Many parents often notice that their child acts cold to expensive toys and often likes to play with other items. Plastic mesh is known as universal mesh, made with high-density polyethylene as raw material, refined by adding other additives. Uses: Widely used in aquaculture, poultry farming, sericulture, and civil engineering, fisheries conservation, garden care, the stadium protection, railway, highway, embankment reinforcement, etc. It offers the features of wear-resistance, anti-corrosion, flexibility and it can be used in replacement of metal wire.

It enjoys corrosion resistance, light weight, long life, non-toxic, tasteless and good transparency. It can also be used for spring mattresses, sofa cushion, car cushion, with the features of low cost and long service life. Plastic bottles are in each home, as often as they collect useless things, but it’s never too late to give them a second life. From plastic bottles can create objects, design the interior, items for the garden and toys.

A product made ??of plastic bottles is another way to develop your creative talents.The outcome will enjoy not only you but also all neighbors, guests and even bystanders.

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