Not only is the repeating form of these structures visually interesting, they are the perfect solution for steep climbs, especially in spaces with limited room for a gradually sloping staircase that covers a lot of ground. Handcrafted wall art depicts handpainted, striped sailboats darting over the water as seagulls soar nearby. Are wooden steps too traditional?Below we’ve gathered an assortment of images that showcase spiral staircases in all of their cylindrical glory.
Check out the spaces in the images that follow, and see if a particular design catches your eye. When it comes to spotlighting the beauty of nature, it doesn’t hurt to revel in saturated hues and contemporary forms. Pay attention to building materials, especially if you’re in a position where you can help make decisions about the construction of your staircase. At the very least, enjoy some stylish pics of amazing modern interiors!An Overview of Spiral StaircasesAround and around it goes… Another amazing quality of spiral staircases?
With a ’50s look and an undeniable contemporary feel, these modern chairs are handwoven with PVC cord over a powder coated steel frame. Structurally interesting and colorfully brilliant, they look amazing when mixed and matched, as shown below:Handwoven modern chairsFor another woven seating option, check out AMMERO from IKEA, crafted from handwoven plastic rattan so the piece is extra hardy for the outdoors. Really helps you appreciate the design involved in creating these spiraling wonders, doesn’t it?

Inspired by boulders, the items can be used as tables, stools or even accent pieces for the garden. Organic shapes molded of mineral compounds, salt, sand and fiber create a stylish statement, as well as a practical one. Which is why we love this Fuze Dining Table with its sleek yet earthy composition of marble, granite, stone and natural fibers. And combined with fire-red chairs, as shown in the next image!:Stone dining tableFor another substantial outdoor dining option with modern flair, check out ENHOLMEN, complete with a rustproof aluminum frame.
The Pronto Small White Folding Bistro Table from Crate & Barrel can be quickly folded for easy storage. Perfect for sharing an outdoor meal with someone special, this item can be purchased in multiples to accommodate a larger gathering. Metal, concrete and wood are often involved when it comes to staircases with glass railing. In addition, a white epoxy coating protects the table from the elements and adds just the right finishing touch!
The furniture is not only very beautiful but also comfortable and could change your time in your patio into a pleasant relaxing. If you want to add you patio or garden by these amazing outdoor items then you could find more information about them on De Castelli site.

A perfect blend of softness and support, these architectural wonders create contrast through the use of two very different construction materials. In the next image, we see the sweeping curves of a spiral staircase take center stage in a sparsely decorated modern home. [from Uptic Studios]Wood and metal staircase in a contemporary homeLet’s hear it for the loft! We’re loving the old-fashioned look of this spiral staircase in the two-story library below. A great blend of old and new, don’t you think? [from Mark Dodge Design via Houzz]Spiral staircase in a libraryIn another modern library, we see light wood and vertical metal bars beautifully combine to lead inhabitants from the ground floor to a treasure trove of books. If they’re half as interesting as the artwork, they’re definitely worth the climb! Take note of the metal construction,which is perfectly all-weather for the outdoor setting.
This staircase makes one stop on the second-floor balcony, then a second stop on the roof! [from John Maniscalco Architecture]Outdoor metal spiral staircaseConcerned about outdoor falls?
With a range of options, including interesting materials such as glass, you can fashion an end result that’s as eye-catching as it is functional!

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