Materials: skeleton leaves, nylon fabric, handmade paper, cotton yarn ball, rattan ball, empty silk cocoons. Outdoor string lights can make your outdoor landscape lighting come alive at night!  It is not uncommon for string lights to be placed on deck railings and such; when they are placed in the landscaping itself as well as overhead in a gazebo or under patio covers or a covered deck, a surreal, almost magical transformation happens to your patio or garden area.
Many patios and decks have landscape plantings around them, and outdoor lighting placed strategically on the ground in the form of spot lighting. Outdoor string lights should only be plugged into a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) electrical outlet in the U.S. This entry was posted in Outdoor String Lights and tagged landscape lighting, outdoor lights, outdoor string lighting, rope lights, string lights. In-Line Socket - Main wire goes directly into the socket - there is no eyelet for a supporting cable and no suspensor hanging the socket lower. These popular outdoor patio light strings are ideal for landscape lighting for backyards, patios, cafes, wineries and wedding tents. These patio string lights have 16 gauge wire (rated for 960 Watts, 8 Amps), medium base sockets and spacing of 24" between sockets. These popular outdoor string lights and patio light strings are ideal for landscape lighting for backyards, parks, cafes and wedding tents. These patio string lights have 16 gauge wire, intermediate base (also referred to as C9 or E17) sockets and spacing of 15 inches between sockets. These string lights are designed for both indoor (interior) and outdoor (exterior) use. In more recent years, municipalities took them to the main street, hanging string lights outdoor in-between electricity poles. Home and shop owners have been adorning their buildings with Christmas lights for a while now.
From a technical point of view, it’s important for decorative installations to be able to withstand extreme weather, which entails both mechanical pressure and extreme temperatures. Commercial outdoor lighting also includes standard stringers that go along with the mentioned light-bulbs.
Some string lights are embedded in a see-through hose that can be wound around trees, pipes, or routed around billboards. Some novelty lights have unusual shapes, like old fashion lanterns, chili peppers, birds, trees, critters, leaves, holiday theme elements, flip-flops, fire trucks, fire helmets, light-houses, fish, lures, campers, bobbers, duck calls, real shot shells, baseballs, soccer balls etc. If you are shopping around for a rectangular patio umbrella then you have come to the right place. Unlike its carry-on counterpart, a patio (or market) umbrella needs to be strong, in order to brave the elements. One common problem manufacturers have to address is that the canopy tends to get discolored upon  prolonged sun exposure. Speaking of heat, it’s good to keep in mind that darker colored materials tend to get hot faster.
As far as the dying process goes, it is important that the dye is not just applied onto the fabric. A rectangular patio umbrella can cost anywhere from $150 to $1000, and it can be an element of beauty with a very practical purpose for your patio.
There’s just something to be said for sliding screen doors in the summertime.  What do you do when you have a balcony or a patio and you want to leave the door open for a cool breeze, yet insects come in your house along with it?
Moreover, it’s important to realize that a screen door is not sturdy and can be cut fairly easily.
Roller doors work in the same manner as window screens, it’s just that they cover a bigger area. A note on solar panels: as a general rule, electrical solar panels are quite inefficient from an energy point of view.
They can be quite inexpensive and can afford quite a bit of convenience, both at home and while camping. Several other touches included adding plants and wall art.  Check out Bridget’s brilliant, and inexpensive, ideas!
Adding a cactus plant centerpiece not only looks nice, but this is a live plant that is hearty and can survive our hot summers!

