Chris’ latest woodworking project is done and is now adding a ton more warmth and charm into our living room! The reclaimed wood is all battered and scraped, which is definitely in keeping with this trendy industrial-rustic look.
I can’t decide whether we should have built it out longer so it reaches the other side of the window. You probably want to adjust the size of the table to suit the measurements of your own sofa and room. My husband and I are tackling this project this weekend, we recently moved into a housing area and no lie we realized once all our stuff got here that there are no built in shelving units. I am looking to do something similar, but am curious if you put curtains in and how long you made them. My dear friend Whitney from Shanty2Chic wanted to add a little extra storage behind her sofa, so we teamed up on plans for this console!
If you'd like to check out lots more photos, building and finishing details, please stop over and read Whitney's post as well! Step 2 Instructions:  And then attach side aprons to legs - it will start looking like a console here! You could also put boards on top for a planked look, or cut the plywood in 2 pieces down the center - it will get hidden by the center supports. TIP: If you don't have a right angle drill, you may wish to do the next step (step 7) first as you may run out of room for your drill to fit. It is always recommended to apply a test coat on a hidden area or scrap piece to ensure color evenness and adhesion. April 3, 2016 By Beckie 6 Comments One thing Melissa of The Happier Homemaker and her husband wanted in their dream backyard was a nice outdoor dining set, but they all came with steep price tags.

Hi Stacie, If you click on the link in the post, it will take you to Melissa’s site, The Happier Homemaker. I love this idea if you are limited in available space, but still need a small workstation in your house or apartment. If you want a DIY version of a similar desk then Ana White has some great plans for a flip down wall desk that you can use. When Steve and Marcy Tucker bought their new condo they wanted to wall mount an LCD TV in their living room but didnt know where to put the components. Next Doyle installed the Sanus Systems wall mounted AV cabinet complete with glass side cabinet doors and middle two shelf equipment pocket.
Mounting the TV on the wall and floating the cabinet on the wall gave the Tuckers living room a whole new modern minimalist, European look. Imagination is the driving force for a good designer, since it is important to make their creation stand out from the rest of the clique.
This furniture is made in the wabi-sabi style that combines strict lines with soft cushions and upholstery.Fantastic variant for a neutral calm interior for those who love nature and minimalism.
A pulse setting enables the chair to flash on and off creating an instant disco installation.” Well, let’s have a private or family party with this groovy chair. We’re finding it is really useful for putting coffee cups, etc…out of reach of our toddler!
We have a sectional sofa as well and it is rather old so the sections come apart sometimes from the kids jumping on it. Instead, Melissa and her hubs worked together to build their own using a combination of plans that included Ana White’s farmhouse table.
You can find the details about her table there and ask her directly if you still have questions.

Ikea used to have something similar to this, but even though it seemed to be quite popular, Ikea no longer sells it. If I was still living in Canada it is something I would have considered as a workstation for the kids. Hence, in an area with a tight space constraint, space-saving innovations such as this are highly welcomed by homeowners. It's so hard to find space nowadays when the price of hosues are going up so anything modular and foldable like this that can double up as storage space would definitely be very welcome by people who are moving homes! This DIY console table (or sofa table, or what have you…) only took Chris a few weeknights to knock out. Chris remarked that he thought building some of those rustic-looking furniture pieces wouldn’t be difficult, so I challenged him to do it! I think if you extended it you would be back to to the disproportionate feel you mentioned from before. I would love to do this project and extend the sides to create side tables on either side as a sort of encasement to keep the sectional from separating so often. By day, it is just a decorative on the wall, but by night or when no guests is around, it conveniently becomes a desk for work or storage purposes without the need for strenuous effort. Even though an extra amount of effort and time is needed every night when it is time to sleep, I still think it is all worth it. The sofa was looking kind of tiny all smooshed in the corner of the room and we wanted something to help float it out off the walls.

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