As always, talk with your local paint professional with any questions.  They can also advise you and provide good answers to all your paint questions.  Happy priming! The slowly twist the jar while it is on its side until the paint has covered all of the jar. I posted in July about this but used Elmer’s Glue and Food Coloring and painted the outside.
Did anybody ever figure out if you can put water in the jars as I wanted to use them for vases as well for my wedding.
There are a lot of brands available now that offer a hot rod black paint both at your local auto paint dealers and through online purchases.

It can be used over properly prepared interior walls of plaster, wallboard, masonry, and tightly adhered wallpaper. Everywhere i looked the kerr and ball blue jars are vintage and about $4-$5 each jar so this is a perfect alternative as clear jars are cheap.
General dirt and road grime is not necessarily any more noticeable than over gloss colors although it often takes a little more elbow grease to remove them than over a gloss finish. Priming can be an important step to making your interior paint job look professional, yet it is not necessarily needed in all cases.  Below, we have a guideline for helping you understand when priming in necessary. It is ideal for residential and commercial settings where a superior quality premium satin finish is desired.  Mythic paint’s Black Label is a paint and primer in one solution, which can save you time and money when painting.

Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to polish out a hot rod black paint since anytime you try to polish it will make the poished area more shiny than the rest.  This makes it more challenging to fix minor scratches and marks that typically can be removed on gloss finishes during a good buff and detail job. If you stick it in the oven too soon it will start to get hot and the paint that is making its way down the side of the jar will harden in a wavy, drippy, pattern.

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