The owners of this Summerwood catalina shed customized their shed to fit into the corner due to space limitations. Outdoor sheds are definitely the perfect solution for storing not only accumulated stuff in your house, but also handy for storing garden tools and other bulky garden equipment such as mowers with their pesky, damp, grass encrusted wheels that leave dirt trails all over the garage floor. Me and my family were very pleased with your sales and explaining all to select shed for our backyard.
Lee and his very friendly and personable team (Craig, Ron and Chris) built our shed with such care and attention that you'd think they were building it for themselves.
I dragged my sister off with me to see the sheds at the Keele location and my first experience with Lee Sheds. Ron Phillips was a great deal of help in person and via email and even more helpful when I came back to make my purchase which is not my normal experience. The installation was very easy (for us!) - he did a great job and made the whole experience very painless.
This Telluride's siding is virtually maintainance-free and brings out a nice contrast to the greenery with its natural color.

Items invading the garage is a problem that most Ontario residents can readily identify with.
They also make great playrooms for kids, artists’ studios, potting sheds, workshops, hobby rooms, sewing rooms, reading rooms, pool equipment enclosure, and change rooms.
Lee willingly worked with us to customize the shed design to our needs and the finished product is even better than we'd expected. I was pretty confident that I'd be happy with our new shed but happy is an understatement, we're delighted! Top marks for a job well done and exceptional commitment to quality control and exceptional customer care.
Only complaint I have is I am now painting it and I'm wondering what I do with behind the decorative shutters as they were stapled on. I am very, very pleased with it and it has helped to store all my outdoor furniture and then some.. They are also screwed on as well but because of the staple I'm not sure how to paint behind them.

I have referred your company to a number of people and they have also been happy with the results. The shed came back in May and we have really loved having it -- it has completed our backyard I send 2 "before shed" photos and then during construction and a final "completed" photo from June. It continues to be an attractive feature of our yard (we just added a spectacular rooster weather vain to the top and I would be happy to send along even more recent photos if you think you will use them!).
My wife even convinced me to position the shed so we can see it clearly from the back deck.

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