Clear out that clutter from your garage and put things in order with the Outdoor Living Today GGC63SR Grand Garden Chalet 6 x 3 ft. I wanted a shed to store my gardening equipment and decided to build my own from plan.
Functional double doors and a cedar shingle roof add to the elegance of this tool shed, earning the name Grand Garden Chalet.
The oils of this resilient wood guard against insect attack and decay, and their distinctive aroma acts as a mild insect repellant.

Cedar is a dependable choice for outdoor furniture, either as a finished or unfinished wood. This means that upon delivery, the carrier will use a liftgate on the truck to lower your item to the ground.
You will then need a dolly or handtruck, or assistance with the product from that point on.
Many retailers charge for this service of getting the package off the truck or require the customer to do it themselves.About Outdoor Living TodayOutdoor Living Today has a simple goal.

Products are designed so that the average person with limited building skills can assemble them.

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