Inspirational outdoor team activities and away days areas such as the Yorkshire Dales, Lake District and Peak District that are enjoyable, sociable and inclusive. We will bring your team closer together, with time to talk, share and reflect well away from the workplace.
Walking in the countryside is a multi-sensory experience that clears your mind and allows escapism from the stresses of everyday life, which helps create a memorable day with long lasting results. Environment - People learn and reflect better in the natural environment, with its sense of space and freedom. Share our Passion - we love the outdoors, and want to share our passion with you!Natural World - Research shows that we have an innate affinity with nature and a need to be connected with it.
We will always discuss your requirements and desired outcomes with you before the event, and then tailor the day accordingly. Learn the skills you need to navigate across the dales, hills and moors, then put them into practice as a team.?? From low-level valley routes to the open moors of the Yorkshire Dales, we will arrange an achievable route just for you. A moonlight experience to remember - get out of your comfort zone, high on the hills at night. A real team challenge - split into teams, your task is to navigate to various hard-to-find locations, with points to score and 'treasure' to find. Spend a more adventurous day amongst the mountains along classic mountain routes in the Lake District and Snowdonia, such as Helvellyn (via Striding Edge), Scafell Pike, the Langdale Pikes, Snowdon or Tryfan and the Glyders. Head to the hills for a true outdoor experience that is perfect for small management teams. We will simply include your chosen psychometric tool within any of the above packages, to enhance your team building experience. All walks are tailored specifically for each group according to your needs, aspirations, experience and fitness levels. The walks will include a mixture of terrain and landscapes with the potential for uneven ground, rough terrain, stiles, stream crossings, fields, moorland and hills, tracks and lanes, as well as a number of ascents and descents; we may experience adverse weather conditions. We can provide full BERGHAUS walking gear, including waterproof jackets, trousers, fleeces, rucksacks, gloves and hats. All guides are are fully qualified, insured and outdoor first aid trained (documents, certificates and Risk Assessments available upon request). So far, we have taken over 700 groups out walking (over 5,500 individuals), and have a wealth of experience dealing with corporate clients as well as all ages and abilities. You must book and pay for any accommodation, food or travel (the 'service provided') directly yourself.
Part of the attraction of valley, hill and mountain walking is the challenge of tackling different terrains, landscapes and weather conditions.
Many hours will be spent indoors at the office this year, so it is always a good idea (weather permitting of course) to have your team building events outdoors.
The Tribal Survivor Challenge usually starts with each tribe needing to choose a name and come up with a flag and also a war cry that depict this name. In the Walk On The Wild Side Amazing Race team building activity, the group is divided into teams and each team is provided with various clues relating to finding each “check-in” point. With Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting, teams can experience the excitement and challenge of Clay Pigeon shooting without the noise and recoil of regular shotguns. In the Cook Around the World team building activity, teams are provided with; cooking equipment and utensils, a recipe, ingredients and a table. The Potjiekos Cooking Competition starts with the teams having to find the ingredients and utensils needed to start cooking. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Plas Glansevin sits in the Towy Valley at the western foothills of the Brecon Beacons National Park.
The grounds are suitable for team-building projects, and bespoke outdoor programmes can be provided through Manzoku, a leading provider of outdoor activities and team building tasks. I've used Glansevin a number of times and have found it an excellent venue for groups, as it's very conducive for them relaxing, sharing their ideas, and really having a chance to get away from office distractions. KDM's experienced and trained team will deliver a successful team building event in Birmingham that will help to motivate your team and achieve that sense of common purpose necessary to achieve your corporate team building goals and improve team communication. Escape outdoors and make the most of the sunshine whilst energising your team and developing team communication through the medium of team building activities. KDM has a range of outdoor team building events and activities that have been designed so that your team enjoy the fresh air and have fun whilst meeting each of your team building objectives.

