Most of plastic crates found on this page are suited to the automotive industry as they are extremely strong and rigid and allow for fine particles to pass through. My Easter basket project this year uses the bottom of a laundry soap bottle and plastic bags.
With green plarn and using the steel crochet hook as help, Sc into each hole with the H crochet hook.
I recycled a plastic soap box strap for my basket handle as I did in this Easter basket pattern.
If you have any questions or find discrepancies in this pattern, please email me using contact tab above. This pattern is copyrighted by Cindy of My Recycled Bags {dot com} and may only be used for private individual use.
Thanks for sharing this great idea on recycling household materials to make holidays crafts. One of the most fulfilling aspects to keeping aquarium fish is having the opportunity to decorate the aquarium. Because there is such a wide array of aquarium decorations available, the decorating plan that you put in place for your aquarium can act as a bit of an artistic expression.
Live plants are an obvious addition for a natural decoration plan, but it is beyond the scope of this article to discuss the care of live plants. Just like plastic aquarium decorations, ceramic aquarium decorations can be a welcome addition to add fun and color to an aquarium.
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PPS Plastic Base Demountable Roll Cages - Available with 2 or 3 sides and optional shelves. Our Plastic Base Demountable Roll Cages are available with 2 or 3 sides and optional shelves Ideal for use in food production and in hospitals. This is my first official ami animal and while I’m not going into the ami making business, I was pleased with the outcome of my Easter bunny.

Use the steel hook to draw the plarn through the hole and then work a Sc in ea stitch over the plastic base.
I will have to try this one too…I have a few laundry soap containers around, although they may be retangle shaped…hmmm wonder how that would work?
The finished shape of your basket may be a bit different than mine but it won’t really matter. Last summer I made a plarn tote bag, but I can’t say I enjoyed preparing all that plastic! Aquarium decorations fulfill two purposes; they help make the aquarium more visually appealing and they give fish a place to play, hide and even breed. There are a wide variety of aquarium safe rocks and stones available for purchase, but with proper testing and care you can also use certain rocks that you have found for your aquarium. One exception to this would be for species that require a high pH such as african cichlids.
While these are completely safe for the aquarium, they should not be used as the sole substrate. The hole and slots are helpful for weaving in and securing your handle to the basket once it has been covered with some white plarn. Working around the strap, SC around the strap evenly so you cover the strap with the green plarn. Posting of my patterns, without written permission is in violation of my copyrights and is content theft. Some people prefer a natural look, while other people like aquarium decorations that are colorful and fun. One of the most commonly used aquarium backgrounds are the retail backgrounds that have underwater scenes on them.
The voids between the marbles are too large for bacteria to form at it's peak capacity so the marbles should either be mixed with a finer substrate or placed on top of a finer substrate. All of these are plastic aquarium decorations that can bring an element of fun to the aquarium.

I did my stitching on the underside of strap so the top was smooth, but you can work it however you prefer. I share many free tutorials and patterns for creating recycled projects as well as other handmade items.
Because there are so many different types of aquarium decorations, this article will act as a guide to introduce you to them. One important thing to remember when choosing a plastic aquarium decoration is that it will eventually be covered with algae. The lightweight plastic aquarium plants that rely on the substrate to keep them rooted are nothing but a nuisance.
One of my favorite backgrounds is a black or blue background painted on with a can a spray paint. That nifty looking pink unicorn sand castle may look great on the store shelf, but will look a lot less great covered in algae and slime. I then worked Sl Sts through the strap slot into basket and around the edges to secure the strap inside the basket. If you choose to use this method, make sure and paint the background on the out side of the aquarium. To test to see if the stone has too much alkalinity, put a few drops of vinegar on the stone and wait to see if it bubble. I used a bit of green plarn into the strap slot and into the last green round to provide extra strength so the strap wouldn’t pull apart from my basket. Some other options include retail bought 3D background that go inside the tank or you can construct your own aquarium background using styrofoam. Regardless of the results of this test, close attention should be paid to the pH level in an aquarium for the first few weeks after adding a rock or stone.

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