the pipe for winter. In many areas, the two must be buried in separate trenches, though some areas require only that the two be separated. Such kitchen is built with highly resistant materials like stainless steel for any aggressive environment.
Such an experience mimics the comforts of indoor living and brings a complete luxury in itself.
Just imagine cooking a steak or backing a homemade pizza, while watching your kids playing in your garden.
But they don't have to be arranged in the indoor-kitchen work triangle that ties the stove, refrigerator and sink together. There are different base units available – big, middle sized or small cabinets with drawers or cabinets with open shelves.
If you are determined to make it happen, you should be aware that the outdoor kitchen designs will cost about 1000 – 5000 dollars, according to its size and appliances you are going to use. From there you can also add some counter space and maybe a bar.View in galleryThis Mediterranean outdoor kitchen sits nicely off ground level and this lets it offer some really nice views. Large variety of washbasins and color finishes for cupboard gives the opportunity to make happy even people with unique aesthetic tastes. So it would clever to use the prep space as a bar or table.View in gallery The stainless steel appliances and the minimalist pizza oven design suit the whole modern look of this outdoor kitchen quite nicely. Also, the color palette is very beautifully chosen and it gives the space a natural and organic feel.View in galleryModern patio featuring a beautiful kitchen protected by a partial roof.
This patio, for example, is a lovely extension to a traditional house.View in galleryYou could also have a covered deck which you can use an extension of your indoor living space.

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