I am going to need to build a barn to house my M at some point this summer and need some plans. Iowa has some plans for sale very cheaply, as well as the bottom of the page links to many free plans.
For us to suggest ideas, exactly what are you looking to build, size wise, and your location for snow load, wind load. To hold up a roof will always take so & so much wood - actually a peaked roof will usually take less lumber than a single-sloped one because it can be braced against itself. I bought a used car port 18x24 on craigslist for 200$ I replaced some metal and bolted 2x4s to the sides and nailed up some old barn siding I got off a neighbors barn down the road before they burned it down.
You can't afford to purchase trusses, so lets start with it needing to house an M that isn’t a big tractor to begin with. Draw it on paper, then go to a supplier and price supplies for you to build it yourself, including trusses that you can make yourself using plates that you can purchase from Menards, Lowes, or wherever, to join 2"x4"'s together. Keep in mind that people were housing families in log cabins from timber they cut themselves with no pencils, paper, tape measures, plans.
FREE CHICKEN COOP PLANS CHICKEN COOPS GENERAL INFORMATION So you're thinking about building a chicken coop but don't want to spend a fortune on coop plans and building materials? Here are pics of a storage building that I built for our local CNH dealer to store combines and hay balers in.
Not in snow country.In snow country, you space the poles and the trusses the same distance apart. Well from the early look of things I can go to trusses and I knew middle poles would be a pain. I can't imagine a 30'x 60' roof being open on both long sides and having enough bracing for snow and wind.
I built mine 24 deep and 32 wide used 26' long metal roof mine is 16' front and 8' in the back,used 1" randum width rough cut hard wood for the sides used 2X12X16' for front middle and end then set the posts on concrete pillars from Home depot (the ground was all shale rock) if the building is side or back to the wind and FULL no fear of lifting the price was $3100 total and is built to add more later.

You need to contact your local building department and see what their requirements are first. You'd be better with a set of trusses- you can make them easily enough yourself if you set up a jig for them- and go up to AB Martins and get some tin for a roof.
Was looking at either the conventional 16" or 24" Probably run furring strips over the top.
Using #2 Spruce-Pine-Fir and a Ground Snow Load of 30psf No ceiling with a Dead Load = 10psf 2X8 are good for a span of 15'1" at 16 on center.
I got 250$ in it all together and I'll paint it to match the rest of the farm in the spring.
Learn How to build chicken coops or a hen house with easy DIY chicken coop building plans.Building chicken coops is easy with help. If they cant previde the engineer then go to your local building inspector and he can give you the required material minimums. They will be able to tell you the loads, the framing requirements and the bracing requirements for your current design.If I were to build a shed for my toys I would sit down and run the calculations before building. Fuller, Why don't you make it 15 or 16' high and put a gable roof on it , then you won't need any center posts. Also we are going to be getting a backhoe soon and what to be able to store the boom under roof. Just make sure you build when they are green or you won't drive a nail in them when they are dry. Most real lumber yards include the truss design at no cost when you buy them and that may be a cheaper way to go because there will be no need for all those footings for all the center posts. I Planned to run 2x10s doubled up across the front spans then run 2x8's to the next center posts.
Good luck, we have lots of these type building in my area storing hay and straw bales in different sizes.

The front poles are 8X8 laminated posts and the 32' 16" microlams are also "let in" and thru bolted to the posts, 16'oc.
Here where I live your 6x6 poles would not handle either the wind load on that tall a building, nor the snow load on that big a roof.
You can get 30 foot span for about 250 each and you space them 10 to 12 foot apart so you only need 6 to 7 of them to cover 60 feet. Stick built 2 foot spacing takes more nails and labor, but is easier to finish out.A pole building goes up quicker and only a tiny bit of wood savings. I am in SW PA so we have some decent snow loads and some wind but this is out of most of the winds way. Chicken Coop Plans - Shed Plans - How to build a storage shed If you want to know how to build a chicken coop. Any way I plan to make the span from front to back 15 feet then center pole then the other 15 feet back.
It gets pretty windy here, at times, and the concrete not only provides needed height, but also weighs them down, and makes them sturdy.
These large chicken coop plans are by far the easiest to follow - Get started raising chickens today with the #1 . My posts will be 6x4 running up and my trusses will be made of 2x8s will this be sufficient to support my buildings.

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