Planning out a house made of LEGO bricks became a task to design a house specifically for LEGO bricks. 21010 Robie House is an LEGO Architecture set designed by and containing 2276 lines, banded rows of windows and spacious, open floor plans.
CUSTOMIZE a home plan to suit your own situation and needs by adding the refinements you have gleaned from other house plans.
The starting point for any project which involves building a storage shed is a good set of plans. DIY Outdoor Tool Shed, How to Build a Tool Shed, a Garden Tool Shed Plan, a Lean-to Tool ExtremeHowTo.
My son Brayden started taking an interest in building blocks so I thought a LEGO table would be a welcomed addition to his corner of or living room. FYI, these LEGO tiles work with the Duplo LEGOs for younger kids and standard LEGOs for older kids. Drill pocket holes in each end of the 1x4x30″ boards and all around the outside edge of the plywood as shown.
Now glue down the LEGO building plates as shown using liquid nails adhesive or an equivalent. Use finishing nails to attach the screen moulding to the interior of the LEGO storage hole to finish it off.

I also used pine because of cost and the fact that this is the first real piece of furniture I’ve ever made.
The LEGO Group selected BIG and Ralph Appelbaum Associates to design their interactive museum back in February of 2013 because of their understanding of LEGO and architecture. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. Welcome to Inhabitat, your online guide to the best green design ideas, innovations and inspiration to build a cleaner, brighter, and better future.
Since this LEGO table would be on display for everyone to see I decided to build it out of red oak and give it a nice stain. Personally, I think it turned out beautifully but it could just as easily be built out of pine (common boards) for that rustic farmhouse look.
I found the easiest way to draw the square accurately was to line the LEGO tile up with the outside edge and draw a line using the interior side. The benefits of using a nice species of wood like red oak is that the stain turns out beautifully.
I applied 5 coats evenly knocking down the surface with a 3M Between Coats Finishing Pad in between coats and after the final coat was dry I smoothed it out with the 3M Final Finishing Pad. The sizing works out well and it can be easily secured to the bottom of the table with the use of tension clips. It was a lot more work but I had a mesh metal waste bin laying around that was close in size but a little too long so I dropped it in the hole and when it was level drew a line and cut it around the perimeter so that it would be an exact fit.

I have updated the cut list to include a note so that hopefully others wont get burned in the future. A cutout tool is great for this kind of thing but if you don’t have one just start out your cutout using a large drill bit at each corner and then finish off using a jigsaw. If this doesn’t happen then your little one will have a hard time laying blocks across the joints. In other words, I write plans for awesome looking furniture that are so easy it will blow your mind! Rogue Engineer has made every effort to be complete and accurate in the instructions provided on this website.
Rogue Engineer will not assume any responsibility or liability for damages or losses sustained or incurred in the course of your project or in the use of the item you create. Always follow the manufacturer's operating instructions in the use of tools, check and follow your local building codes, and observe all commonly accepted safety precautions. Ingels and BIG really know how to liven up a pretty "Boring" Construction Past here in the USA and around the World .

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