This Lifetime small storage box is manufactured to the highest quality using materials sourced for long lasting value.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This Suncast 3x2 Vertical Shed is constructed from a tough double-wall resin that makes for a long lasting durable structure. This 3x2 Vertical Shed is ideal for storing long handed accessories but depending on the items you are storing it has several options, the shed has built in shelf supports and can accommodate up to 4 standard wood shelves (not included) to store smaller items. The floor is reinforced with heavy resin for heavier objects and will keep your items dry and of the ground. CEDAR PET BLUEY 3x2 DOG KENNEL by STILLA is a premium product - an attractive and durable waterproof kennel to keep your dog warm and protected. The BLUEY 3x2 KENNEL is supplied as an easy to assemble kit framed with termite resistant pine framing and 18mm VJ cedar external panelling. The standard BLUEY 3x2 is supplied without a floor - a FLOOR KIT is available as an optional extra and will be shipped with no additional freight charge if ordered with the kennel. We are very proud of our knowledge and experience, if you have any questions on this product please let us know and we'll be pleased to help.
12 x 8 Sheds12 x 8 garden sheds are very popular, particularly for customers with a slightly larger garden. With this sheds stylish looks it is probably the best value for money large shed in the UK today. This wooden garden shed is ideal for storage or even spending a bit of time in pursuing your hobbies.

If you do not see the size you want we offer a made to measure service for the Caldey Shed. The Bison shed built for quality without compromise, but at price which makes the competition look expensive. A shiplap tongue and groove shed offering unbeatable quality right down to the last detail. Pricewise are the lowest ticket items and the choice for getting the job done with little or no fuss, nothing fancy, spending as little as possible and a product that will last. Elbec Garden Buildings, at Brookfields Garden Centre, 431 Mapperley Plains, NOTTINGHAM NG3 5RWCompany full name: Elbec Limited. A?500.00Buy it nowWe pride ourselves in making a quality building that the customer will be totally satisfied with.
The box is perfect for smaller items that are frequently used in the garden without the need of using your main storage shed. Access is gained by 2 robust full width double doors that take a standard padlock, thus ensuring your goods are protected and safe.
The small vertical shed sits well and will look good in any garden or backyard and keep all your accessories in one place and out of site.
We offer a full range of sheds from simple storage sheds to more substantial workshops, meaning you should be able to find the right one for you. The lifetime small storage box is manufactured from firstly a powder coated steel frame which provides the core strength of the box which is then topped with the HDPE (high density polyethylene) which is a premium plastic that can resist all weather. The plastic will never rot or rust and you will never see it fade or crack from sun damage as it is 100% UV stable.

Therefore, it will not need to be maintained as a standard shed would and this saves you time and money in the long run. The box has a large storage capacity with peace of mind that all storage will be protected from harsh weather.
Inside you have an Anti-slip PVC floor which stops items from falling over preventing damage. The Lifetime small storage box has a solid lid which has a thick rubber seal to prevent any chance of water seeping inside. This roof features a handy gas spring that prevents it from slamming shut and possibly trapping hands, making accessing your storage incredibly easy. The Lifetime small storage box has a ten year warranty for peace of mind that you are receiving a great value product. The assembly process is very straightforward taking only around half an hour before it can be fully used. Another fantastic feature of this box is that it can double up as seating space which is perfect for family gatherings for example.

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