At Open Air Lifestyles, LLC, we believe that just as great design is the heart of all fine furnishings; exceptional quality must be the soul of all outdoor patio furniture. Every piece of Open Air Lifestyles, LLC outdoor patio furniture expresses a rare sense of belonging with careful attention to scale, proportion and detail.
Weight: 132 PoundsThis Collection is shipped via Freight Truck delivery to your curbside, unless a White Glove Delivery is requested and ordered. At Open Air Lifestyles, LLC satisfaction is our top priority and we want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. Choosing the right patio furniture not only sets the visual appeal of your home but at the same time it elevates your spirit by setting mood for a perfect outdoor experience. These are some useful outdoor patio accessories that are highly recommended for protection of your patio furniture and improved functionality of your outdoor space.
Good looks and beautiful hand finishing not only makes this storage box useful but also a beautiful addition ato any outdoor space. Alluring comfort and exquisite style infuse everything we do - creating great collections, hand-crafted one item at a time, to quality standards that are some of the highest in the industry.

We have set specific guidelines to ensure a quick and hassle-free return and exchange process. While selecting unique patio furniture to adding an extra charm to your lawn, backyard or porch, the right accessories can enhance the design aspects.
Cushion storage bags and boxes are specially designed to protect your cushions from rain and dirt that can damage the cushions over time. The protective covers for outdoor furniture are made of various durable materials such as vinyl, polyester and synthetic materials to suit different weather conditions. Open Air Lifestyles, LLC outdoor patio furniture fulfills many outdoor applications, commercial or residential, complements many different architectural styles, and offers a wide variety of styles that fit any and all outdoor living spaces.
Open Air Lifestyles, LLC design department works tirelessly to develop new wicker patio furniture, cast aluminum patio furniture, aluminum sling patio furniture and teak patio furniture to grace the industry each and every year.
We have a fully staffed team of experts who can walk you step by step through this process. Though most of the outdoor dining sets come with a market umbrella, you may also opt for freestanding ones.

Outdoor storage boxes are a convenient way to store your patio cushions when they are not being used.
Created by Open Air's own design team, every piece of Open Air's aluminum, wicker or teak outdoor patio furniture celebrates an unmistakable spirit of style, comfort and quality that is uniquely Open Air Lifestyles, LLC. You you can’t part with the extra cash for custom covers, a tarp will also do the job.
If you have any questions about our Patio Furniture, about ordering on our website, or questions about any collection, please do not hesitate to call us today TOLL FREE at 1-877-548-5697. Patio umbrellas also protect your outdoor furniture from UV rays of the sun by providing up to 99% UV protection.

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