I have built a wooden balance bike for my grandchildren and am painting a design on the body. If you're wanting to brush on a design I think that a good oil-base paint would work, maybe you could find small amounts at a hobby store.
Over a nice sealed surface and alkyd primer or waterbased rattle can enamel you could also use artists acrylics for your design and a polycrylic gloss or matte clear coat. I would suggest using a waterborne top coat poly like Zar's exterior poly ( I think ace hdwre carries it- some paint stores might- not box stores. I couple of weeks ago, I made a trek to my local IKEA to look at cabinets for Phase 2 of the renovation here at the farmhouse. I haven't done anything to mine, ye,t because I'm not sure whether or not it's going to get a second "layer" of color. They are not too time-consuming and will definitely enhance the presentation of your paintings. Make sure that the raw wood is well sandpapered and that the surface is clean before the shellac is applied.
Select a shade that harmonizes with the watercolor and apply to a clean sandpapered surface. Casein paint, when applied directly to the raw wood, in a heavy consistency, can be textured before it dries. You can also produce a stippled effect by pounding the wet casein surface with a stiff stencil brush.
Second-hand gold frames can be used to excellent advantage after they have been pleasingly toned. Planning on painting Pure White or Old White over a wood piece and concerned with stain or wood grain bleeding? The piece stinks really bad of either cigarette smoke, a musty basement…or who knows what! If you realize you need to shellac after applying Chalk Paint®- that is okay…go ahead and apply the shellac. Here is a story true story of the progression of this issue with a trestle table that I recently painted for my shop, The Purple Painted Lady.
I totally knew I should have taken precautionary steps – but perhaps I was in denial. As for the cabinets I referenced- you know the one’s that have that yellowish wood stain color and you can see the grain of the wood. Make sure when using any product to read the manufacturer’s usage and safety directions first.
When you have stains and need to spray your piece, always spray the whole surface that contains the stain- do not just spot treat.
And just to reiterate this- when you have a piece of furniture made out of different types of wood- keep in mind – that when you paint- the color can appear differently.
And although- I am mentioning this near the end here- this stuff is amazing for blocking out odors that may be coming from a piece of furniture. Below is the same table after one coat of Zinsser Spray Shellac and a coat of Old White- which is a paint that does not require a primer to stick to the shellac. Again, this is wonderful stuff and if you paint lots of furniture… I recommend always having a can on hand. Imagine when you go to paint those old kitchen cabinets that you cannot stand the color of.
The Purple Painted Lady just completed painting 40 cabinet doors for a home in Penfield, New York. If you paint Chalk Paint® over a previously crackled surface- it will cause the Chalk Paint® to crackle. In this case- I recommend that you sand back the milk paint or crackle lightly to accelerate any loose paint to come off or to remove the crackled surface.
I thought I would need to apply Zinsser Shellac over it as so the paint would cover it, but thought I would experiment first and just try the Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint® directly over the burn mark to see how it covered.

