Our Oakley Slatted Steel Trash Receptacles features attractive accents on a durable, maintenance-free steel construction. Item Number Description Capacity Dimensions Weight Available Tops Colors M3600-R 40-Gallon Heavy-Duty Steel Trash Receptacle 40 gal.
These containers are molded of structural plastic with UV inhibitors, and can be confidently used for indoor or outdoor applications. Outdoor rusty slate flower receptacle pot, View slate pot, Rising Sun Product Details from Jiujiang Rising Sun Nature Slate Co., Ltd.

The main product has the environmental sanitation trash can, the plastic pallet, the turnover crate, the water tank as well as the mold development service. A sturdy unit with attention to detail, this litter container works well in many outdoor environments and is built for years of daily use, rain or shine.Made of durable flat-bar steel to defer graffiti. The receptacle's top is permanently attached with a stainless steel hinge to prevent loss or theft, while tight-fitting doors protect against rain or snow for outdoor use.
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Product with acid, alkali, corrosion resistance characteristics, good mechanical properties and good impact resistance.

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