There are a multitude of event venues and outdoor team building alternatives in Birmingham where KDM will help you to bond, unite and strengthen your team communication.
Every day we help people just like you at companies big and small in Edmonton by providing fun, captivating and flexible activities designed to keep your employees entertained, engaged and motivated.
Our team building activities on a budget are a great fit if you’re looking for maximum fun and effectiveness on a tight budget. Fun scavenger hunts are some of the best ways to get out with your team and explore the city. Reward, recognize and celebrate success with your colleagues, clients, customer and suppliers. Cognitive and cerebral team building activities are a smart and intelligent way to engage groups and get teams working together. Our exciting and effective conference and meeting activities are the perfect solution to help increase engagement, networking, and participation at your next event.
These popular outdoor team building activities are perfect for those who are looking to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.
Indoor team building activities are a great way to energize employees and inject some fun into any conference, event or meeting. We've got culinary events, philanthropic "give-back" activities, races, brain games, green-themed challenges, and tech-savvy activities run entirely on smartphones. We've designed these corporate group activities to be scalable for any group size, and portable to be run anywhere your team is getting together in Edmonton or nationwide.
Contact our team at 780-669-7354 or 1-877-565-8735 or [email protected] to discuss what you're looking for and experience for yourself why people who organize corporate events for the most successful companies in Edmonton trust us with their team building activity needs. Contact our team at 780-669-7354 or 1-877-565-8735 or [email protected] to discuss what you're looking for and experience for yourself why people who plan team building activities for the most successful companies in Edmonton rely on our talented team. Looking for a unique corporate teambuilding event in Edmonton or group activity your clients will get excited about? We thrive on helping our partners achieve their goals through our unique and innovative suite of corporate team building events and group activities. We provide a range of exciting group events, team building activities, dynamic corporate training and education programs. We loved that we were able to tailor the event to suit our team, our timing, our location, and our budget. No artificial tasks, no planks and barrels - what we offer is genuine and real - where problem solving, decision making, creative thinking and resourcefulness will bring you together as a team to achieve your objectives, whilst surrounded by wonderful landscapes. Walking in the countryside is a multi-sensory activity that can have positive effects on our psychological well-being. Success will be dependent on good teamwork, strategy and communication, with time penalties if you're late. Spend 2 days backpacking across the hills and mountains - then camp overnight in a remote valley site or, for the adventurous, wild camp high amongst the mountains. We have lots of experience organising challenges, and would relish the opportunity of organising your event.
Spend a morning or full day walking in beautiful countryside with your business colleagues, contacts and customers - and really build and develop your relationships with them! Choose from locations throughout the Yorkshire Dales, North York Moors, Peak District, Lake District, Snowdonia or wherever you would like to go walking. As these psychometric tools are tailored specifically to your requirements, please contact us for more details. However, a reasonable level of fitness is required as the natural environment can be demanding at times. The contract for the service provided is between the person making the booking and the service provider. In this blog,  I am going to share some ideas for fun and interactive team building activities suitable for outdoors. Some of the “check-in” points have activities that need to be completed, and at others the team only need to “prove” that they located that specific point.
As a team, you have to enter the building, try and eliminate the gunmen and rescue the hostage.
Each team will be told which country they represent, and the team will then prepare a meal. Once found the teams are further encouraged to barter against each other for anything they may still need.

Participants can be divided into teams competing against other or individual shoot outs can be arranged. Surrounded by hills, rivers, lakes and open moorland, Plas Glansevin makes an ideal base for inspiring walks and is close to specialized outdoor activity centres.
They have facilitated powerful, memorable and safe learning experiences for a range of clients including, BMW, Fujitsu, Siemens, Honda F1 Racing and the NFU. Intelligent use of the external environment can create a cost effective team building event which will enable you to reap the dividends whatever the Birmingham weather. Whether it is part of your conference or meeting or is a stand-alone team building event in Birmingham you can be assured that KDM will ensure that you achieve your objectives. There is a wide range of conveniently situated venues near or within Birmingham where your team building or corporate entertainment can take place - and we will be pleased to make recommendations of the event possibilities and possible locations. Whether you want physical team activities or more mentally challenging skill based outdoor activities, please contact us to discuss your requirements for your team building in Birmingham and to receive our proposal to suit both your objectives and your budget. You need to find an awesome group activity for your next corporate event, you need to get it planned right away, and you need to trust that it will be a hit with your colleagues AND your boss! These are fun, easy going team building ideas, designed to generate smiles and laughter amongst your group. Participants use their smartphones to complete interactive challenges, interact with the community, and get to know each other better.
Active and race-style activities get participants working together in a fast and fun way, with a series of physical teamwork challenges and a race against the clock. You don’t have to be an expert TV chef to take part in these tasty team building activities!
These team building activities are a great way to give back to charity, your local community or any worthwhile cause. We can tailor any of our existing programs or work with you to come up with something completely new! See why a meeting planner partnership with us and our vast array of group activity solutions makes great business sense.
Have a look at the team building ideas we provide to successful and emerging companies from around the world. From journey sticks to the geology of the rocks, we will explore the natural environment to enhance your experience.
The teams need to find the “check-in” points in the correct sequences which are hidden in different locations throughout the venue.
Each team member is issued with a certain amount of rounds, and the team is given a time limit.
An indicator on the shotgun gives instant feedback so that the participants can know when they had a hit. This ancient sport of warriors provides a change of pace where skill, judgment and a level head count for more than adrenaline. Pick a team building theme you like, or work with us to create something your team will love.
During the morning we will teach you navigation skills, then during the afternoon these newly-learnt skills will be put into practice, navigating back to the pub. The last team to have fire still burning (any number of torches still burning) at the end of the event wins. Once a “check-in” point is located, the team either needs to “prove” that the whole team was there, or each member of the team must complete the activity before moving onto the next activity.
The winning team, as well as the runners up, will be announced and there after the meals will be enjoyed by all.
The tribes compete against each other on a number of different activities, and after each activity there is a Tribal Council, whereby the losing team lose a life and has one of their torches extinguished. Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting is not harmful to the environment and guns fire harmless infrared beams at reusable clays. In some instances,  the winning team is able to choose a member from the loosing tribe, and on other occasions the losing team needs to kick off one of their own members.

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