The Metal reinforced shingle style roof panels allowing for effective water-run off preventing any water damage.
The 8x5 Duramate plastic shed is an excellent size shed that has huge storage space for value. This Duramax DuraMate 8x5 shed is a great size for any garden, offering safe and secure storage space for items such as tools, bikes and various garden accessories.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Duramax 10 foot fronted premium garden sheds are apex roof sheds manufactured from fire retardant PVC, supported by a hot-dipped galvanised steel frame. DURAMAX plastic sheds are the highest specification lightweight garden sheds in the market.
Full details on preparing a base for all buildings will be sent prior to the unit being delivered.
BASE REQUIREMENTS FOR BUILDINGSAll buildings must be anchored to a firm foundation to protect against wind damage.
Not only is it practical with its vertical design it is also visually appealing in its Vanilla and Stone colour. In a stunning vanilla colour with stoney coloured doors and a slate colour roof, this 8x7 Suncast shed is a perfect choice for any larger garden.

The PVC plastic design means that the shed does not need annual treatment to guarantee the 10 year warranty. Apart from the high grade of PVC and steel, they have vents to allow airflow and a skylight as standard. This suncast mannington vertical shed is perfect for storing tall, long handled garden tools such as rakes and brooms. It is constructed from Steel reinforced double wall resin made from an exclusive durable blow moulded technology which composes one of the toughest builds on the market. Each Duramax garden shed offers rust and maintenance free storage for a minimum warranty period of 10 years. It is constructed from exclusive blow moulded technology which produces strong double wall panels creating a rugged structure. The metal reinforced shingle style roof panels add to the mighty build and has excellent water run off preventing any water damage to the shed. Double opening doors provides easy access and has a padlock feature to secure your possessions.A foundation kit is supplied with this shed. The roof has a slight gradient which means rain water runs of the top and keeps your items dry. The building has a neat and smart appearance with its shiplap walls and extremely robust, moulded PVC doors.

One door features internal locking bolts allowing access to all your stored items through either a single or double door opening. The suncast mannington vertical shed double doors have space for a padlock to be attached if you want to add security to the shed whilst the stay dry design will make sure your items are protected from all weather conditions. To access your items this shed has a set of double doors which open up to the interior of the shed, featuring a padlock space to keep your items secure at night (not supplied). With our provided instruction manual you will have a hassle free non-tool assembly and have it standing in no time.
When this shed is delivered you will need to undertake a self assembly as it is delivered flat-packed. We provide a 5 year guarantee with all our Suncast kensington sheds and aim to deliver the very best of product and service. This 8x7 Suncast shed has a 378 cubic foot capacity meaning this shed is designed to house lots of items and 2 corner shelves will allow easier storage of smaller tools. The two doors have metal handles which are padlock-able (not supplied) which if required will add security to your shed.

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