Out of doors storage containers are a simple solution for keeping every thing from pool toys to backyard garden equipment in a protected, accessible location exactly where they can be guarded from the factors.
The main issues when picking a storage box are durability, weatherproofing and all round appear.
The type of outdoor storage bins you choose will depend on what you require to store and what the weather is like exactly where you live. Generally, plastic and fiberglass supply the very best waterproofing, enabling them to face up to even the most intense elements.
A single of the a lot more attractive choices for out of doors storage containers is wooden.
Aluminum is not the ideal material for out of doors storage boxes, as it does not stand up to the components nicely. The base line when it will come to outside storage is that you need to discover something that you can function with and that will previous for as long as possible. More like outdoor toy storage furniture this handsome, well crafted chest not only provides well ventilated on-site storage for the kids' playthings it does it with a sense of decorum you can live with. Yes, optional casters make this outdoor toy chest a rolling dispenser for outdoor toys and games or a mobile outdoor sports chest. Our specially molded fiberglass construction gives this toy chest the look of fine wood furniture but it won't warp or crack or leak like some teak storage chests.
Unlike mass-produced, injection-molded outdoor toy storage units the Georgian Patio Chest is hand assembled to your specifications one at a time. Available in three sizes these outdoor toy storage units are the ideal way to keep children's toys and games safe and tidy. The unique patented design and spring assisted opening action allows for complete 'walk in' access to your stored items. Maintenance free, fire resistant and constructed from a modern PVC coated galvanised steel which is guaranteed for 25 years against corrosion.
Depending on the location and your specific use you may also wish to consider the optional additional hasp and padlock sets which can increase the locking points to a maximum of four.
They are supplied in a convenient flat pack and are extremely simple to construct as all major components are factory assembled for you, they come complete with all necessary fixings and easy to follow illustrated assembly instructions.
All models are available with an olive green roof and door with moorland green sides and the 'Large' model can also be supplied in an all cream finish if preferred. The unit comes with an integral metal floor, so that the contents of your unit are raised above ground level. These top quality solid brass padlocks feature a hardened steel shackle and come complete with two keys and a five year guarantee.
Our adjustable staged shelving sets are ideal for organising small items ensuring you get the maximum benefit from the storage space.
For even greater security this high quality lock set also secures the units front door to the base. Deliveries to Northern Ireland and all offshore islands including the Channel Islands and the Isle of Wight incur an additional charge - please contact us for further information.
That wall has turned out to really be a life saver for us and it was such an easy way to create storage for all of our tools and supplies. Because this area is just right by the area where all the kids play outside in our driveway, I wanted to not only create storage for the toys and equipment but I also wanted to create a fun area for the kids with paints and activities as well. We starting this project by hanging pegboard panel that we picked up at Home Depot and cut down to 48 x 52 inches. We painted the pegboard in a warm gray color and after it dried, I used the Scotch Blue painter’s tape that I also picked up at Home Depot to create perfect and fun wide stripes on the pegboard.
It’s really easy to layout stripes on a pegboard because all I had to do was count the holes to guide me in my lines and where to place the tape. After I removed the tape and the stripes were completely dry, I added my pegs, baskets and loaded up the pegboard to store all of my daughter’s outdoor toys and equipment.
My next door neighbors Mark and Glenda helped me figure out a way to attach a roller for painters paper for the girls to pull out and cut when they want to paint and color. I also used these inexpensive paint buckets that I picked up at Home Depot to store some of the little stuff. Spray painting painter’s tape is a super easy and inexpensive way to create labels and all you need to do is attach the tape to something outside and then spray it.

