August 22, 2007Wall building proves a slow process, but the shed begins to show itself as a worthy addition to Three Dog Lodge.
Outdoor storage sheds should be integrated into the surrounding landscape, since their design will also complement your home. This adorable 8×12 Dollhouse is a beautiful playhouse with an overall height of ten feet.
This adorable Dollhouse is a beautiful outside playhouse with an overall height of ten feet. Hand made in Vermont, from native rough sawn hemlock and pine lumber, the pre-cut lumber package includes all fastening hardware, roofing, and step-by-step plans.
At an overall height of just over seven feet and a diameter of four feet this is not your typical flimsy backyard decoration, but a crafted piece of art that will surely enhance your landscape and become the topic of conversation.
Our Florida Room screen house is an outside room for your house, a space to watch the sunset or just a place to sit by the pond.
The Sheds are pre-built to save you money and because they are not permanent structures they can be moved when you need them moved.
Alan's Factory Outlet sheds are built in many different styles and sizes of outdoor wood storage sheds and vinyl storage sheds.
Having an outdoor storage shed in your backyard is a convenient way to store and protect your household, personal, lawn and garden items.

Alan's Factory Outlet prefab garages, 2 car garages and two story garages give you a nice storage place for larger items such as cars, boats and tractors.
Modern-shed is perfect for storing tools and sport equipment, while can also be converted into a home office or garden studio. All sheds come with pre-painted parts, T&G wood ceiling, galvanized metal roof, painted plywood floor and more.
We also have our Studio Shed which is insulated and finished on the interior, sky’s the limit for usage. Rugged post and beam techniques passed down through the centuries are applied to pre cut and notch this kit into a sturdy picturesque house reminiscent of old New England.A Designed for the beginner to beginner carpenter this wooden playhouse kit comes with simple cottage plans designs and pieces that are color coded, part numbered and detailed in an exploded view. The steep rooflines and gracefulA dormer of this unique shed adds a fresh style to boring backyard sheds.
It is in response to the many who have asked for a multi purpose building that will keep both happy. The loft has a small opening window just right for that little investigator in your family. Built with material that will last, these outdoor storage sheds are designed to fit your contemporary lifestyle, making your home extension a great place to dwell. Reminiscent of old Victorian houses, the steep rooflines and graceful dormer add a fresh style to boring backyard sheds.

Complete with a wooden bucket the whole unit would actually draw water if there were any below it.
The two 2×3 opening windows fill the 192A square feet with lots of light making this quaint little cottage irresistible for the kid inside us all. The two 2×2 opening windows fill the 96 square feet with lots of light making this quaint little cottage irresistible for the kid inside us all.
The single door in the dormer is complemented with large double doors on the gable end allowing bulky items to fit in the shelter. A set of double doors can be added into this cottage, so the building will have additional uses once the kids outgrow it.
With the addition of a workbench and cabinet space, the interior 8×10 can easily be converted into a potting area or workshop.

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