I think the table looks so much better now and learned quite a bit regarding coverage when using Chalk Paint® on this little project! This entry was posted in How To, Videos and tagged 1st coat, annie sloan, bled, bleed, bleeding, chalk paint, cigarette smoke, clear shellac, Duck Egg Blue, first coat, furniture smells, mildew smell, musty smell, red stain bleeding through, red stain cleeding, shellac, shellac coverage bleeding, stain bleed, stain coming through paint, TLC, water stains, Workshop table, zinsser, Zinsser Shellac by Tricia. Pingback: Can Chalk Paint® go over a previously crackled piece or freshly painted Milk Paint that is chipping?
Only thing with acrylics is you may have to add a retarding medium to increase your working time as they dry fast. Then, using a fine sandpaper, rub it down, allowing parts of the original gold to show through. Or- what about that amazing piece you picked up at a garage sale for next to nothing- but OH BOY! Yes…I have used many products over the last decade, but just like make-up or soda pop, we are creatures of habit and usually stick to the brand that we like the most and that does the job for what our needs are. So, you can see in the photo above a beautiful trestle table- but look close at the top if it.
I don’t know, but either way- after that first coat of paint- reality hit me quickly and I did what I needed to do. Like most spray paint, polyurethane or shellac – this stuff has some serious smell to it.
Do this step outside if using the spray shellac since the shellac has a serious strong odor- but the smell goes away quick and dries in minutes. For instance… a wonderful customer of mine, Laura McGarrahan Koppelmann has a husband who is very skilled. There was an obvious difference in the shade of the paint depending on which surface you looked at. Laura applied the shellac right over her existing Chalk Paint® and repainted- and loved the outcome. It seems when I spot the most amazing piece of furniture with incredible detailing at a garage sale, it always happens when I get next to it- IT STINKS! Save yourself time- just take the precautionary step and spray shellac all the doors after a good cleaning- and spray them twice.
We sprayed the cabinets outside prior to using Chalk Paint™ Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan. Then- blow off the surface of all dust and use Zinsser Clear Shellac (again, I like the aerosol cans- but you have to use it outside) and applit in a thorough coat over the whole piece. Tomorrow this gorgeous table will receive a mix of Dark & Clear wax to showcase the “crocodile” textured surface around the front and sides. I am pretty sure though, if I had used Old White Chalk Paint® or Pure White Chalk Paint® this would not of been the case. Please write to me, “Dear Purple Painted Lady” with questions and you may be featured right here online! You could also use a mix of 1:1 mineral spirits and processed lindseed oil but it will take longer to dry. I'll show you how to achieve that "well loved, been around for ages, chippy" look on raw wood in coming weeks.
Now check out the image below and you can sadly see the water stains that bled through after beginning painting it. This is especially important if you want to distress your piece after being painted and would not want a white sealer being revealed. To prevent the bleeding some people approach this problem by using multiple (meaning many!!!!) coats of a serious excellent covering primer (adding more expense to their project.) And keep in mind- that primer is NOT needed with Chalk Paint™ Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan products! You wouldn’t think just a quick spot treat spray of shellac in only a small targeted area could be visible once painted, but it is! The only thing I have found to really work- is encapsulating the entire piece of furniture with Shellac. After sanding, the piece will have a variation of materials on one surface- like the dresser shown below.

They come in small to quart cans in a rainbow of vibrant colors that mix well together to make others.
I'm using these stools as a trial ground not only to show you how the paint acts but also to help me decide whether or not to use MMS Milk Paint on the new kitchen cabinets that I'm having made for the farmhouse.
Either that musty smell from sitting in a damp basement, or the owner was a cigarette smoker.
And- sometimes we start a project thinking it is going to be painted in one color- and then change our minds. Lastly- just want to clarify- there is a functional difference between sealers and primers. Either that musty smell from sitting in a damp basement, or the owner was a HEAVY cigarette smoker. Shellac is very inexpensive and can be a life saver depending on the piece you are working on. But using shellac is a necessity for many jobs and something to consider- is what color Chalk Paint® are you using in your project.
The I dip an edge into the shellac and wipe it on the piece in the same direction that I will be applying the paint. But I can say that I always have a bunch of cans of this product in my shop for sale and for my personal inventory because it has been a life saver…and also a money and time saver for me. Again- if you look closely at the top of the unpainted table- it was quite obvious this was going to be an issue! Once you use the white sealer- you have sort of committed yourself to a white paint if you are going to distress the piece. Shew, it was a lot of work, but so worth it…thanks for all your help to make this work. I like to use the analogy that spraying the piece with Zinsser is like laminating a piece of paper. Or, you have a hutch that your hubby built for you out of raw wood that has not been top coated? I do sell Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ Decorative Paint Products, and that is because I love it and believe in all that it can do.
Water cannot penetrate through and get the paper- and that smelly odor – will be totally contained.
You will notice the stain that bleeds through is in a shape of a streak as if something splattered on the cabinets and then dripped down the front and it is the shape of a splatter or spot) You will often find this most near cabinet doors located near the dishwasher or kitchen sink where there is more water movement from washing dishes or emptying the dishwasher. I am passionate about what I do and will never link my name to a product that I don’t use myself and love!
But I should probably tell you due to some legal mumbo-jumbo!) But you do not want any wind or dust happening when using this stuff- or any spray paint, shellac or polyurethane.
Also, (and I do this) …remember to take off that sparkly diamond ring you might be wearing or any other jewelry or watches, so you do not accidentally over spray them. And I love the quick drying time because even the most impatient people will be impressed with this stuff!
When done using spray paint or a spray shellac- go outside and holding the can, flip it upside down and spray. You will see the spray in a few seconds will disappear and this ensures you that you cleaned out the nozzle and won’t have a clogged can next time you need to use it.
Always do this before placing your spray paint or spray shellac away and you will never have a plugged nozzle! It doesn’t take much time and the smell dissipates quickly and in the end- this will be all worth it!!

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