Enter your email address to receive alerts when we have new listings available for Pigeon shed for sale in pets & animals. Clydesdale is an established name in the world of pigeon racing, renowned for the unequalled build quality of our pigeon lofts and excellent value for money at the quality end of the market.
Having designed and built lofts for over 30 years we have huge experience in the needs of loft owners and the design of practical buildings that offer an optimum environment for the welfare and performance of your birds together with maximum convenience and practicality for cleaning and maintenance.
Clydesdale pigeon lofts are simply without equal and offer the very highest quality of housing for your birds.
For further information, quotations or to discuss your requirements please telephone us on: 07842 082 483.
Our lofts are delivered and assembled (throughout the UK) by our team of experienced joiners.

Clydesdale are not budget lofts, and we make no apologies for this, however for those who are familiar with our brand and have seen our products at the Shows, there is nothing quite compares to a Clydesdale.
All are made to customers' individual requirement and we offer experienced advice on the layout and trapping for any type of loft. Although they are manufactured off-site, many lofts require a high degree of finishing on site which makes them unsuited for self-assembly, however for some of our standard designs we can supply on a delivery only or ex works basis, which typically offers cost savings of up to 20%.
We have our own unique designs for dowel-fronted corridors and a sliding ceiling system that reduces draught and can be easily cleaned. All fixtures and fittings are provided together with simple assembly instructions and drawings. The loft will be stained with ronseal.It has 2 sliding doors and has air vents at the bottom of each door, twin polycarbonate windows with another 2 at the side of each door.

The feedback from our DIY installation customers is typically 'very satisfying - far easier than flat pack furniture'. Above each door there are doweld windows which open so the pigeons can have access to the loft and 2 more that dont open to each side. The back is in 2 sections and the side are in 2 sections for easy transportation and would fit into most vans.
The size of the loft is 10’3" x 6’ but we can build these loft’s to any size so please send us a message for a quote.

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