Denise Dion_SullivanI would take that negative space to the right of the entrance door and place a lovely trellis with a flowering plant like a climbing hydrangea or a hydrangea tree. Brandy AllenI would have to say that really the only thing I see being done to really make it look nice and uniform is covering the entire house in 'like wood' siding. Erin Lang NorrisI think that a great start would be to get a large trellis for climbing flowers to span across the majority of the stone area on the left side of the house (in front). Special Effects DecoratingSince it is a rental property, you are going to want the biggest bang for your buck. In this Instructable, you will learn how to easily cut and strip heavy gauge wire, without using heavy duty or professional tools.
Have you ever seen a sidewalk poured with new concrete and watched someone finish the concrete? You would think replacing a cracked toilet seat is easy, but nooooo, not for a one piece toilet ! Adding a heating appliance to your home can often cost more than the price of the appliance and its installation. In this instructable I will show you how to create extra space in your home for all the things you usually stumble over scattered on the floor.
I have an older home, and found a Weslock door knob on one of my doors that I wanted to swap out with a locking knob made by Defiant.
This instructable will teach you how to apply cool images of your choice to your electrical switchplates. A while back we had an unexpected forced kitchen remodel, a row of upper cabinets full fell off the wall one day nearly taking my wife out with it.
It always frustrates me when I do a caulking or sealant job around the house to have to throw away a half used tube of caulk or silicon sealant or construction adhesive. The interior doors of my house have the original 1950's knobs - the old style with the long escutcheon plates and the knob-and-spindle doorknobs. Fluorescent lights from places like Home Depot look good and seem like a real bargain but the ballasts inside don't last. I recently moved into a new apartment and as a producer of electronic music, I wanted one of my rooms to have good acoustic properties. What do you do if you remove an old toilet and discover that the closet bolts are rusted out, there is no closet flange, and the waste line is made of terra cotta? We were given a welder that has a big 240 volt plug, but our home doesn't have any 240V outlets already wired.
This outdated bathroom is getting fixed up, and I decided to do it myself, gaining experience and saving money. This is the finished bathroom I built a few years ago which includes a large walk-in shower. This Instructable will cover three ways to mix regular concrete, one way to mix glass-fiber-reinforced-concrete (GFRC), and instructions on performing a Slump Test to check the consistency of the concrete mix. With the winter behind us and the days becoming warmer and longer, many of us are turning our attention to the outside spaces on our properties. The more adventurous among us may even decide to create a new garden path, carrying out a touch of landscaping to add an attractive and practical touch.
Once you have decided on the positioning of your concrete path, it’s useful to mark out the area with either paint of stakes and string. Next, make this marked out area approximately 8 inches lower than the surrounding grass, taking care to remove any potential obstructions, such as large stones, roots and other debris.
Flatten the soil at the base of the excavation, and fill approximately half the depth with gravel.