By the way, the vinyl adhesive targets on the door are for Nerf  Guns and will be so fun for the kids to do on rainy days!
If you have little ones and a lot of outdoor toys to try and organize, as you can see, this pegboard wall is a great way to keep everything contained within a small area.
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We’re getting ready to redo my daughter’s bathroom and a Home Depot gift card would come in handy! I would head to Home Depot immediately to buy peg board and wood to organize my messy garage using this post and your January post. We recently started renovating our living room and dining room and Home Depot has become our second home, so that $50 would come in useful on paint, recessed lighting or towards hardwood floors!
I would love to take my gift card (hope, hope) to Home Depot and buy some gray paint for my bedroom!
I would paint my entryway now that I’ve redone the kitchen, update that entryway with some new color! This post up really save my day as i just move in my new house and we have problem with our storage.
Teaching concepts of organization to young children begins with implementing kid-friendly systems wherever necessary. There are dozens of beautiful, color coordinated, organized garage systems to drool over on Pinterest.  Many of them cleverly include outdoor toy storage.
If I want to teach my little girl about properly caring for her outdoor toys, I’m not going to busy myself by putting her things back into bins and boxes up high on shelves.  In fact, at her small height, I’m pretty sure she could only manage to reach the bottom one or two shelves. Furthermore, most bins are opaque and include lids and labels.  My daughter isn’t old enough to read, can’t safely pull large bins off high shelves, and isn’t good at removing cumbersome lids.
They are narrow enough to line along the edges of the garage without interfering with open car doors. They are ventilated for air to circulate and dirt to fall through for sweeping out the door.
If you’d like a copy of the labels to use, feel free to download and print the 6 Garage Toy Labels printable. That said, not everything fit perfectly in the bins I found.  Specifically, the bouncing balls were too big and too many. The Decko-System also offers a convenient way to hang some of the more dangly toys, like jump ropes.
I’ve addressed the outdoor containerized toys, the ball cage, and the miscellaneous items.  How about tackling storage solutions for bigger items? Then, I made corresponding picture labels in Word to assist small ones (who can’t read) in returning the items to designated places. I think I’ve covered all the major areas of outdoor toys.  Naturally, if your children are older, some of these methods won’t apply.
Create a system that involves containers to set boundaries and limits to the toy collection. Choose a versatile system that will adapt easily to multiple children and grow with their changing toy habits. I have found that assisting children in developing organizational skills can teach the value of stewardship, pride in ownership, and the virtue of responsibility!
There are many different designs and measurements of storage box to match just about any need and fit in with any house decor. Outside bins will usually have to withstand prolonged publicity to the sun as nicely as other factors like rain, wind and even snow. They are also lightweight, which tends to make them easy to go no matter their size, as well as inexpensive.
Wooden bins are typically treated to stand up to the factors and might price a small much more, but are typically the most interesting alternative from a design standpoint. It is inclined to rust and corrosion and can even trigger corrosion in other metallic objects stored inside of it. So do not take your selection of storage box flippantly, think about all of your choices and discover the 1 that will match your requirements and boost the look of your home for years to appear.
Keeping them clean and dry used to mean hauling them in and out of the elements from the back yard or playground.

Unlike other flimsy plastic or rubber toy chests that can be a backyard eyesore this is a classic looking solution to outdoor toy storage.
Other features like a sliding accessory basket for smaller items, Air-Flow Ventilation system, and easy-lift supports make this much more than just an outdoor toy box. The tough epoxy exterior finish requires little maintenance and the stainless steel hinges and other parts are designed to be out doors all year round. This allows us to customize each toy chest or sports chest to fit your unique personality or that of your school with special options and personalized exterior decorations like names and logos. You will see an example of a deferred payment in the box at the bottom of the Easy Payment Form. You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to open and print it. I prefer using the ScotchBlue Tape because it removes cleanly with no adhesive transfer or slivering. With that type of framework, I would always be a part of the toy retrieval AND clean-up processes. I especially love the comment abt open storage allowing dirt to fall through and then be swept up.
As a teacher, it makes my heart flutter to see parents teaching children organizational skills. Even though my kids are old, I love the concepts and I think I can adapt this for the rest of our household garage stuff! The crucial to choosing the correct box is comprehending the professionals and cons of each kind so that you can figure out the one that is best for you. Storage containers for outside use will come in several various materials, such as wrought iron, aluminum, plastic, fiberglass and wood, and each can have a unique look. Waterproofing is a main worry, as you do not want possibly the box or its contents to be ruined by drinking water damage.
Regrettably, they also are inclined to fade when uncovered to the sunshine over a duration of time. Whilst exposure to sunlight can bleach wooden, some people really like that search so it isn’t a large issue, but toughness can be.
It is incredibly durable, capable to endure rain, snow or sunshine, but it is also extremely heavy, creating it really challenging to go.
There are some styles that include aluminum inside of other, less corrosive components this kind of as bamboo or rattan, but metallic objects like garden resources can still rust if stored inside of 1 of these aluminum lined boxes.
Now you can enjoy the convenience of safe-keeping the kids' playthings right there where they play in this attractive outdoor toy storage box. The individual attention given each order also assures the highest quality and because you are purchasing directly from the craftsman who build it you also get the maximum value for your investment in outdoor toy storage. Also, because of the Edge-Lock™ Paint Line Protector, this tape delivers super sharp paint lines. Fiberglass can also become unstable when enduring speedy temperature shifts, which can direct to cracking and splitting.
In spite of cautious waterproofing, wooden continues to be very porous and can nevertheless be broken by h2o over time. My son is getting married in Sept and he and his soon-to-be bride have asked I make them the farmhouse bed from Ana White’s plans. I’ve decided I would like to plant some climbing vines to hide the street traffic behind our home so I would be mostl likely spend the gift card getting that going(; I am so excited!! Useful Beautiful Home represents the hours I’ve dedicated to managing my household as efficiently as possible.
My goal is to share what I’ve implemented in my home to inspire you with fresh ideas and to encourage you to keep up the good work in yours!

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