Metal siding is one of the most common siding types for Southern California’s industrial structures.
Since the original surface may be compromised in various levels, it is typically necessary to prime before applying the topcoat. Lighter colors are often recommended in Southern California since they reflect more light away, which makes the paint last longer and also saves on air conditioning costs. If your aluminum or steel clad siding (or roofing) needs refinishing, talk to an experienced industrial painting contractor.
One place you may not think of that requires regular painting is the ceiling of your industrial space.

We are a manufacturing and trading company, manufacture all kinds of led letter signs(including backlit led sign,frontlit led sign,stainless steel sign,acrylic led sign,,crystal sign,etc),Of course we can produce according to your requirement.We warmly welcome your inquiry, if you were interested in our products,please do not hesitate to contact with us. It seems that in Southern California, where we have so much intense sunlight, paint oxidizing is the more common symptom that metal-sided steel structures need refinishing. As the metal coating is typically factory-applied it is relatively low maintenance, but not zero maintenance. In cases where the paint oxidization is extreme, there are solvent-thinned primers that can ensure that loose particles will not cause a problem for the finish coat. Whether it be steel or aluminum siding, the metal paint will eventually oxidize (become chalky and faded, rubbing off onto your hands) and the metal can start corroding, especially if there have been any dents or scratches.

If there is rust or other corrosion, it may be necessary to use dry abrasive or slurry blasting methods to make sure the corrosion is gone. Hardware and technology are the basis of innovation, keeping us ceaselessly adjusting and absorbing excellent technicians and optimizing our warehouses and facilities to ensure full customer satisfaction.
In other cases, you may simply need new colors or a band or stripe design added to your metal sided building.

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