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The Stellus Orbit Outdoor Wall Light is made from high quality stainless steel, and will modernise any outdoor area in an instant. IP Ratings are commonly found on lighting products to determine how well they are protected against specific conditions namely water and dust.
This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. With spring almost here and being in a new house we are in desperate need of some outdoor patio furniture.
I would skip the guides on building the table and just look at the advice on doing the mosaic. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.

A mirrored reflector, along with the clear polycarbonate diffuser ensure the fitting gives off an impressive light in a downwards direction around 360º. I found this really great DIY tutorial over at the Family Handyman blog for a mosaic outdoor table. I know I can find a decent little table just like the one being built and simply give it a custom tile top. I had done this same thing with a plain wooden black 4 shelf , bathroom shelf unit from ikea and added the stones all around and used it to hold our dvds in the living room a few years ago. The Stellus Orbit is full of character with its distinctive arched arm and raised detail to the shade; ideal for use with LED. IP Ratings include 2 numbers, the first one refers to the level of protection against solids, such as hands, tools, grit and dust.
Now, this is an intense DIY guide that shows you how to bend metal and form the table legs etc.

All screws and dome nuts are also stainless steel which means that the fitting should remain rust free throughout it's lifetime, although it should still be cleaned periodically to ensure top quality is maintained. Commercially tested for MEK rubs, mandrel bend, impact, salt spray, and QUV, this outdoor chair is durable and strong. Looking forward to doing business together again!" -Shneur, NY"We are very happy with our new tables!! The protection is numerically rated between 0 and 6 for solids (8 for liquids - fully submersible), with 0 being not protected and 6 or 8 being the highest level of protection.

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