Seit der Grundung der Netz16 im Jahr 2009 setzen wir bereits auf Ausbildung als einer der Schlussel fur die erfolgreiche Nachwuchsarbeit. Die Auszeichnung durch Fujitsu nahm Matthias Goos, Vertriebsleiter der Netz16 GmbH, bei einer Partnertagung von Fujitsu entgegen.
Aus Anlass der Einweihungsfeier unserer neuen Firmenzentrale im Augsburger Sheridan Park mochten wir als mittelstandische Firma aus der Region auch Gutes tun fur die Menschen in der Region.
Aus den Teilnehmern der iPad Befragung an unserer Hausmesse konnte nun der gluckliche Gewinner des iPhone 6 ermittelt werden. In our January 2015 issue, I reported on the award winners of the eight categories of the 2014 SPE Automotive Innovation Awards and noted that just about all other finalists are newsworthy. Comments are reviewed by moderators before they appear to ensure they meet Plastic Technology’s submission guidelines. Our in-house qualified and effective service and installation team would be happy to assist you with our services.We work together with you to determine our services, the scope of such services, the time frames involved and any organisational procedures that may be required, all tailored specifically to your individual needs.
Axonic’s enterprise-centric search products eliminate most, if not all, of the problems a Windows user encounters when trying to locate related information produced by different applications on a desktop computer. When I was in Germany in June 2014, I learned about Lookeen, a desktop search product that was built on Lucene. The role of Lucene and other technical innovations in the high-performance software appears in an exclusive interview with Lookeen’s chief operating officer. Lookeen is a product developed by Axonic, a software and services firm located in Karlsruhe, Germany, in Rhine Valley, a short distance from Stuttgart.  Axonic is one of the leading software development and services firms for Outlook and Exchange Server search technologies in Europe.
We’ve utilized Lucene’s extensive query syntax to enable users to use familiar Google-like Boolean search, as well as wildcard, proximity, and keyword matching.  The introduction of more search strings and filter features enable users to narrow down searches in an easy and intuitive way, and more proficient searchers can access the best of Lucene’s query syntax. What sets Lookeen apart from proprietary, freeware, and shareware is that Axonic has engineered its system to provide real-time access to information on the user’s computer. Beyond Search ran tests on Lookeen and compared the results with outputs from a number of test systems. To read the complete exclusive interview with Peter Oehler, navigate to the Search Wizards Speak service at this link on ArnoldIT. Sign up to receive the latest breaking news, as well as all of your other favorite headlines!
Eusoport is a mini data logger and web server which is able to monitor data from your devices with USB or Ethernet or WLAN interface.
This data could be monitored and displayed worldwide by using standard browsers (also smart phones).

In most cases NO configuration is required, when using a connection via USB and the Eusotec Cloud. Simplest configuration of alarms and email address, sensor names with an easy to use web interface. Dafur haben wir die richtigen Losungen im Bereich Netzwerke, Virtualisierung, Security, Hardware, Software und Dienstleistungen. Here are three innovations in the interior applications category that grabbed my attention.
This personal electronic device docking with spring clutch provides IP storage as well as charging capability and is a new feature for improved utility and customer satisfaction. The idea was to tap the power of Lucene to put content on a user’s computer at one’s fingertips. No training is required to install the Lucene-based system nor to use it for simple or complex information retrieval tasks. The company specializes in enterprise applications and has a core competency in Microsoft technologies. In an exclusive interview, Peter Oehler, COO, revealed a its breakthrough approach to desktop search.
Many of the innovations we’ve developed on top of the Lucene engine stem directly from our extensive experience with Outlook. Microsoft doesn’t make it easy to work with Outlook without causing problems or affecting performance.
11 x 7 x 2,5 cm) and weight and minimal power consumption (only 3.5 Watt), no maintenance required, data storage on SD cards. We will change only small parts of our software for your device protocol and adapt the web pages for your requests.
Broad operational experience in logistics industry and process-management.Building structures and manifest internal communications.
This patent-pending device also facilitates hands-free phone usage for reduced driver distraction when having a conversation, listening to music, or using satellite navigation.
This all-plastic air sensor performs the averaging of duct-air temperature without use of a metal plate. Imagine working in Outlook, reading a message, and seeing a reference to a PowerPoint on the user’s external storage device. The company’s Lookeen software gives Windows users the industry-leading search technology tuned for the Microsoft environment.

For example, the Lookeen context menu allows a user to open, reply to, forward, move and summarize emails and topics, all from within Lookeen. When indexing and searching email, including archived collections of emails, Lookeen was the top performer. The company offers a business edition (at $83) which adds group policy functions and an enterprise edition, which begins at about $116 per user, however volume discounts are available.
While contributing less than 1% to part mass, the tapes improved impact, stiffness and strength by a factor of five without need to change tooling. Outlook email, PowerPoint decks, Word documents and other common file types are instantly findable.
Our test systems include Copernic, dtSearch, Effective File Search, Gaviri, ISYS Desktop Search, and X1. A busy professional can access needed documents, view and interact with them without launching an external application. Tapes are inserted into the tool via automatic fixation and held in place prior to ovemolding via magnet or glue. Since it directly measures air temperature, the patent-pending system offers faster sensor response time, which in turn translates to improved fuel savings. Now the company is releasing a commercial version of its desktop search product that promises to be a game changer on the desktop and in the enterprise.
The art of our product is how we tackle the complex code hiding under the surface of Outlook and combine it with Lucene to create a deceptively smooth and simple search solution. The technique can be applied to either injection or compression molding and is very universal, so it can be transferred to other OEMs, vehicle lines and systems. It also incorporates a poka-yoke feature to ensure proper installation, and can be transferred to other vehicle lines.
Also notable are that crack propagation during crash tests is stopped and there is a reduction fuel consumption resulting from weight savings compared to the previous use of glass-fiber reinforced PP or nylon which increased weight by about 20%.

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