Outdoor curtains are a beautiful addition to porch and patio designs that provide more privacy and good protection from the sun, adding style and comfort to your summer decorating ideas.
Outdoor home fabrics, used for making outdoor curtains, chair pads, table clothes and decorative pillows for your porch or patio designs, take your outdoor living spaces to a whole new level.
Modern outdoor curtain fabrics are breathable and keep you cooler and more comfortable in hot weather, which is great for summer home decorating.
Modern curtain fabrics for outdoor rooms provide a UV protection, moisture and color fade resistant. A wide array of curtain fabrics styles and curtains designs are available for your gazebo, porch and patio designs.
Outdoor rooms with curtains allow to enjoy summer season and your backyard decorating in the privacy and shade.  Outdoor curtain fabrics can be used for exterior wall decorating and a gracious setting for a summer party. Outdoor curtains are a great way to transform your porch and patio designs, gazebo or pergola sitting areas into romantic and cozy private retreats, adding more color and interest to your summer decorating ideas. I had to replace my old awning before selling the house and called your awning company to do the job. Affordable Awnings Company is Southern California's best value for high quality, custom-made outdoor curtains, perfect for creating an inviting outdoor space that stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The attractiveness and affordability of outdoor curtains makes them an ideal solution for many residences and businesses wanting to create a tranquil outdoor haven in which to enjoy Southern California's temperate climate. With unsurpassed customer service and craftsmanship, the specialists at Affordable Awnings Company will install long-lasting, elegant outdoor curtains at an affordable rate. Sweetie Pie and I are putting the finishing touches on a pergola which we've incorporated onto our existing deck.
We'll start with a little inspiration first. These curtains probably aren't needed for privacy, but they certainly add an additional--and dramatic--framing detail for that lush, wooded back yard.

The curtains that surround Jessica's lovely outdoor living space are hung on a DIY curtain rod that she made using galvanized pipe! If you're not interested in sewing outdoor curtains, you can find them at retailers such as Pottery Barn.
For a more affordable, store-bought curtain, Greg used IKEA's $27.99 MERETE curtain panels to pair up with his DIY curtain rod. Although I'm a writer by education and profession, I have a not-so-secret DIY and craft (of almost any kind) addiction.
An inspired synthetic blend, WeatherSmart fabric delivers weatherability, overall durability, colorfastness, softness and stain-resistance on par with, or surpassing, that of any other outdoor-curtain material available today.
Superb for outdoor settings, tab-top curtains are remarkably simple to hang and take down; attaching with Velcro straps, the fabric tabs slide directly over a drapery rod.
Outdoor-curtain sheers, designed to allow some light to pass through, are generally used more for their decorative charm, and for the hazy ambience they create, than for their shade or privacy potential. Outdoor curtains can be styled as tab curtain, rod pocket, grommet curtains and made of heavy or light outdoor home fabrics in different colors and patterns.
Whether for creating a private area and fill it with romance or decorating your porch and patio designs in an elegant style, outdoor curtains are a way to create a tranquil atmosphere and add luxury to your summer decorating ideas. Outdoor curtain fabrics resist stains, mildew and rot and can be cleaned with a soap and water. Curtain fabrics can be beautifully coordinated with the rest of your outdoor decor, adding more color and texture, interesting fabric patterns and designs to your backyard ideas.
Outdoor curtains transform your patio or deck into a beautiful semi-permanent private room that creates additional living space without the expense of remodeling. It's looking great as is, but I'm thinking I might want to add some outdoor curtains to the space.

Even though the MERETE is not sold as an outdoor curtain, Greg had heard from others that they hold up very well when used as such.
Offering clean lines for design and a cohesive, consistent appearance, free-hanging tab-top curtains integrate exceptionally well with the feel of the contemporary outdoor room. To have a patio is such a blessing I think, since this is the place where you can relax and just enjoy the wind waffling you, or maybe to enjoy the petrichor, the smell that comes from the first drops of rain. Because most of patio come with four anchoring poles that every sides of this squared building can get connected by curtains. It will make your patio looks beautiful too.Outdoor patio curtain ideas can come from other things. Inspiration to get the perfect style of curtain and the perfect colors of it cannot just come in a blink of an eye. This is why you must check to the developer of your patio that responsible in building that patio. As for the specific outdoor patio curtain ideas, you can go with the materials of it first. Since it is an outdoor building, then you should use those curtains that resist in weather changing.The curtain ideas vary in simple one and layered ones. As for the simple one, you can have the curtain that the middle of it can be tied up to the pole that it is anchoring. That is the chance for you to combine which good colors that would make your patio looks more beautiful.

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