Whether using premixed concrete (prepared exactly to instructions of the manufacturer) or having your concrete mixed volumetrically onsite, the method of laying it doesn’t change. Carefully pour the mix inside the formwork, gently using a rake or a spade to roughly even it out as you go.
Working quickly, use a flat board to smooth along the top edges of the formwork wood, holding the board at an angle so as not to gather too much wet concrete as you move along.
Finally, cover the path with plastic sheeting to aid the curing process while simultaneously protecting it from the unpredictable British weather!
All Mix Concrete are one of the leading providers of concrete floor services in the North West and provide concrete pumping services and much more across regions such as Sale.
This entry was posted in Hints and Tips and tagged All Mix Concrete, concrete pumping Sale. You should open it up, if possible, with a bay window or at least something bigger than what is there now. I'm not sure where you live but in the northeast they flower through the fall and would lend a nice cozy feel. I've posted several pictures of the inside below, kitchen, living room couch and chair and bedroom headboard to see somewhat of the style. I'd suggest painting the cinder blocks a medium sage green and the sided gable a lighter version of the same green. You probably didn’t pay a lot of attention but you noticed someone down on their hands and knees with a trowel moving around the concrete surface. This is because there's no nut on the bottom side, so Kohler & others put anchors instead. Working in my shop I realized that a window would allow me to have a breeze in the summer, and bring in sunlight in the winter.
Terrible tiles, missing wall mirrors and ugly countertops had me willing to try something different and fun, as well as cheap. After mixing the first four cubic feet with a spade in a wheel barrow I decided I needed an easier solution. At the local Home Depot, the only two brands of knobs that I saw were Defiant and Keystone.
We had to replace them, and all the roofing companies said to do it ourselves, because its easy.Winds of 100km, the yard was a mess, garbage, shingles, toy pools, wishing wells and leaves everywhere. My husband built this mailbox in one day, although he is a 20 year masonry veteran, we believe anyone can do this with the correct tools, materials, and planning.
I found a few spots where (in the bathroom) the floor joist had gotten soaked through and rotted. Just in case you do, I hope to create a foolproof guide containing all the information you need to do so.
The lights come with a warranty but removing the light and returning it about once a year isn't worth the trouble.
We can show you how to use diamond drilling kits made for the construction industry and used by professional installers, tilers, plumbers, builders, electricians and commercial shop fitters.
You could pay someone $$$$$ to jack hammer out half of your basement floor and connect up to the terra cotta. Taking out the sink and vanity was very difficult, so this instructable is to help any other do-it-yourself home improver's. Since I couldn't find a great looking replacement that didn't cost a gazillion dollars, and since my fans still worked fine, I decided to just change their look.
When we moved in, the front door wouldn't open all the way; it drug the floor at about 70 degrees from full open.

From trimming back hedges to painting the shed, the extent to which we embark on garden DIY varies. If your intended route ends at a door or entrance to your home, make sure that the finished path is lower than the step to stop rain water from entering your house. By placing boards around the edges of the marked out area (at the depth of the gravel to the top of the excavation), nailing or screwing them to stakes at regular intervals, you can create formwork to ensure that the concrete can be easily laid and smoothed. Start by separating the formwork boards from the concrete, carefully using a trowel or spade to edge it away.
For more information about our concrete floor services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with AMC today. It's in dire need of some landscaping, something taller to the right of the house where it slopes down to make it more visually level. Consider painting all the trim a bright white to keep the stone and brick from looking "muddy". This one is a good sample, when I need to crimp a CAT5 network cable in a Bank here in Brazil, but I haven't my crimper tool with me. Enough to squeeze by it, and you could force it all the way open, but it was rubbing the floor pretty good. Make sure the stakes are lower than the boards, as this will allow for easier smoothing of the concrete once laid.
At the back I would paint that concrete block in a complimentary darker greens or continue the trellis as in the third photo along the back wall with some plantings. Paint all the trim one colour and then your door the darker of the 2 colours. The french door is a very nice touch, but the far window, which I assume is the kitchen is too small.
They're vented to the outside air in the summer (and in the winter if you neglect to close your vents) which can be very humid and this defeats the purpose of venting. If possible install a larger window, or add shutters to this to give the illusion that the window is bigger. If you opt for a porch, take a pointed gable from one side of the front door towards the small square window so that you don't cover the natural light of the larger window.
Paint them the same colour as the front door. Landscaping will always bring the front of a home to life.
I think the same white as the trim would be great, and maybe one of the above-mentioned greens for the column blocks to tie it together.
Also, maybe add a patio area with a few nice pieces of wrought iron in front of the french doors. If you want to add dimension to the doors on the stone wall, perhaps build a simple trellis entry that mirrors the porch and helps balance it.
The two could be connected by an irregular path (gravel, wood, etc.) and landscaped on either side. It may even be to your advantage to splurge for a new front door that accents the french doors.
I'd make the landscaping simple so the exterior of the house doesn't get too busy, but keep the lines flexible to counteract the rigidity of the house.
You could add a nice trellis with a climbing vine for height by the kitchen window. The concrete at the back could possibly be painted.
Finally, I'd add a little touch of bright red to keep your eye moving (even just a pot of geraniums could go a long way), and a bit of black to ground it all.

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