This outdoor plastic storage box offers the ideal storage for garden tools, storing cushions, garden accessories and recycling bins With a pad lock clasp, you can be sure that your tools are safely stored and secure.
Learn how patio storage boxes can accent your patio, increase your seating area and keep your patio organized. Plastic Storage Bins has the lowest prices on Plastic Bins, Plastic Containers and Wire Shelving Units with shelf bins or stacking bins. Plastic Cabinets for all types of storage and utility – Thomas Products Fiberglass Storage Cabinets.

This plastic outdoor box is ideal for storing long-handled tools, stacked chairs, ladders, mowers and garden and yard supplies. Since our patios and backyards are seasonal extensions of our homes we require adequate storage for storing accessories. Browse the selection of Outdoor Storage Boxes to find the ideal Outdoor Storage Box for you. Buy plastic containers, tubs, drawers, baskets, or crates online with free UK home delivery.

Featuring clean lines, neutral colors and pleasing aesthetics this vertical box fits the outdoor environment and provides an attractive backyard storage solution.

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