I could have made the support pieces extend right up to the bearing for even more sturdiness.
After 21,961 de-duped entrees to the Gold Rush Sweepstakes sponsored by Woodcraft, Powermatic and Woodcraft Magazine, we have our winners list to share with you. Joe entered the sweepstakes online and is a patron of the Orlando Woodcraft store, where he will receive his Powermatic training.
Joe, along with his wife Penny, create Flippy Guy Caricature Toys, and will both enjoy the 8 new power tool additions.
Joe is quickly at work organizing his new woodshop, building a mobile base using heavy-duty casters from Woodcraft for his new Powermatic tablesaw. The Second Place Prize package goes to 3 Winners, each receiving a $250 Woodcraft Gift Card with a 2-year Woodcraft Magazine subscription ($29.94 retail value). Kris joined the contest at his Utah Woodcraft store and uses woodworking as a release and relaxation from his busy schedule with 3 boys, school and working full time. The choices of tools I want from Woodcraft are many, but I am thinking a new Sorby Heavy-Duty Right Side Scraper and the new Kreg K5 Pocket Hole Jig. Mostly, I am a self-taught carpenter, I have built my own home including the cabinets, and a home for each of my daughters. Fifty 3rd Place Winners will receive a 1-year Woodcraft Magazine subscription ($19.97 retail value), and are all listed at this link. Thank you everyone for participating, congratulations to all the prize winners, and be safe in your shops. When designing a mobile base for my tablesaw and its extension table, I was concerned about how a four-wheeled base might twist and rack as the large, heavy saw moved across my uneven garage floor. To create the tripod effect, I installed two fixed casters on the base at the heavy end of the saw to form the first two points of the triangle.
As the base rolls across the uneven floor, the two casters on the pivot arm are free to pivot up and down to conform to the floor, with the bolt acting as a pivot point.
Woodworkers who buy or own Delta machines should not notice a difference in availability, performance, or price following last week’s acquisition of the Delta brand by a Taiwanese manufacturer, says Bryan Whiffen, the new president and CEO of that company. Grizzly Industrial Tools has announced it’s adding a new line of machinery to its woodworking and metalworking lineup. The tools are identical to existing Grizzly machines in every way except for the paint and price, according to Melinda Sweet, assistant marketing manager for Grizzly.

SawStop has added to its ever-growing lineup of tablesaws with a 110-volt version of its Professional Cabinet Saw.
Showing us new tablesaws, sanders, drills, and lots of helpful shop accessories, representatives from Ridgid and Ryobi came by the WOOD Magazine shop yesterday. After months, heck, years of anticipation the new Delta Unisaw is firmly planted in our WOOD Magazine shop.
First order of business was attaching the cast iron extension wings, and then leveling them with the table.
The best way to do it is to have folding wheels with feet made of hockey pucks or the like. If your table saw is mounted on a base with tapered legs similar to the picture you posted, Sears use to sell a caster kit for these (pictured below). I know they sell this type of set up at sears and home depot to I bought this on at menards for about 40$ castors are on cams just a push with your foot and it sits on the floor. If you really want stable, a 3 wheeled design is superior because it takes the wobble out of an uneven floor. The alternative is to still use 4 casters but place 2 of them on a single beam that has a pivot point attaching it to the center of 1 side of the frame essentially creating a 3 wheeled design .
You really want something to tie the legs together at the bottom to prevent independent flexation. Using the principle that any three points in space form a plane (like a tripod), I built a frame that includes both a triangular plane for stability and four casters for better weight distribution on the casters. Delta Power Equipment Corporation, a subsidiary of Chang Type Industrial Company, purchased the full line of Delta’s woodworking tools and machines, as well as the Biesemeyer line of accessories, from Stanley Black & Decker.
The Polar Bear Series of tools and machines will be available in July, sporting a new logo and predominantly white paint scheme with Grizzly-green accents. The Polar Bear Series will launch at introductory prices that are about 10 to 25% less than the same green Grizzly machines. Some of these were pre-production samples just to whet our appetite, but others are ready for store shelves now at The Home Depot. You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. I built a small base for it where the wheels attached above the bottom to keep the center of gravity as low as possible, plus the saw was already at a comfortable work height and I didnt want to make it any taller than needed.

As they are at an angle and can roll the weight of the saw induced a bending force on them currently. This comes just six years after Black & Decker purchased the Delta and Porter-Cable brands from Pentair Group.
Jason Swanson, spokesman for both brands, came to the WOOD Magazine shop today to show us dozens of new products, most of which will launch later this year at Home Depot stores.
Sweet said the company has not yet established regular prices for the Polar Bear products once the introductory period expires. This new saw features the same heavy-duty cast-iron table, steel cabinet, and cast-iron trunnions (which mount to the cabinet rather than the top, for easy adjustments), as well as top-notch dust collection. With help from a curious throng of spectators (oh wait, those were other WOOD editors), we got it uncrated and set into place in almost no time. By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features. Its usually easy to do though if you are using a table saw with wings on the sides for wide stock simply because of the width offsets the triangle enough to make it stable. Kris elaborates, “The skull and wings I shaped from sheet metal, then built the frame and case from poplar. She also said Grizzly will continue to sell its current green line of machines, as well as its sibling line of Shop Fox machines.
They are very expensive to buy like that, but can be made really cheap if you have the capabilities. If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact us. It includes an aluminum T-square-style rip fence, but a traditional Biesemeyer-type fence is available. Otherwise you are correct, you definitaly want either 4 locking swivel casters or 2locking swivel and 2 fixed non locking.

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