So, the total cost for the pretty patio makeover came in under $500.  Because the homeowner decided to spend top dollar on the rug and she bought a new fountain, her costs added up there, but getting the sun wall art discounted, using old pieces in new ways and adding a few inexpensive cactus plants gave the patio a new look for a decent price. Exterior grade patio string lights commercial are very popular and ideal for outdoor lighting needs such as landscape, patios, cafes, pathways, backyards, wedding tents, wineries and so on. For each circuit wattage capacity, it is recommended to have the maximum run approximately 960 Watts or equal to 8 Amps for string lights, which means that it will be bad if it is more than the recommended wattage capacity run including in its continuous light string length, the lesser the better. There are some options of exterior grade patio string lights commercial tat you can choose whether with suspensor or not. Creative Outdoor Patio String Lights uploaded by admin at May 22, 2014 in category Patio Design. If you're interested to Creative Outdoor Patio String Lights, you might also like to browse our gallery about Patio Design or view the great interior design below about Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas. The socket and the main wire are connected by a suspensor, which lowers the socket to help provide better illumination.
Although the first light bulbs had a very practical use, soon manufacturers discovered that light bulbs could also decorate. So there is a wide variety you can chose from if you want to display some string lights outdoor. The producer needs guarantee the color its product will last for a certain duration (typically, 2 years). Although the main purpose of an umbrella is to provide shade, and thus,  keep one cool, the pyramidal shape of the canopy will make it prone to trapping hot air, especially if there is no wind. The rule of thumb for hot days is: the lighter the canopy color, the more pleasant the umbrella. Discoloring is unavoidable, simply because the sun’s rays are constantly interacting with and literally bleaching textile dye.
If you need security, you will need a second door, like a sliding glass door, for instance. The roller can be positioned at the top of the door, which makes the screen open and close vertically, or at any of the sides. Typical problems, like jamming, stem from the fact that the frame was not perfectly rectangular to begin with.
Whichever way you choose to go about it, sliding screen doors can be a very practical addition to your patio setup. Have you ever met with friends under an umbrella at a beach restaurant or even at home and found yourselves groping in the dark after the sun has set? One that is quite popular is a bracelet that can be easily wrapped around the pole of an outdoor umbrella. The most efficient ones are the large ones, and even these will pay for themselves after 20 years. And hey everyone…this is the very talented Bridget who did the patio makeover in the article.
This type has heavy duty with 16 gauge wire and rated for about 960 Watts or equal to 8 Amps.
For instance, since light string 106 foot has 50 sockets, it is recommended that each socket wattage to run 15 Watts. The suspensor version provides cable wires with an eyelet to go through in order to provide back up support in holding up the string lights.
The great Creative Outdoor Patio String Lights image in this page is one of the best photos that related to the main topics Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas. At Christmas time, for instance, many of us hang string lights outdoor and adorn the Christmas with them. Later, with the advancement of electronics, different effects were added, such as color, blinking, the ant effect and soft glow. Newer ones have special bulbs that make a short circuit once they burn, thus allowing for continuing function of the overall system. For instance, a white or silver stringer, will match a metal panel wall of a shopping center or office building. Nevertheless, a canopy of a lighter color will show discoloring signs later than darker ones.

Of course, this process is more expensive, but this kind of patio umbrellas will keep their elegance longer. The rectangular ones go well with a family-size garden table, which is usually longer than wider, regardless of its actual shape (rectangular or oblong).
Umbrella spokes and its pole are impregnated with weather-proof agents that provide for a significant life span.
If you are handy with tools, you can measure, buy all your door hardware and install it yourself. Because this sun had a chipped nose, Bridget asked the folks at Home Depot to discount it, so she ended up getting it for only $10!
Plants and another turtle were added, so now when folks sit on the madeover patio, they have a nice area to look at, not just a cement wall. It socket is durable since it is specially designed in order to be able to resist the exposure of ultra violet sun light and other tight weathers.
There are some recommendations if you want to use 50 sockets, they are 11S14, A15, G50, LED G50 and LEDS14 bulbs.
As an additional feature, the main wire and the socket are both connected by a suspensor which in providing better illumination the socket has to be placed approximately 1 inch lower. Please don't miss the main story of Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas if you think this is your style. The 330 ft light string cannot be used in its entirety - if you use 7W lights, the maximum length would be 220 feet (175 sockets); if you use 10W lights, the maximum length would be 150 feet (125 sockets). In case you serve your meals outside, a rectangular patio umbrella might complement your outdoor furniture. This will allow the hot air to escape and, thus, the atmosphere under it will be cooler and more pleasant.
As you may know, rectangular objects tend to take less space and fit better together than round ones.
If you are just getting accustomed with garden furniture, you may need to compare a few available models and ask the shop attendants which is more durable. Moreover, this door might be subject to quite a bit of stress, as it might be one of the few access ways to your patio. Typically, a latch and pull mechanism is fitted at the opposite side of the roller, which will lock the door into the closed position.
Then there are companies, typically the same ones that install windows, that will come to your home, take the measurements and install everything for you in no time. There are no power cables from a main outlet, since electricity is drawn from battery packs. If you go for the solar panel option, make sure you direct and tilt it appropriately, to get the maximum efficiency. Actually this type of lighting fixture can be used for both indoor and outdoor lighting needs but usually people use it for landscape lighting. You have to keep this on you mind that the mentioned light strings are not for the use of end to end connection. Nevertheless, they will provide a bit of convenience, especially if you don’t want to have a lot of wires across your patio or are camping out and are off grid. These can be attached to almost anything, including to an umbrella frame, although they may take a bit more effort to attach and detach than magnetic catches.
You can do this yourself with the help of a new piece of insect screen and a spline roller. Others string them up in one circle, while yet others are spread all over the umbrella spokes.
Because we all know that outdoor furniture and rugs, supplies and accessories can be very pricey!.

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